The Words of the Lamson Family


Mike Lamson
July 31, 2005

Hi Everybody,

Our family has been traveling now for over a week and it has been an amazing adventure. We traveled 3200 miles from NC to Nevada to pick up our son at the Blessed Teens Academy and from there our FR activities started. The Academy is a wonderful place and the kids there have so much unity and are growing together in ways that can not help but inspire everyone.

We gave our first presentation as a family at an ACLC program in Las Vegas thanks to the Starr family and it was one where many were moved and hearts were shared. From this event we realized that we needed to make a PowerPoint presentation and develop some printed materials to help with our out reach and Mika and Trimon jumped into the task.

We traveled from Nevada to Colorado where we gave a presentation at an event sponsored by WFWP then another presentation at the Denver Family Church. The PowerPoint went well and pictures really do say a lot more than words. It was a good time as well to meet old friends and make new ones. The Denver community of Unificationists is filled with so many wonderful people and we found such a deep sincerity in the members there. We were able to raise some funds for our mission work and also set up a DX Gold account which might bring in some future revenues for our mission work.

While in Colorado the engine blew in my brothers Subaru and the repair costs were going to reach over $5,000.00 so we decided to buy another used car and we are continuing our trip in a 1995 Honda Accord. It was another adventure trying to put all the camping things and luggage from the Subaru wagon into the smaller Honda but clothes went into plastic bags instead of suitcases and a cargo box went on the roof. The Martinez family let us use one of their cars while we were deciding what to do. If any of you ever make it to Denver don't miss the opportunity to drop in and say hello to this wonderful family.

From Denver we traveled to Allens Park Colorado and spent the night with one of my cousins who has a cabin there and now we are headed towards Portland to visit Alex Forester.

After that visit we will head down the west coast.

If any of you would like to gather some members and friends of the movement together for a fundraising event let us know as were really want to have as many opportunities as possible to share our stories with others while we are in the states.

Your Brother
Mike and Family

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