The Words of the Lajda Family

50th City, Prague, The Czech Republic

Juraj Lajda and Jorg Heller
December 11, 2005
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was the 50th stop on the world tour. The European IIFWP had organized well to prepare for each of the 13 cities Dr. and Mrs. Moon would visit on the continent. Volunteers from countries that Father and Mother Moon would not visit were assigned to support those nations in Europe that would host this tour.

The Scandinavian countries were assigned to support the Czech Republic. Twenty-five volunteers from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and also from Germany came up to three weeks before the event to support the Czech members with preparations.

Our first outreach was to Embassies and NGOs in Prague. However, the progress was slow and after about a week our outreach coordinator Dieter Schmidt decided on a more direct method. We followed the successful example of Poland, and held a public exhibition about the UPF at the Ramada Hotel on one of the major streets in Prague.

It was somewhat difficult to start, however, soon we broke through and about 45 people came to view our exhibit. That was a great inspiration and we were excited and full of energy at the end of the day. The next few days leading up to the event brought even better results. And when the day of the speech came, we were pretty confident that a good number of Czech people would attend.

The hall was full, about 700 people and 200 in the overflow room. This created a high spirit felt by all. At the beginning there was a beautiful song by an opera singer from the National Theatre, a blessing ceremony was held by Dr. Walsh and finally a member of the European Parliament gave a welcoming speech.

Dr. Moon spoke about 170 minutes making many extemporary remarks. Some words of were difficult to digest for them but the audience stayed with it until the end of the whole event. Many of the top level people who participated may have squirmed in their chairs as they were challenged to take a new direction, yet Father Moon managed to touch their hearts and they could not leave.

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