The Words of the Lamson Family

Breaking Our Fathers Heart

Mike Lamson
June 3, 2010

As many of you know Hyun Jin Nim is still pushing his agenda and the providence he is developing which is not connected to or approved by True Parents. There is not much we can do to stop what is happening other than to pray and make sure that our families, friends and children do not get caught up in this alternative providence.

Hyun Jin Nim and his staff are breaking Fathers heart and they are actively trying to take from True Parents and our movement, business and church foundations that have been built by many members sweat and tears.

Please understand that what Hyun Jin Nim and his staff are doing is not approved by True Parents and anyone who is helping Hyun Jin Nim, supporting GPF (Global Peace Festival) and other activities are only prolonging Hyun Jin Nims return to his parents.

Please understand that Father is clear about our responsibilities as Blessed Central Families and citizens of Cheon Il Guk at this time. We are to follow him and those that he has appointed and no one else. Father knows what he needs to be able to make his offering by 2013 and we should be helping him. Father decided that for the next three years we should focus on church growth. He decided that GPF should be put on hold.

Hyun Jin Nim decided that he could continue to do what he wanted and that he did not need his fathers approval. Hyun Jin Nim decided that he did not need to follow Hyung Jin Nim who Father appointed. Hyun decided that he had the right to take UCI (Unification Church International) and other businesses away from the church and he is using the profits and equity to finance his activities.

We should not judge Hyun Jin Nim, but we should not support his activities.

Please remember that our hearts and our loyalty should be with True Parents and those that they have appointed. Let us not be the ones breaking Fathers heart. Let's be the ones holding Fathers hand and running with him towards 2013.

Rev. Lamson 

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