The Words of the Ladouce Family

End Of The 120 Days For The 84

Laurent Ladouce
January 7, 2004

Dear all,

I hope that you are all fine. Today is the official end of the 120-day mobilisation for the 84 Ambassadors for Peace who left New York to Korea some three months ago. As you probably know, 4 out of each 7 PN will stay at least till April, and the other 8 will support, including financially. The goal is to find 12 couples for the coming Blessing in April.

Now that we have to go home, our minds are in a complex mood, to seek a diplomatic language. We are happy to come back home, but we would like to continue the mission that was just started. Well, you may easily guess how we feel.

You may remember about this Korean professor whose proposals for a PAX-UN on the internet had struck me at the end of December. Well, we could meet, and this man will be very precious for all the 84, since he has international relations of the highest level and his really willing to help us. Please read more about him, as well as some other recent news about teaching Principle to our guests.

Monday January 5

We were back to Guri, back to work after few wonderful days in another world where all problems are already solved, so to speak. We woke up at 4:30 and had our Hoon Dok Hae at 5:00, on the Reunification of Korea and World Peace.


Our leader Reverend Jeong announced that this would be our last day as teams, and a transition from the time of working team by team to the time of working nation by nation. Before breakfast, the members of team 6 gathered in room 107 to discuss about the sharing of accurate information about all our guests. We also discussed the fact that we now had to focus on the high-level guests from 6 Providential nations (Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy), while trying to follow-up all other guests who may want to study the Principle and apply for the Blessing.

The program of January 10 was also discussed. We understood that it would be an educational program for VIP based on the Divine Principle Philosophy of Peace.


I had my pictures of True Godís Day developed at the Kodak shop of Gwangwhamun, and then headed to Mapo where I arrived at 11:15. I felt guilty because I had lost the telephone number of Professor Woon Sang Choi, the author of the "PAX-UN" concept. I received immediate help from Dr Kim, however, who was in the French office when I arrived. He gave a phone call to Kyung Hee University, and obtained the phone number of professor Choi.

Professor Choi had been waiting my phone call and was warm. "I invite you for dinner tonight. Would that be alright?"

We agreed that he would come to the Dowon Building to pick me up.

"This is the building of Reverend Moon, right? - Indeed. - Are you a member of his church then? - Sure I am. - Well, itís even better, then. You know, I was made an Peace Ambassador Ö"

To make my joy even more complete, my sister Evelyn Drake of team 6 came to be with a big smile. She had a guest from Gabon who had just arrived to study the Principle. He was waiting for my lecture in the office of the American team. A few minutes later, the three of us were sitting in a big meeting room, and Jean de Backer came and joined us.

I was impressed by our guest Abba. The son of a teacher, he was born in Northern Gabon, and had already travelled a lot in Africa, Europe and now Korea.

"I was born a Protestant but was educated in Catholic schools. In Europe, I started to study other religions and came to know and appreciate the Mormons or the Jehovah Witnesses. I also heard about Reverend Moon, but I never had a chance to study his teaching."

Until lunch, we studied the sections 1 and 2 of the Principle of Creation. I emphasised the scientific base of the Principle, and that was pleasant for Abba who had majored in physics and was eager to match his religious beliefs with his scientific education. We went for lunch in the cafeteria and he talked a lot about the situation in his country. Evelyne said that his nation needed a new generation of leaders equipped with the Divine Principle.

It was beautiful to see that Abba really trusted Evelyn and could unite with her as his spiritual mother. We continued the lecture until 3:30 and took some pictures together in the Embassy of France.


I then took time to work on my photo album. At 6:10, professor Woon Sang Choi entered our office and greeted everyone in French language. Soon, everybody made a circle around him. His CV indicated that he was born in 1925 in the Northern part of the Korean peninsula.

"I belong to a family which has been Catholic for 5 generations, but I am open-minded. All religions should unite and work together. I really admire Reverend Moon, he does not just talk but is a man of action. We need to cooperate together."

We also talked about the way we had met each other through my research on the internet.

"That is a miracle, he said with a big smile. - Donít you have a special Korean word for that kind of providential encounter or meeting, I asked? - Thatís right. We call it Inyon. This means that the meeting of the two individuals was not a mere coincidence but was an occasion for mutual appreciation and deep friendship. Another word, Onyon, describes our fate before we are born, our fortune if you prefer.

