The Words of the Lamson Family

True Parents And True Children Will Not Put Things In Writing That Will Hurt Each Other

Mike Lamson
April 28, 2010

True Parents and True Children will not put things in writing that will hurt each other as that then becomes an historical record. Hyun Jin Nim will not put anything in print that is negative about his brothers and sisters or his Parents. I think all of them are hoping that this separation will be resolved. This does not however take away our responsibility as Blessed Central Families to follow Fathers direction.

We can love everyone but we can not support the Global Peace Festival (GPF) activities or promote them. Father has asked us not to do this. Father has appointed Hyung Jin Nim as the central point for all the True Children to go to Father. Father is leading a providence that he believes is the best way to make his offering in 2013 and GPF is not part of that providence.

I love Hyun Jin Nim and I believe in the vision he has of GPF but without True Parents blessing what he is doing is not right providentially. It is because I love him that I need to speak honestly. Love is like that. If a child is getting ready to burn their hand on a fire we would not just sit and watch we would try to stop them.

Father has been clear that no members or church assets should be used in support of GPF. Hyun Jin Nim is not united with his Father and is actively doing what his Father asked him not to do. Hyun Jin Nim and his staff are actively recruiting members and using church assets to do what Father has asked them not to do. What more needs to be said.

Again we need to love but we need to be clear about who Father is and understand our position as Blessed Central Families. 

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