The Words of the Lamson Family

Just Had An Amazing God Moment

Mike Lamson
June 2, 2010

Last night I was able to experience something beyond amazing.

In Jin Nim organized a cook out for all the young STF kids at the New Yorker. After the almost 90 kids had time to eat and laugh a lot In Jin asked each of them to share about their experiences over the last year on STF, what they learned and what their future plans were. When each kid shared In Jin Nim offered words of encouragement as she responded to each child individually. This took almost 6 hours yet In Jin Nim was 100% there for each kid. In Jin Nim invested in each child. She shared her heart and her concern for each child was so real.

I have never experienced a leader that could put their ego and agenda aside and focus on those around him/her. The kids were moved by this and God was so present.


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