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True Parents Proclamation

Mike Lamson
June 7, 2010

Over the last year we have been working with and praying for Hyun Jin Nim and those supporting him in the hopes that he would return back to his father and our movement. Over the last week things have reached a point where Father needed to make an official proclamation as the Messiah to clarify this issue so that all Blessed Central Families and members of the Unification Church would understand where they should stand.

There have been many E-mails going all around the world in support of Hyun Jin Nim and also against him and his activities.

Father has stated clearly that we should not support GPF (Global Peace Festival) activities and that we should only follow him at this time. Father appointed Hyung Jin Nim as the leader of our movement and the go though person for True Parents. Father appointed Hyung Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and In Jin Nim as well as other leaders.

Father's proclamation I believe is a call for us all to repent and unite with True Parents. True Parents and the True Children have really taken the high road on this issue and were very careful not to make public or written statements that were negative about the separation of Hyun Jin Nim from True Parents. We however continued to gossip and choose not to follow what Father was asking us to do. We could not understand Fathers direction and some members united with and followed Hyun Jin Nim even when Father asked us not to.

Because we could not unite with Fathers direction Father had to make an official proclamation. I am sure that this is not what Father wanted to do but he will always stand with God and the providence that God is leading through him even if he has to sacrifice one of his children.

I would like to request that all members do the following:

Pray for True Parents and the True Children that God can help them find a way or path that Hyun Jin Nim can use to come home. Only True Parents and True Children can solve this issue

Fully unite with Father and those he has appointed. Do what Father says!!!!

Use your delete button and delete all the E-mails concerning Hyun Jin Nim and his separation from his parents. Be clear where you stand and just focus on supporting the providence. Do not pass on these E-mails. We have three years left to help Father make his offering by 2013.

Work with your city and state leaders to teach the Principle and build Lovin' Life Ministries.

Rev. Michael Lamson 

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