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November 29 in Korea

Laurent Ladouce
November 29, 2003

Dear all,

Today was November 29, and we stayed in the training centre of Guri, which has been our camp in Korea. For those of you who know the Korean church, Sutaengri is situated in Guri city, 20 kms east of downtown Seoul and it is where the Ilhwa-Mc Col factory is located.

Not far from here, our church has a big building for Sunday services. The service last Sunday was a masterpiece. We had a magnificent choir and all the speeches were very good, with a powerful sermon on peace and several officials of the city who came to greet the 84. Our church tradition in Korea is both very vertical, even formal sometimes, and social, with much outreach in the neighbourhood.

I feel that many Korean elders are really pastors in the soul and not just leaders for some mission. They have something very holy and dignified within themselves. They actually receive much training to be ordained as pastors and are supported by their community, which can sometimes consist of hundreds of members. And when you see the assembly in the church, especially when they sing, you really feel that they are the people of God. It does not mean that Koreans are perfect. They simply have a unique ability to revere God and to exalt His glory, which personally I like very much, even though I come from a completely atheist background originally. I like religious life when it is really substantial and gives you a strong feeling of God and eternal life.

Tonight, we shall meet our True Parents in Hannam Dong and are preparing to greet them back from New York.

Today, we had the hope to start our Korean course, but our leader was inspired to share his insights on the philosophy of peace instead.

We are rather comfortable in this place, with dorms of 10 people per room, well heated, and a huge dining hall. The food is very healthy. For several weeks, we had some frustration not to have a washing machine for our laundry. But finally we got one, and then two. Allelujah!

Every nation has very unique and precious individuals. I do not know everyone very well among the 40, but generally, the people are there for very special reasons. Actually, we are not strong at all, and many members need care, affection and help to keep going and not be exhausted. We are very much protected by Heaven. You surely can pray for us, especially that we can persevere with faith and patience, in order to fulfil our mission, which is big and above our capacities.

Laurent Ladouce

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