The Words of the Lamson Family

Kizushi Mito's re-education tour

Michael Lamson
April 19, 2011

Over the last few months UCI has been firing the leadership, appointed by True Parents, in many providential businesses and is replacing them with relatives and friends of the Kwak family. These companies were the brain child of Father and were to play an important role in the providence as we approach 2013. These companies were built on the sweat, blood and tears of many members who often worked for free and sacrificed everything. They did this because Father won their heart, they did this for heaven.

Hyun Jin Nim's advisors have decided that it is time to re-educate members working in True World Foods. It has been decided that Mr. Mito, former CARP leader, will head this re-education using the Core Values that were taught to CARP and STF. Under the theme "Separation of Church and Business" Mr. Mito hopes that he can persuade members working at True World Foods to understand that the Church is no longer relevant and that Hyun Jin Nim is the best one to lead the providence.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up that Mr. Mito will be bringing his re-education program to your True World community. He has already started his own church in NY where he leads the service and he is encouraging members not to follow Fathers direction to connect with LOVIN' LIFE Ministries.

We are all becoming tired of this separation, which is breaking Fathers heart and want Hyun Jin Nim to return to his parents with the companies that Father needs. He however is not ready to do this yet.

Let us all remember to remain clear that we are living in a time where we can share each day with the Messiah and that as Blessed Central Families we have a very important role to play in helping the messiah make an offering in 2013. Don't be distracted by words that sound wonderful. Look at the person who is delivering these nice words and ask yourself if that person is following True Parents or trying to separate you from them.

Don't forget that Mito and Hyun Nin Nim's staff is clear that they believe Father is no longer capable of leading, they call True Mother "that woman" no longer True Mother, and that they believe Hyun Jin Nim is the true leader, the best leader. Remember that Hyun Jin Nim may be a great leader but without True Parents, he has very little, if any authority, other than what money can buy.

Father is still very much alive, very much in charge and wants each of us to stand with him as he leads us to a long awaited victory.

When Mr. Mito visits your communities do not be afraid to speak out for True Parents and state clearly that True World Foods belongs to True parents. State clearly that you follow Father and those he has appointed and encourage them to do the same. Members that work at True World should continue to do so as Father hopes True World will come back home. Remember however that it is a dangerous place to work spiritually and make extra effort to connect with church activities and read fathers words daily.

Let's all pray that Hyun Jin Nim can soon return to his parents, that our brothers, sisters and our children who have fallen of the path True Parents designed can also return home where we will celebrate their return.


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