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Spirit World Works In A Research On Peace-UN

Laurent Ladouce
December 30, 2003

Dear all,

We can receive the assistance of the spirit World in various ways, sometimes for action and sometimes for reflection. Quite often, the spirit world is working to answer our prayers, and it does so to help us witness to some people. I had a powerful experience of this two days ago.


Recently, I was often grumbling against the expression "Peace-UN". I asked several persons: what does it mean? I asked Koreans: "When you say Pyungwha UN, does it make sense for you?"

Generally, people remained polite with me, thinking that a person who has received the title of Ambassador for Peace should know what he is working for. Anyway, I stopped asking people, and I asked God:

"Heavenly Father, I am sorry to struggle with expressions like Abel-UN, Peace-UN, Peace-Kingdom. Please forgive me, and help me understand, if possible."


Generally, when I pray like this, I forget that I prayed, and I think of something else. In my case, I felt the urge to understand what is the possible connection between Israel and Korea. On monday, I started to do much research on this issue, using the search engines (Google, altavista, lycos) of the internet. If you don't know what a search engine is, you need to worry, because you miss one possibility to be guided by the Spirit world.

Alright. During my research, I wanted to find the 1929 poem where Rabindranath Tagore calls Korea the Light of the East. One website quoted the poem within a long article written by a university professor advocating the creation of the Global Common Society (GCS). This expression was quite amazing.

The article was not signed but the author was by all evidence a Korean scholar. I typed "Global Common Society" on Google, in vain, but then tried again on Lycos, and there I was more lucky. I discovered that the promoter of the GCS had also written articles in the Korea Times. And guess what? He was advocating the creation of a "Pax-UN".


A what? A "Pax-UN", just like our Peace-UN. Atthis moment, I prefer to reproduce a few paragraphs of this professor, so that you can appreciate his views.

"If we are to fulfill the historic mission of human society, we must strive not to achieve peace under the rule of one Nation as in Pax Romana but to attain a UN-centered world peace (Pax UN), which is a Peace for all nations based on genuine democratic principles. To that end, it is desirable that the industrialized major powers that are in tune with the tendencies and trends of time should take the vanguard.

To do that we ought to reform our cosmological view, worldview, national concept and life concept into a renewed macro-vision of a true human and look to the desirable goal: a realizable, deontological, and aspired society that I have called "Oughtopia" (i.e., spiritually beautiful, materially affluent and humanly rewarding society), toward which we ought to proceed by reconstructing human society.

That is the reason why since 1995, the year of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, I have been, together with 100 initiators of leading personalities of our civilization, exhorting to the world to mark the turn of the Century into the new Millenium as the beginning of the Neo-Renaissance movement.

When our posterity passes judgement on what we are about to do, I hope to God they would hail and extol us in deep gratitude saying that when humanity was helplessly facing aeschatological crises, none other than people like us, nations like the major powers took to the vanguard, saved the world and created the new civilization that they came to aspire for. That we shall have deserved it, is my patent exhortation." - Choe Woon Sang, professor at Hyung Hee Univrsity.

I was really amazed by the approach of this scholar and by the way the Spirit World had been guiding me to find his writings. One website was even giving his cell phone number. After a while, I phoned to him, and then I had another surprise. The man said he was very busy but would be delighted to see me around the 4th or 5th of January. He then asked me where I was, and when I mentioned the Dowon Building near Mapo Station, he said: Alright, I live 100 meters from there. See you next week then."

I believe that when I meet this man and witness to him, I shall start to grasp what Peace-UN means. Spirit World wants us to guide people to the Messiah.

Laurent Ladouce

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