The Words of the Lamson Family

Following Father

Michael Lamson
June 7, 2010

In Brazil Hyun Jin Nim made this very clear with his words:

"The time has come when I as an older brother must lead our movement properly. Mark my words today. This is my first public speaking engagement after my 40th birthday. Before heaven and earth I have set the condition of filial piety before my parents and my family. However, this will no longer continue. The movement and the blessed central families will be realigned to the direction of God's standard."

He clearly declares here that he intends to take over the entire Unification Church movement, and he will no longer be a son of filial piety to his parents. In his mind, the mantle has passed, and he's the new leader.

Father has appointed Hyung Jin Nim to lead our movement not Hyun Jin Nim.

This is why Father had to make the recent declarations. Let us all understand who we should follow as blessed central families. We should follow Father and those that he appoints only!


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