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Closing Ceremony With Reverend Kwak

Laurent Ladouce
January 13, 2004

Dear all,

Two closing ceremonies took place yesterday in Seoul for the 84 Peace ambassadors who had completed their 120 days. At 10:15, Reverend Kwak came to a nice reception at the Capital Hotel, near Ittaewon. After hearing two testimonies, he gave a speech and answered some questions. After lunch, group pictures were taken.

Later, at 8 p.m., a short ceremony was conducted in the lobby of Guri training centre. Each participant was offered a nice certificate as well as the beautiful book of Hyung Jin Nim, "The Moment"

According to reliable sources, most participants had all the others sign their album and another thing is that they did not sleep very long. Sources could not say how many handkerchiefs were used.

Reverend Jeong said during the 120 days, the sisters had become more beautiful, the brothers more noble. "You too" I said. And he offered the concluding prayer.

Please continue to follow the adventures of this group of pioneers, 28 are staying till April and beyond, others will make rotations.

Laurent Ladouce

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