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Cinderella Greets The Generals And The Ambassador

Laurent Ladouce
December 7, 2003

Dear all,

Let us continue our story.

Pascal and Linda arrived at the Hyatt and were welcomed by the lady whom they had met the day before at Ittaewon. This lady kept praising God for allowing her to get Pascal and Linda as new friends. She felt that is was truly the grace of Heaven.

When it was time to sit down at tables, both Pascal and Linda went to the wrong tables a couple of times, which allowed them to be introduced to quite many people. Finally, they could find their proper seats.

Linda quickly became the center of attraction at her table. The guests found her volunteer job as an Ambassador for Peace, "great", "fantastic", "truly amazing, I can't believe it", "Terrific, terrific indeed"

Linda got stimulated by the interest she aroused. She kept drinking water and coffee while everybody drank alcohol. Within a few minutes, many were fascinated by the banquet which IIPC is organizing next Wednesday.

"Where does the money come from?" a man asked.

"Yes, the money, where does it come from?" Linda said to herself. She breathed deeply and said:

"The main contributor is the founder of the Washington Times, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is entirely dedicated to world peace. I suppose that you all know about Reverend Moon."

Later on, Linda was craving to shake hands with the top US general operating in Korea. There is always a top person in any hierarchy, and Linda was thinking. "Alright, here I am, and here is the gentleman. We are now physically close, but the social barrier is still there. What shall I do to be introduced?"

During the dance, she made a giant step to approach the venerable soldier and was about to start the conversation, but nothing came out. As you can guess, this is where France enters the theatre of operations. Any "military adventure" is more likely to succeed if there is a coalition. Pascal then approached the dignified general and said:

"Sir, I beg your pardon, my friend here is a daughter of a veteran of the Korean W ..." - Great, the officer said, let us all have a picture with the lady." And this is how "Cinderlinda" got captured by the pictures with a group of officers carrying all their medals.

Yes, but what about the ambassador? Linda had another craving. As you may guess, France is ideally positioned to facilitate diplomatic contacts. Pascal frenchified his accent even more:

"Your Excellency, I am sorry to be rude, but my friend here is American and would be so honored to take a picture with the Ambassador of the United St ... - Of course, bien entendu.

And a new picture was taken. Meanwhile, many invitations were being passed out for our banquet of December 10.

Pascal and Cindalinda were back before midnight, as you all know. But what about the shoe, you may ask. "My tiny shoes hurt badly" Linda said as a conclusion of her testimony.

Anyone familiar with the fairy tale will recognize the subtlety of the latter statement.

Laurent Ladouce

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