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Laurent Ladouce
December 5, 2003

Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope you are all fine. Here are some news of our activities for IIPC in Korea

The 84 are now working to invite the foreign community of Seoul to a banquet at the Little Angels. The venue is Wednesday December 10, the goal is about 400 guests, and we are working at short notice, as usual. When we started, I said to members that I don't feel confident to fulfil the goal by human power alone. But God can surely do it through us if we have an open mind and are really His objects.

I myself try to live an experiential life of faith. I believe that the life of faith can be explained quietly and obeys some rules that can be observed and experienced.

Yesterday, I had some shaky experiences which I would like to report to you as they happened. One good condition is that I determined to unite with and really love a sister from UK who does not get along very well with other sisters. Let us call her "Rosebud". After all, we are kind of heavenly spies and I don't see why my honorable colleague would not be given such an exotic and flowery name.

Rosebud is rather slow to move and I am rather super-quick. But I really wanted to involve her 100% and give her joy, because life is not always very tender with her.

The first day of work with her with sheer indemnity. Just walking, walking, walking in the cold streets of Seoul, without any result, and often getting lost.

The second day was yesterday, the day where she and me and another sister met 30 ambassadors in 25 minutes ...

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Laurent Ladouce

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