Professor Choi introduced the movement for a Global Common Society, an NGO registered at the ECOSOC of the UN. He offered to introduce us gradually to many Harvard or Yale graduates living in Korea. Professor Choi was very pleased to receive our IIPC documents, and he immediately filled in the registration form for the January 10 conference. He then brought me to the popular cafeteria which I had meals quite often already. I was very happy to be invited to such a humble place, because it would make the atmosphere much more friendly.

Professor Choi was a graduate of Harvard Law School and started his career as a diplomat, and had thus been an Ambassador of Korea to many countries, including Egypt, Morocco and others which I forgot. "What about your wife? - She is a medical doctor and the mother of 6 children. - This is amazing. There are probably not many Korean ladies of her generation falling into this category. - She was an emancipated woman. - Due to her education, or because of her own character? - A combination of the two, plus some other factors. - How did you meet her? - It had been decided before both of us were born. - A combination of Onyon and Inyon? - Her mother and my mother were the best friends under the sun. Before getting married, they had made a solemn oath: if you have a son, if I have a daughter, they will marry. This is how deeply they loved each other. - What are your children doing? - Let us see. Well, I have a daughter who writes in the New York Times. - Well Ö - My son Peter Choi is a Hollywood film-maker. - I see. - Monique Choi, another daughter is a journalist.

As if all these professions were not really very noble, Professor Choi added: "One of my daughters teaches religion in the USA. All my children have made their lives over there."

I took time to introduce the Pakxe Project to Professor Choi, using a small map. He listened to me very attentively.

"Thatís a great project, a very good idea. The name of this city is really predestined. We need to work on this project together. As soon as you are ready, I shall visit all ASEAN embassies present here in Seoul with you. We must realize this project. If they accept, the next step will go to visit all the nations of ASEAN."

I was so moved by the very humble and co-operative attitude of this outstanding diplomat and scholar. At the same time, I was somewhat ashamed of my lack of foundation. I was not really ready to go and visit the embassies with him. I returned to Guri with a feeling of deep gratitude to Heaven for this amazing day in Seoul.

Saturday January 3

We had understood that, based on the recent coronation of Jesus in Jerusalem, and in the wake of the proclamation of Godís Fatherland, we would be able to hold the true Christmas celebration. For the third consecutive days, we would have a special celebration in the main hall of Chung Pyung at 7 a.m.

When we took our seats, we discovered a sober stage. True Parents would come to the left hand side, and two armchairs on the right hand side symbolised Jesus and his wife.

Before leaving the room, we all received a lottery ticket at the exit of the Main Hall, which we had to fill in and put in a box after we would finish our dinner.

Then Father came and he was magnificent. We had the Yute prizes and Father and Mother organised the result of the lottery and gave many things away. It was totally exciting. Then suddenly at the end he began to give a most historic summary. The atmosphere became hushed with focused anticipation.

Here is the summary of Father's words followed by a report on the Peace Motors development in North Korea. True Parents are bringing the Peace Kingdom on all fronts.

Thanks America!!!

Victory for God, True Parents and Especially for Jesus !!!

True Father January 3rd, 2003 After the prizes were given for yute and special prizes

Shortly after Jesus was crucified Israel wandered for 2000 years. In 1948 Israel became a nation again with the co-operation of the United States. In 1948 Korea was liberated and formed a nation again with the co-operation of the United States. With the ceremony of the Coronation of Jesus all the historical entanglements are dissolved and Jesus will be free to work as he should have been able to as the King of Kings. Now Jesus will not only stand as the King of Israel but also as the spiritual King of the Second Israel America. Now Jesus will have the power to unify all Christian denominations, Catholic and Protestant.

The Old Testament (the failure of the first Israel to cut the pigeon), The new Testament age of faith and grace is now restored. The first, second and third Israel will become one nation as the fourth Israel which includes Moslems, Christians and Jews and all faiths. The Abel United Nations centring on the third Israel will bring peace on earth. The IIPC was formed as the Abel UN. The Old Testament Age has passed through the coronation of Jesus. Then through the second Israel the New Testament Age will be restored. Then the Completed Testament Age will be restored through the rallies to crown Jesus in the Fatherland. Then the fourth Israel will become one. Then the substantial Cheon Il Guk through the fourth Israel will be fully realised. Through the Cheon Il Guk Blessing we will expand the blessing and the change of blood lineage to all people. The perfection of the fourth Israel will be based on the oneness of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. This will create a new realm ending the conflict of Cain and Abel and will reconcile them as one. This will be the era of the Peace Kingdom. All the pain and suffering of the heart of God will be ended.

