The Words of the Lamson Family

Support For Global Peace Festival

Mike Lamson
April 17, 2010

True Father has requested that no Blessed Families, no church organizations, church businesses and no members of the Unification movement support GPF or any of its affiliated operations. Father has stated clearly that he does not approve of what his son Hyun Jin Nim is doing. Father has stated clearly that he does not approve of Hyun Jin Nim's use of True Parents names or True Parents words. Father has stated that he will not work with or connect to any foundation or victory that Hyun Jin Nim may offer in the future. Father has made it very clear that Hyung Jin Nim is and will be the central figure, the elder son, for the True Children and for members to come to Father.

We should be proactive in uniting with Fathers direction by stating clearly to members within our communities and members we know around the world that GPF and all its affiliated organizations are not approved by Father. We should actively encourage members we know who are supporting GPF to step away and follow Fathers direction.

Many of you will be getting updates from members of Hyun Jin Nim's staff about GPF and other activities. Even with Fathers clear direction not to do this some people continue to try and recruit members and our children to do what we have been asked not to do.

Hyun Jin Nim needs to reconnect to his Father (The Messiah). By supporting Hyun Jin Nim and his activities as volunteers, as paid workers or by sending donations we are only making it harder for Hyun Jin Nim to unite with True Parents. Let's all pray that Hyun Jin Nim and our brothers and sisters that are supporting him will understand that what they are doing is wrong. Our members who are helping GPF are hurting True Parents and the providence that they are leading. We should verbally and in E-mails support Fathers directions and the providence he is leading so that members and our children will not be mislead by people acting in Fathers name and using Fathers words in a way that Father does not approve.

I do not like sharing something that might hurt a True Child. I never thought that I would be in a position to have to ask members to follow Father and his directions. I feel so empty when I think that the Messiah is on the earth, he has sacrificed so much of his life for us, yet we question his direction. How lonely must Father feel at 90 years old with all this going on. Let's not add to Fathers tears by doing what he asks us not to do in this situation with his son.

I am sending this because my brothers and sisters are being asked directly by Hyun Jin Nim's staff to follow Hyun Jin Nim and the alternative providence he has created. They make it all look nice and they use the training that they received from Father to say good words. Let us know clearly that:

Father does not approve of GPF or any related activities

Father has asked us not to support GPF or related activities

Father has stated clearly that he does not approve of what Hyun Jin Nim is doing

Father has stated clearly that he will never accept anything that Hyun Jin Nim is building

Father has stated clearly that he does not approve of Hyun Jin Nim's use of True Parents name or Fathers words.

For me this makes things very clear and we all need to decide if we are with Father or not. It is not possible to be both with father and with GPF.

We need to be the kind of people that when we get up in the morning and put our feet on the floor -- Satan says "Shit he woke up." 

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