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News from the 84 in Korea (Nov 28, part 2)

Laurent Ladouce
November 28, 2003

Dear all,

After Mrs. Lee, we had Ambassador Han, who joined our Church in 1957, was Blessed among the 36 couples and has served as Ambassador to Norway, Iceland and Panama, before being appointed as director of the Washington Times and later the Segye Ilbo.

Ambassador Han is brilliant and sharp. Speaking in a perfect English, he explained to us what an Ambassador is and sketched a brief history of diplomacy since the Renaissance until today.

Concerning his missions, he said that, during the Cold War, he managed to change very deeply the perception of South Korea in Norway. He also explained how, in Panama, he had played a decisive role in convincing General Noriega to stop relations with North Korea.

Ambassador Han answered many questions concerning the unification. He sees Pyongyang regime as most unpredictable and capable of follies, such as nuclear warfare. They are completely isolated and in a desperate situation, he said. He also stressed that many lessons can be drawn from Germany. Concerning the capacity of the North Korean population to change their mind after reunification, he said:

"During the colonial rule of Japan, we were also brainwashed against USA and UK. But our eyes opened very quickly."

Concerning the sunshine policy of former president Kim Dae Jong he said: "The spirit was good, the strategy and tactics were not good. The North Koreans never made any concession inn return to what we offered to them."

After that, we went to Mapo building, had lunch, and discovered our splendid offices for each of the 7 Nations. Well, I tell you all, it is really really something very beautiful. I hope we can work very well until April.

God Bless you all!

Laurent Ladouce

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