The Words of the Laeyoung Family

Our Sister In Jail 2

Maliwan Laeyoung
October 19, 2004


Good to hear from you. How is your son right now?

> Perhaps you could be more specific, for the sake of more focus in prayer

I shall try.

> If there is no intervention, when is she likely to be released?

She got a 5 year sentence in 2000. Already at that time, we tried to bribe her out, in vain. Because of her excellent behavior and poor health, there are rumors that she could go out. However, the history of foreign prisoners in Laos is very chaotic.

> What manner of intervention would speed up her release?

It is difficult to say. First, we tried to get the Thai authorities be involved. The relation between the two neighboring countries is tense, however, and moreover Thailand won't move very fast for a Unificationist. We tried through the Women's Federation which had been active in Laos, but Lao authorities said Maliwan's case has nothing to do with WFWP.

> On what charges are she being held? What procedural mistakes may have led to her arrest?

She was arrested on July 20, 2000. The external reason was that she was leading non-legal religious activities. However, they usually expel foreigners for that. While I was working with her, we had many activities, including interreligious services, which were not declared officially, but authorities closed their eyes.

More serious, some people said that, while lecturing on Divine Principle and asked her opinion about Marx, Lenin and so forth by some students, she did not reply very enthusiastically.

The internal reason is that some tensions had appeared in the staff around Maliwan prior to her arrest. All these people managed to leave the country. Internal tensions always result in some clash with authorities; if you work in a hostile environment, the price can be heavy.

> There are national, international church leaders working on her case?

The Japanese NM, the Thai members and Dan Fefferman have been the most active.

> There are Thai government leaders aware (working on) of her case?

It is a hot potatoe. Likewise, any friendly politician in Laos has to deny knowing of her case: too risky.

> There are friends of our movement (Ambassadors of Peace) with any clout to reach government leaders in Laos?

Same answer. Laos remains one of the most obscure governments and everything there is very arbitrary. Two Western women have been cell mates of Maliwan. Only because they were white could they get out of Hell quickly.

I am sorry to give a picture of the situation which is in a sense so hopeless, externally speaking. We can pray for Maliwan, feeling that she is our sister, praying for her faith and spiritual life, expressing our heart. This will come directly to her heart. She is truly a wonderful person.

Laurent Ladouce

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