The Words of the Lamson Family

A Word Of Caution Regarding Denunciation Of Hyun Jin Nim

Mike Lamson
June 7, 2010

Let us understand our position in all of this and what Father's expectations are.

Father has asked us to only follow him. This means we follow those who he has appointed to represent him.

Father has asked us not to support GPF (Global Peace Festival) and related activities.

Father has been clear that Hyun Jin Nim is acting outside of Father's will and directions and Father has stated clearly that he does not approve of the way Hyun Jin Nim is using Father's words and Father's name.

People can put any spin they want to make things look like they want but when you choose to not follow Father then you are moving to shaky ground.

None of us should judge Hyun Jin Nim but we should all understand Father's direction and do what Father is requesting we do.

No Blessed families or members of the Unification Church should be supporting Hyun Jin Nim or GPF activities. If you are working with GPF and you are supporting Hyun Jin Nim then you are not doing what Father has directed and you are making things more difficult for Hyun Jin Nim to reunite with his Father and his family. Does anyone really want to be responsible for this?


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