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Successful IIPC Seminar In The Lotte Hotel

Laurent Ladouce
January 10, 2004

Dear all,

Today is the official 120th day of our mobilisation. Several meetings are being held everyday by the different delegations of the 7 Providential Nations to decide what to do next. Basically, 8 people will have to support the mission of 4 active ambassadors, and there will be some rotation.

We all realise that True Parents have poured unprecedented love and Blessing upon our group. Several Korean elders testified that this never took place in the entire history of our movement. Because we are unqualified, we need to deeply reflect and pray: what can be the reason for us to receive so much?

We also continue our activities. To give you an idea of the type of program IIPC is able to set up at the present moment, we were quite successful yesterday with a one-day program of education at the Lotte Hotel of Seoul. Here are answers to some questions you may have about this kind of program

Where and how much?

On the 36th floor of the Lotte, in a 60-seat capacity hall - conference style, with tables and chairs for about 60 people. Very beautiful view over the Blue House. Lunch: buffet style, international food. Price of the seminar: 50,000 won per person (about 40 US$, 33 euros). People were asked to pay 10,000 won (8,5 dollars)

Who came? Several diplomats, including the Ambassador of Sudan the whole day, the Minister-counsellor of Mongolia, the consul of Belgium, and various other diplomats, including the famous Ambassador Woo Sang Choi whom I contacted through the internet. Several pastors came to the program, and community leaders mostly African; leaders of various associations.

What kind of program? Who lectured?

3 Power Point presentations were given, 45 minutes each. Time was kept very strictly thanks to perfect Emceeing of Michael Diekirson and Penny Moore, and the self-discipline of the lecturers.

Eric Richardson made a remarkable presentation on the Philosophy of Peace, borrowing slides from IEF and creating some others. The core of the lecture is the family ethics and the dynamics of love within the four-position foundation. Perfect tone and sober attitude of the lecturer, great job.

I presented the fall quite directly (Spiritual Fall and Physical Fall) but avoiding excessive Biblical quote, thanks to the good coaching of Ashley Crossthwaite. The purpose was to suggest that radical evil remains one of the most powerful obstacles to perpetual peace, as Emanuel Kant had already suggested.

After lunch, William Peat, graduate from Harvard, made a remarkable presentation of the various attempts to establish peace (League of Nations, UN, and now IIPC). This presentation was very good to show that we do know all the practical issues surrounding peace-making and so forth. There was also humour in this presentation.

The program ended with a group picture.

We were glad to end our 120 days with this nice program. In the coming days, many people start to go back home.

Thank you for following our activities so far.

Laurent Ladouce

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