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Notes from the UN Task Force (1)

Laurent Ladouce
November 2, 2003
Compiled on November 28, 2003

Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope you are fine and that you had a nice thanksgiving day, if you are Americans. Here in Korea, the 12 Americans among the 84 of the Task Force were truly missing this time and we tried to comfort them. Ron kindly requested me to share about our work and I want to express my thanks to him. These are notes taken at Jeju-do beginning of November

Laurent Ladouce

Monday, November 2

After Hoon Dok Hae, Father wanted us to have a yut game in the training centre. We followed with absolute faith, love and obedience, knowing that the award was pretty high. The yut game took the whole morning, but my team, led by Reverend Yoon (Family Party leader) lost the first round and I had much free time to write down some reflections.

What is so special with JEJU?

After a quick lunch, we took the bus to visit a few places of Jeju island. On board, the Regional leader for Jeju, spoke to us:

‘‘Welcome to Jeju. I am Reverend Kim, national Messiah to Comoros. I am a 430 couples, and Jeju-do is where I come from. My dream is that this island can become a peace island. Despite its small size, it manages to exhibit all the possible climates of the world. Its location is such that it belongs to the northern tip of the subtropical zone. And you can see coconut trees, as well as our rich orchards of oranges and tangerines, which are sold all over South-Korea. Yet, the Hallasan mount culminates at 1950 meters. UJp there, you find plants which are typical of the frigid area. Not only does Jeju-do exhibit biodiversity and a rich natural history. We are proud of our local culture, our legends, our tormented history. Basically, three types of influence can be found in Jeju-do: Mongolian, Japanese and of course Korean. The people here have a special dialect, which Koreans do not understand. Another day, I may tell you more about our island.’’

As a matter of fact, Reverend Kim was given another opportunity to speak about Jejudo: the next day, on Jiguido island, he added some significant details in the presence of our True Parents. (see Tuesday November 3).

Visiting a special village

As he was talking, we approached a strange village with low houses made of clay and basaltic rocks, and covered with hatch.

‘‘It is not an artificial folk village like we have many in Korea, because people are actually living there, our interpreter said. They have their jobs, and are protected by the government. They have the duty to guide tourists once a month’’

We spent half an hour in the village. Some houses were 300 years old, and were equipped with modern features, in some few cases. The guide explained that the roofs have no chimneys, and the smokes are evacuated via underground pipes. The water jugs are carried on the back, as well as the babies, of course. We also noticed that the soil is hollow, because there are caves everywhere. This makes the agriculture virtually impossible, and the people have no choice but to go to the mountains to grow their products. ’’

We entered a hut, and a lady gave some explanations about the tea that they produce. It is actually a strong syrup made of local berries, and which I found rather tasty and pleasant. Claudine bought a 40.000 won bottle.

Seong san cliffs

Our next stop was at Ilchulland, famous for its long caves, which we visited. Around the caves, nice gardens have been created, including a greenhouse where we can see a great variety of cactus.

The bus then took the road to Seong San cliffs, one of the many marvels of Jeju. A 3 km isthmus leads to a very high cliff, prolonged by a smaller replica. While twilight was approaching, there was still an intense autumnal light. We took our group pictures and played with the horses, and then went to the village down the cliff. We had a wonderful dinner there, consisting mostly of spicy sea-food.

Precious gifts from our True Parents

When we were back at the training centre, a truly wonderful and most unexpected surprise was waiting for us. Many were already gathered at 7:15 p.m., even though we knew that our Parents would come only at 8:00. Piles of clothes were displayed on one corner of the stage; at 8:00 p.m., our wonderful Parents entered the room. In the most natural and gracious manner, True Mother started to distribute the clothes, by order of blessing. We felt a deep emotion and received all the beautiful presence with an immense gratitude. These intimate moments with True Parents create the deepest emotions in the human heart and bring us very deeply into the core of God’s heart. Whenever we receive this fundamental parental love, we should reflect on our attitude toward other human beings, and how much we have been able to express and convey God’s parental love.

Then came the awards for the yut game of the morning. Father personally wrote the amount for the three best teams, as well as his signature on the envelopes for the team leaders. After this pure moment of happiness, the Hoon Dok Hae started and Won joo Mc Devitt read from the Volume 10 of HDH on True Parents.

Satan should not be able to accuse you

‘‘The joy which I feel than I use this words "True Parents" is deeper than the joy that you have experienced so far, Father said, at one moment. You got precious knowledge for free, and you may not realise the deep meaning of it. You must follow a victorious course, on the front line, to feel and experience the heart of God and of the True Parents. Even if you don’t understand, you will finally experience through your cells. The point is that Satan should not be able to accuse you.’’