Pyeong Hwa UN (Peace UN) will centre on the Fatherland. The fourth Israel will centre on America and will move all nations to the Peace Kingdom. We cannot do this with the current UN. Therefore the Peace UN in Co-operation with America will fulfil the Peace Kingdom.

This will give God the position in which God will rule over humanity as the True God and True King. There will be no more Cain and Abel and no more division. If two people can come together in prayer this will be the basis of the Peace Kingdom in every situation. This fourth Israel based on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel will be the basis to go beyond all national boundaries and a new Constitution will be formulated for all mankind. We will now enter an era of law in which you cannot enter into heaven without the unity of the mind and body. This will be achieved in cooperation with the spirit world and the teaching from the spiritual world and Fatherís words that will bring about a revolution of conscience and of heart. From now you mind must subjugate your body. Your body can no longer dominate your mind. The Peace United Nations and the Fourth Israel will become one forming the heavenly nation of Cheon Il Guk. Then they will be able to welcome the era of the perfection of Godís ideal. This will be the fulfilment of the Peace Kingdom. America, Israel and Korea must become one. This will become the external realm of sovereignty. With this foundation then Cheon Il Guk will be opened. The first second and third Israel perfected as one will be the basis for the Peace Kingdom. All will be liberated and this will be the basis for the Heavenly Eternal nation of Cheon Il Guk. The first Israel, second Israel and third Israel must come to unite as one. To achieve this all religions must co-operate to support and achieve this. This will be done through all religions leading the way through the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and Holy Salt to change the blood lineage and to sanctify all possessions so that all may be claimed by God. Then with this foundation all can be claimed by God through every religion, race and people. That nation that can make the offering of all humanity and all things before God is Cheon Il Guk (the Kingdom of God on Earth). Now the total living offering must be completed and offered not in the name of the church but in the name of God.

The True Parents will perfect the first, second and third Israel and through this process will perfect the realm of the fourth Israel. This all was to originally occur in 1992. During this 20 years all the family must complete 3 generations of blessed family. You must achieve this in 20 years from 1992 or the 12th year of Cheon Il Guk. This is the year 2012. The foundation for this must be realised by 2007 and then through the years 2008 Ė 2012 your family must be perfected in heart. This will be the era of great transition. All the refugees will throw away all their possessions and move to the central nation of Godís kingdom. Until this time all your possessions are fake possessions as they canít be recognised by God. You must offer everything to God through True Parents and then all your possessions and more will be given to you as blessings from God through True Parents. Only then can we have true ownership and rights over possessions. This is the era of great transition.

Cheon Il Guk will create a culture of heart centring on God. This will be the fulfilment of all the providence of God. This Peace United Nations must have a body. That body is the unified 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel into the fourth Israel.

With that kind of subjective standard and the pure blood lineage and the pure love organs the safe settlement of mankind will be realised.

All Japanese members must go through training. You must not miss this opportunity. Everything starts on the foundation of Godís Fatherland. If you miss this opportunity then Satan could still invade. You must burn away all your possessions the way that Nero burnt down the city of Rome. You must burn away all the past and make a new beginning. As the Israelites put the blood of the lamb over the door you must prepare yourself is such a way that you will be ready for the great Exodus like the Israelites went through. Rev. Eu you must build the embassies for the son. You are responsible. Japan is responsible to fulfil this before heaven. You must build the embassies for the Fourth Israel and the Peace United Nations. Japanese members Ė this is a warning you must not miss this time.

Mr. Pak Sung Kwon then gave a report . First I congratulate all the lottery winners and the winners of the Yute game. I am the President of True World group and the Pyeong Hwa Motors. One famous Christian minister came to me and was desperate because he said the current leadership of Korea doesnít know what it is doing. They donít understand North Korea. This is an emergency. Iíve been to North Korea 76 times. We have many businesses there now. Mr. Kim the secretary of the North Korean Party passed away. I was the only representative of South Korea to go to the funeral. He was lying there peacefully. The funeral was done with a solemn atmosphere. His wife was moved and she told me that she heard so much from him about Rev. Moon and we will work with President Kim Jong Il together with Rev. Moon to bring the unity of North and South Korea.

