The Words of the Laeyoung Family

A Letter From Our Sister In Jail

Maliwan Laeyoung
October 18, 2004

Dear all,

The following letter comes from our sister Maliwan Laeyoung, 32. She is a Thai citizen and is the National Leader of our mission in Laos. She is the only member there representing True Parents, and she does so from the most difficult position, as a prisoner in Vientiane.

She was arrested in July 2000 and has been in jail for the past 4 years. Laos still has a communist regime and we need to be careful when we work in these nations.

The letter shows her concerns for others and her desire to keep her faith.

She never started her family life and she needs our prayer and encouragements to go over the peak. You can send messages of support to : Sirima Lertpanomwan at

Maliwan Laeyoung is a remarkable sister. When we were working together in 1999 and 2000, we had lots of young people coming to our activities. Please read her heartbreaking letter with a mind of compassion and hope. We believe that the end of her ordeal is coming soon, and the NM to Laos keep hope for this nation

I can send a picture of her to anyone who would like to pray for her - Laurent Ladouce (NM to Laos, see website

Dear Kung,

How are you? I hope you could get my letter and message. My situation here is just as before. Just the problems of my health which I always concern. It has been for a long time that I didn't check my body. I am not so sure whether the cyst in the uterus's is growing larger or not. I am so tense in many things. Recently my digestive system is very bad. I am afraid that perhaps because the cyst grows larger, it presses on the large intestine and causes it to work poorly. About middle of the month I had some bleeding and felt aching in my uterus; I don't know it is caused by the cyst or not. In the prison if I don't do exercise I may have more allergy but if I do even just softly I feel pain in my uterus. So I don't know what to do. I only hope that when I am released from the prison, I can get some treatment in our country Thailand.

Recently I worry about many things. As I get closer to my release, the more I worry because I think a lot about my future and my family's complicated situation. My mother and my granparents are all sick. Just three of them are helping each orther. Alternately they go to hospital, may be not need to be surprised why no one send me money. Anyway my family's problems are so deep and complicated, very hard to be described. Even I try not to think about it but is seem to be impossible, every body in my family is very difficult and carry many problems.

(Note from a translator: The problems in the family is a lot, I didn't translate those detailed family's problems which almost 3 pages of the letter that caused her to be worry)

I hope that when I get out from the prison I can take care of them especially my mother and my grandparents. I cannot help just only I can pray for them right now. Sometimes I worry that when I go out of the prison, where I can stay, what kind of job I will get, where I can start my family life; even I don't know much about my spouse's situation.

I only know that he isnow working under the government in some Ministry. But I don't know exactly which Ministry because he didn't tell me in details. He never wrote me any letter. Perhaps he didn't want me to contact him, but he brings me food on Sundays about twice a month. If I need something, just write him a letter then he will try to bring it to me. But he doesn't want to leave any telephone number or address for me to contact. I know the law in Laos that, in a bureaucracy, you can't marry a foreigner. (Except vietnamese) So I don't know what will he prefer, me or his job. If he chooses his job he has to marry only with a Laos woman. And actually, the Thai consul didn't want me to come back to Laos again. I may not even come to Laos again because my name is already in the black lists. It seems like the path for me to start my family's life is almost impossible. I don't want to leave my mother and my grandparents because they are very old, but the more I worry and concern, the more I feel hopeless.

I don't know where to start, church will still support me or not, even church may try to support me but I also know that our church itself is in difficult time financially. If I go back to work as a nurse I am not sure I still can do it or not because my knowledge is very weak now. I also have some debt since the past when I bought some product for fundraising. I have to clarify it when I get out from the prison. I accept that I have no idea in many things. May be I worry too much ahead of time. I think may be because I have been staying here long time my self-confidence is getting less and less. Sometime I feel I loose a lot of my efficiency. I also can easily forget this forget that.

While I am staying in the prison, actually many people are helping and supporting me. I feel used to it. I don't know if I am released from here, I can do things or not. I think house work is not a big problem but family burden is great. Anyway I try to look at situation most optimistic way though it is very hard to do so. However, I should not loose hope. At least I should believe that God will not leave me. Many people who love and care for me still give me courage, then I must not give up. I will endure and be patience wait for the day I can be liberated. By the way the Public prosecutor called my aunt, I can be released on October if we pay money 30,000-40,000 baht. I don't know. Everything is just up to our national leaders' decision. Whatever they decide I will follow. I want to leave it in the hand of God. Please give my best regard to our national leaders, and all brothers and sisters.

Love and missing you


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