The Words of the Lamson Family

Blessings Are Coming to Cameroon

Michael Lamson
December 7, 1999

Thanking Heaven and Earth and the many creative ways of blessing outreach Cameroon is happy to report the accomplishment of our countries blessing goals.

Our countries goal was 3.5 million blessing and 1,920 matching.

We have struggled a lot and paid a tremendous price as many programs that should have been developed were put on the back burner and many bills went unpaid and will remain so. If as a whole we can offer a victory to our Parents in Feb. 2000 then the clean up here will not be so painful.

We accomplished our goal using all methods possible. We could not sprinkle holy wine over cities using a helicopter - but would have if it were possible.

There are many wonderful stories and many very sad ones.

Some members could not pay their rents and had to leave their houses, some had nothing to eat and many times no medicine when they were sick. Some members became negative and a few went somehow a little crazy and many members will need new shoes because they had to walk long distances.

Our high point was when one young member went to the villages around his and made radio announcements about the value of marriage and made a drawing for couples that would get married. He was able to help 520 couples get married and sign the blessing vows.

We are very grateful for the financial support from a few members on this list and the prayers of many.

May Heaven pour out it's blessing to all as we enter the new Millennium. 

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