I received this award from Kim Jong Il Ė I gave this to True Father.

Peace Motors is the only automaker in North Korea and now has the total support of Kim Jong Il. We have a relationship built on Fatherís consistent love and support since he met Kim Il Sung. From that trust has been built.

Sunday January 4

The 4th celebration of the Coronation of God

As already announced, we held the Celebration of Godís Coronation on January 4, instead of January 13 as the previous years. Father had explained very clearly that, after the proclamation of Godís fatherland, there was a special meaning of celebrating 4 days consecutively.

The ceremony started at 7 a.m. and followed a format similar to True Godís Day. Rev. Kwak, as master of ceremonies, explained about the importance of this day saying that originally Adam and Eve should have held their marriage ceremony before God as the son and daughter of God, and become parents. So this would have been the day that the ideal of creation would have been completed. So it could be the day of True Parents and True Children and all humankind could perfect themselves. And this would also signify the Day of All True Things. But because of the fall everything was reversed and the course of indemnity had to be followed. In this course, beginning with True Children's Day everything was set up -- True God's Day, True Parents' Day and the Day of All True Things. Now with the coronation of God's Kingship and the coronation of the King of the Blessed Families, starting this day we will celebrate God's Day and 4 other major holidays in one day. Actually if the ideal of creation has been achieved we could not separate other events from the Coronation Ceremony, and so there would be no reason to celebrate them separately. True Parents and True Children then entered the hall. After lightning the candles, True Father prayed. A prayer of report was offered by Rev. Kwak's family. After True Father's short speech, True Parents cut the cake. Rev. Kwak led the hoondokhae by reading True Father's speech given at the original Coronation Ceremony on January 13, 2001. A cross section of some of the points Father made in his brief message after Pledge Service: Fulfill Total Living Offering. Completely purify blood lineage. No time to rest. Completely take control of your body, even to the point of [symbolically] cooking it to get rid of Satanic elements. Body must be able to resonate with the joy and sorrow of God. Stand as representative of True Parents.

If you can understand principles of creation, go beyond limits to achieve a revolution of heart. We must become one with the invisible cosmic True Parents. With God's omnipotence, He can bring things to pass instantly. You are included in this realm of joy. Stand in front of your ancestors ... God's Kingdom will come ... If your mind and body struggles you cannot become the heir (inheritor) to bring this about. Form a protective fence/barrier around this ideal. Forget about position in society. Cut away these things. Separate from Satan -- to create a revolution.

Three points: 1. Substantiate a revolution of indemnity 2. Deny your position and possessions; return possessions to the owner. Cultivate our conscience. Through this revolution of indemnity we begin a revolution of conscience. Always conflicts within the body. 3. Bring about true love. life and lineage -- completely aligned with God's love. life and lineage. Stand as second self and representative of God, as heir who can inherit the ideal of creation. Purify the mind so you can accept God's command, to restore love that was lost to Satan. On the foundation of liberation of God's Fatherland, all these things can come about. The only way to claim material possessions and your body is after the revolution of conscience and heart. If you understand raise both hands and clap hands towards heaven -- formation, growth and completion stage of heart. Take a great leap -- stand as a people of the heavenly kingdom. Invest entire being to inherit/achieve this. I am saying these important things today. Pledge before heaven! [Maengsae!]

The conscience must not lose the battle against the body. You must stand as representative of the entire universe. We have to lament the fact that we have not reached the level of heart, the "settlement of noon" level. Formation, growth and completion stage revolutions: revolution of Indemnity, revolution of Conscience, revolution of Heart Must be able to say these things to your food before you eat it. Take dominion. Do not stray from the course, for the sake of your descendants... Centred on today, True God's Day, Day of Victory of Love, the Coronation Ceremony (others may have been mentioned) -- I am connecting all these together. You must set a standard with your life. You have to set the condition before God that you have offered everything. Think of yourselves as religious people -- what kind of religious people? Can you inherit the traditions of Christianity, Confucianism, Islam etc.? When the ceremony was over, we realised that we had been living 4 wonderful and unforgettable days in Chung Pyung. Some people wanted to pray, or to take some pictures, in order to fix these precious moments. We had lunch and then we took our bus back to Guri. During the trip, I could talk with Ingrid and come to know her better. Back to Guri, I was really busy catching up with all the e-mails. We had a general meeting at 8:30 and had much singing and laughter around the products of the Offering Table.

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