The Words of the Ladouce Family

Precious Moments With True Parents For The 84

Laurent Ladouce
December 11, 2003

Dear all,

Yesterday, we celebrated the victory of our banquet.

This morning, Won Joo McDevitt read for one hour and then Father spoke. He exhorted all of us, on the foundation of our victories during this mobilization to return to our nations as Messiahs and Saviors. If we consider that the spiritual messages announce the cosmic messiahship to all mankind, the condition of unity with True Parents seems to establish the start of our course as Messiahs. "You are more than ambassadors, you are now truly brothers and sisters", Father said.

Father is leaving for Hawaii tomorrow.

At the end of the Hoon Dok Hae, and after Reverend Kwak's prayer, Mother started to call some members by their names, and they entered the living room of Hannam Dong. They got out of there with very nice clothes.

Then, we all receive a very substantial amount of money to buy new clothes. In the beginning, Mother spelled the names on the envelopes loudly. To hear your name spelled by True Mother is so precious. Mother laughed when she tried to pronounce the name of Kurt Sattlberger. There was so much motherly love in her effort to pronounce this name.

Kurt was happy that I had noticed this point. Actually, the love we receive from our Parents is what makes us truly brothers and sisters.

Alright, let us talk about the shopping now. Well, as we have entered the 21st century, the habits are changing, and you see women making up their minds quite quickly, though some of them continue to illustrate the old culture where the mind of Eve is slow to make a choice in terms of clothes or accessories. The modern Eve is generally a person who has got very clear ideas and does not want to spend too much time shopping.

It is now men who like to talk and talk and talk about what kind of suits or ties they gonna buy. Look at theses guys, "Do you think it really fits me?" or "Are you sure it is really adapted for winter?" or "For the same price, I know a better place, or actually too better places."

I made up my mind quickly and bought a Pierre Cardin suit, plus two shirts. I could thus be back earlier, early enough to share these news with us.

Laurent Ladouce

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