The Words of the Lajda Family

Conference on Marriage and Family in Prague

Juraj Lajda
November 11, 2011
UPF -- Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic -- UPF-Czech Republic held a conference on November 11 about the Significance of Marriage and Family in Building a Free and Peaceful Society. It opened with a video presentation, a short overview of the UPF activities worldwide.

Afterwards, Dr. Roman Joch, a political scientist and advisor to the Czech Prime Minister, gave a speech on Family, Freedom and Vandalism. He spoke mostly about the recent riots in Great Britain, where young people demolished shop windows, burned cars, and violently attacked others. His main argument was that the cause of these riots should not be attributed to multiculturalism or religious differences but simply to the quality of the family upbringing and family environment of the young people. Most of the rioters came from British families, but in many cases their upbringing was affected by the absence of a father in the family or family dysfunction.

The next speech was given by Dr. Juraj Lajda, Secretary General of UPF-Czech Republic, who introduced the basic principles of the family as a universal institution based on universal laws. He emphasized that the family is not a cultural phenomenon but an institution given by God. Then he explained the essential principles of the family and its importance for the development of character and heart. Finally, he stated that a good family is the best guarantee for a free and prosperous society.

In the second block, Dr. Jiri Vanicek, a Protestant theologian and minister of the Czechoslovak Hussites Church, gave deep spiritual insights into the role of the family in society. He pointed out that it is the internal ties which make the family stable, and the center of such a family should be God.

In the final speech, Mrs. Martine Masnerova, President of the Family Federation for World Peace in the Czech Republic, gave a short overview of the benefits of the family from a practical viewpoint. She stressed the many benefits and advantages of marriage and family. The audience was challenged to try to establish a good family. This speech concluded the conference.

Afterwards, there was a time for discussion. Twenty-two people from different walks of life participated in the conference. 

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