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Fund-raising For Cinderella During Hoon Dok Hae

Laurent Ladouce
December 7, 2003

Dear all,

Greetings from the French Office of the IIPC in Korea. The temperature inside is surely better than outside.

Yesterday morning, we had a very interesting moment during the Hoon Dok Hae time, or during the time of testimonies which followed the reading of Father's words. If I were to express the flavor of the moment, I would call it: "Fund-raising for Cinderella during Hoon Dok Hae"

Last time, I told you about our adventures with 30 ambassadors in the Hyatt Hotel. Well, Pascal and Linda explained to us that some huge surprise was probably waiting for us there, if we were bold enough. Linda is the State leader in Illinois and Pascal is a French member living in Nice, South of France.

On Friday, they were in Ittaewon and met an American lady who has been in Korea for a while and who knows many people in town. She talked to them about the Ball that would take place in the Hyatt the next day (Saturday).

Both were so inspired to respond to the invitation. While they were talking, William Peat suddenly interrupted them to make things clear. He told it very nicely:

"Brothers and sisters, if you want Cinderella to go the Ball of the Hyatt tonight, and if you want her to go with her French chaperon, you might consider giving a donation ..."

As you know the UN Task Force consists of 84 people who are millionaires in True Love, but this currency is not usually accepted in the Hyatt. What they want for the ball is 150 dollars per person, which means around 170,000 won.

The fund-raising started rather slowly, because some cultural resistance prevented us from subscribing to such a project early morning during Hoon Dok Hae. It is unusual for missionaries to attend expensive balls where people are expected to dance and drink a lot.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit emptied our pockets and in about 15 minutes, more than 370,000 won had accumulated on the pew of William. Linda and Pascal would go to the ball ...

And a group of 20 sisters would pray for them between 6:30 p.m and 10 p.m.

Would you like to know more?

Please read the e-mail entitled: "Cinderella greets the General and the Ambassador"

Laurent Ladouce

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