The Words of the Lamson Family

Launch of Mobilization for Next OSDP Workshop in Atlantic City, Nov. 28-Dec. 1

Mike Lamson
November 13, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you all have noticed True Parents have been guiding all Blessed Families in America and the American providence over the last few months centering on the OSDP workshops and the 172 pastors that went to Korea. For many years Father focused on building our movement in America through the development of non-profit organizations and public service activities. I believe that Fathers hope was that we would have a greater impact on America this way. Now father has redirected our movement towards church growth and the focus in more on building a ministry. Father has refocused his efforts on educating pastors through the OSDP and encouraging them to become Blessing Churches and brothers and sisters under the flag of True Parents and the True Family.

In the past we have worked with Pastors but there was often a separation, like an us and them attitude. Father wants us to break down this barrier and he wants us to work with Faith leaders, to become one in our efforts to make the world we live in better. He wants us to partner with Faith leaders to give the Blessing to America.

In the past we have also felt used by Faith leaders as we offered funds, often funds that we did not have, to send them around the world. I believe that this attitude of being used is dangerous and incorrect. Father needed the Faith leader to participate in the providential conditions he was making for America and for us, Blessed Families that he loves. The Faith leaders did drop what they were doing and traveled as Father needed to all the corners of the earth. We are able to enter into this time of harvest because we sacrificed to support what father requested and needed.

In the past we paid almost all the expenses for Faith leaders to attend but now many Faith leaders are starting to cover all or most of these expenses themselves. For the OSDP In Jin Nim has been covering often over 60% of the expenses. Even if all the Faith leaders start to cover their expenses our attitude about funding Fathers providential directions should not change. Supporting Faith leaders to attend the OSDP and attending ourselves is what Father is asking all families to do at this time and most likely this will be the focus of the providence through 2012.

At this time we should not be sitting on savings or rainy day funds in our church accounts. This is a time to take things down to the bare-bones and support the providence as much as possible. In 2013 we can take a deep breath, reflect, rejoice knowing that we gave it our best and see where we want to go from there.

Please do your best to attend as many OSDPs as possible, Father said each person should go five times. Please do your best to work with your friends, neighbors and relatives and bring them to an OSDP.

Attached are the ACLC Invitation Letter and Registration Form for the next OSDP workshop in Atlantic City from Monday, November 28 through Thursday, December 1.

You can use the online registration at to register. Our goal as a district is 21 and the National goal is 700 participants!

Thank you for your continuous investment for the victory of God's Providence.

Attached is an invitation letter.

Rev. Michael Lamson 

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