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Banquet in Seoul, December 10

Laurent Ladouce
December 10, 2003

Dear all,

Heavenly Father allowed us to bring many people of different countries to the Little Angels tonight, for a historical banquet. The room was jam-packed and the people showed their appreciation throughout the program. HE. Mr. Umana from Honduras the Ambassador of Honduras and a Korean congressman set the tone by speaking very eloquently about our True Parents. The Ambassador of Honduras said that we should "defeat Satan". Well, we still need to teach him the Principle view of subjugating Satan naturally, because we now live in a time when even Lucifer has a chance to become an Ambassador for peace. No one should be defeated, all creatures must be victorious and we need to liberate God.

William Peat was a great MC, Penelope Moore read the spiritual messages with great power and faith, and Reverend Kwak delivered a very balanced speech which was ideal to introduce Father's activities.

Needless to say, the Little Angels were above all human adjectives. Among the embassies based in Seoul, many were represented for the first time. If they start to see Father's foundation in Korea, the news will spread rapidly. We who have come from the 7 PN feel responsible. The foreign members who live in Korea also had a renewed pride. But we must thank our True Parents and our Korean leaders for allowing us to organize such a wonderful event.

I leave to Israel in 2 days, with 8 other distinguished members of the 84.

Thank you for your support. God bless you all!

Laurent Ladouce

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