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Laurent Ladouce
December 5, 2003

Dear all,

"Rosebud" spoke. The sales manager was crazy-busy but focused all his attention on her ... poor receptionists!!! They could not hear what people were saying on the phone.

I thought: "Why is this manager glued to 'Rosebud' "?

After she had said everything, he asked her to leave the office and go in a more discrete corner. "your movement is preparing something special in Israel now, he said."

We were so surprised. How could he know?

"Well, 240 Korean people will attend. And they have chosen Qatar Airways to travel from Korea to Israel. So you can be sure that our company will send someone to the banquet of Reverend Moon."

As a conclusion, I just want to say how happy I have been to work with "Rosebud". She became really happy and received much stimulation.

Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

How could we meet 30 ambassadors in 25 minutes? Of course, we did not plan it.

"Rosebud" and myself arrived at Hannam subway station (near Hannam Dong) around 9:35, and headed toward the Lao embassy. We had gone there the day before and had found all doors closed. They have just moved their embassy, but had not given any indication about the new location. I had to phone to find out. As you may know, Laos is my nation as a National Messiah, and it is also a country where I lived as the tender age of 5. At that time, by the way, "Rosebud" did not yet exist.

I arrived to Laos as a NM exactly 7 years ago, on December 2, 1996 to be more precise. This happened to be the 21st anniversary of their communist revolution, and thus of their National Day. I love this country, but the past years of the mission have been darkened by the imprisonment of our beloved sister Maliwan Laeyoung, the National Leader.

Recently, I had resentment against Laos. But one German brother managed to bring the Ambassador of Laos to the IIPC rally of Tokyo and that gave me hope.

400 meters before the embassy, I saw a group of pine-apples and bought one. Lao people eat this delicacy everyday, but in Korea it is quite expensive. I knew it would be a heart-opener. And it was. Mr. Amphay Kindavong, the Second Secretary welcomed me for the second time in two months. We spoke very warmly. After one hour, he asked the ambassador to join, and we spoke in French. He told me that his brother lives 15 km from where I live near Paris. Small world!!! We took a short video and pictures together.

And we continued to invite people in Ittaewon, till 12:30. Then how is it possible that we suddenly met 30 ambassadors around 2 p.m.?

Please follow the story in the next e-mail.

Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

Rosebud and myself were back in our HQ's around 1 p.m. If I tell you that I bought something in a French bakery that was as good as a French one, you won't believe me. But it is the naked truth.

At 1:30, Chantal Robertson (God Bless her!) approached me.

"All ambassadors of Seoul are now gathered at the Hyatt Hotel for a banquet organized by the MOFA. Let us go."

Well ...

One thing is that you cannot realistically resist Chantal if you have a pure and innocent heart. I could only say:

"Alright, but not without 'Rosebud' " Quarrels among women are truly unpleasant and I had to use all my diplomatic talent in the subway to create harmony and love between the two Ambassadors for Peace.

From the Hyatt, you see all Seoul. All the limousines were there, glittering in the winter light, with their flags shining. Some kind of exciting feeling overwhelmed us.

"Let us go, Chantal said. - Wait a minute, let us pray, I said. - Let us pray, Chantal, "Rosebud" said.

Chantal prayed with one eye closed.

At 2:5, the ambassadors started to arrive from lunch in the lobby, peaceful, relax, smiling. Some directly came to us, very friendly, others paid great interest. I recognized the US ambassador, whose picture often appears in the local press as well as the UK ambassador. Both received our invitation. The French ambassador was as ironical as usual with Chantal, but very friendly indeed. "My God, you will soon become Venerables if you show such a zeal."

Many ambassadors spoke with us 3 or 4 minutes. When everything finished, we looked at one another, startled and flabbergasted. We counted all the nations: 30. We had met 30 ambassadors in 25 minutes, and it had been pure grace. Chantal burst into tears, and "Rosebud" found that it was a great idea. Then they started to really love each other. There is nothing more heavenly that two sisters who appreciate each other. Men cannot do so well.

But we can report about it. This is what I am doing.

Catherine and myself continued for hours to visit businesses in Ittaewon. This morning, we reported to all 84, and members realised that they have to just go out, without appointment.

Many had amazing experiences. One man came to Janine Waldman and Penny Moore near Seoul Station and asked what they were doing in a perfect English. After realizing who they are, this American-Korean said: "Bo Hi Pak is my friend. I went several times to East Garden."

He was so happy to receive the invitation in the street.

Catherine and myself continued to visit offices and businesses.

In a tower, we arrived in an office where they take care of Korean students going to Japan. The boss was very friendly and immediately filled in the response form to attend the banquet.

"You know our movement well?" He smiled.

"I am a professor of mass communication, and I have been a member of PWPA for years."

He had also gone to East Garden one time.

In many companies, all doors open when we show the card IIPC. Top managers say to us: "Reverend Moon is famous in Korea. We respect him. How is he doing now?"

This has been reported by many of us who had very similar experiences. At the end of the day, our last office was Qatar Airways?

What is so special with Qatar? Please read the next e-mail.

Laurent Ladouce

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