Then, the following sentences from the Hoon Dok Hae struck my heart: ‘‘When we speak of the True Parents, we need the True Teacher on the right, and the true owner on the left. The central ideology is that of the parents. You should feel the love of the Parents through eternity.

Democracy is a system based on the brothers. But we need the Godism, which is vertical. We need the vertical True Parents and the horizontal True Parents. You have to restore your hometown and your parents. Satan has taken position over everything.

I wondered deeply why Father had chosen this special hoon Dok Hae. What was the central point that Father wanted us to grasp?

The moksa treatment

The evening ended with a presentation on the moksa treatment. A Korean brother who had suffered terrible illnesses most of his youth, testified about the radical changes of the moksa treatment which had literally saved his life. His testimony was followed by a lively and colourful presentation of the Korean National Messiah for Paraguay. This man, who is a 430 couples has an amazing power to stimulate our True Parents on every possible occasion. ‘‘We developed the moksa Providence successfully in Chonam province. Together with the Japanese National Messiah for Paraguay, we opened a health centre in Paraguay, and we attract many people. We try to connect moksa with the witnessing goals and the Tong Ban Kiok Pa providence. ’’

Last but not least, a man made a brief demonstration of the use of the moksa. A strong smell invaded the room, and Father applied the moksa on various parts of his body. Another pipe was passed around in the room, and those who wanted could try for a few moments.

November 4

The reading of the Hoon Dok Hae on "True Parents" continued.

Father said: ‘‘USA, UK and France, you are like brothers. Centring on the three, the Providence in 1945 was to expand to the world.

We have to recreate the seed within the womb. The Israelites should have been able to absorb and digest the Egyptian culture. Instead, they had to go through the wilderness to build their own nation. Centring on god, we have to become a baby seed and be connected to God’s love and lineage. You have to be reborn from the womb. The false olive tree must be engrafted. Finally, God will be liberated. The 7 nations which were enemies have to become one from now on, you have to become the heirs. Abel and Cain should be living together.

Father is sending Reverend Kwak to China for a very important mission. Tong Ban Kyok Pa is the perfection of the Blessing. We have to set up 180 embassies.’’

Shigido island and going to Japan

Father ended the Hoon Dok Hae session by saying in English: ‘‘Don’t forget the mainstream contents.’’

A few minutes after breakfast was finished, and as we were preparing to go to Shigido island, we suddenly heard the news that Father wants to send us to Japan for 15 days. Quickly, we gathered by nations to see each individual case. Most people made a strong commitment to remain in the group.

During all these days, I had studied the attitude of the Korean leaders, how much they are united in heart and mind, and even body with our true Parents.

At 10:50, we took several small boats from a fishing harbour to Shigido island, which is about miles from the Southern shore of Jeju island. When we arrived there, we started fishing. But Father had arrived in Shigido, and we quickly came to the camp, in the middle of the island. Before we enjoyed the barbecue, Father spoke to us and asked us to appreciate the beauty of the place, and that back in our countries, we may live with this dream in our hearts.

Picnic with True Father

Our lunch consisted of some sushis and rice cakes, but we also had a chance to eat beef and pork prepared on the barbecue. Mc Col had invited itself on Shiguido as well, and it was really good, because the weather was hot and we were truly thirsty.

After lunch, Father asked some leaders to offer reports. Rev. Tae Gun Yoon, who knew nothing about fishing, had been a church leader for 20 years. Father taught him everything about fishing. As soon as I was able to fish, Father gave me money to organise fishing tournaments. I had no idea how to start and prayed a lot. Finally, I decided to train twenty young people from Jeju. Then Father asked me to become the president of the association of fishermen of Korea. It is actually a very prestigious position, and quite difficult to take. I prayed a lot with tears, and God helped me. The way I did was to take pictures of myself with very big fish that Father had caught. Seeing the pictures, the fishermen were impressed and asked me to become the president of their association.

Soon, the media were so interested in me, and I got many interviews, where I could explain Father’s philosophy of teaching. I went to Pantanal to report to True Father. Father simply wrote on a note-book. "World Fishing Tournament"

That was again a new challenge. How to organise such a tournament? I remembered where I was coming from, how God had educated me, and I started to prepare. I went to Japan to train and learn.

Actually, I soon discovered that they had thought about a world fishing tournament for 30 years, but they did not know how to do it. How to attract fishermen from the whole world and how to finance the project? Nobody knew. Finally, I thought: "Only the Messiah can do it."

This is already the second tournament organised by us. In the Yeosu tournament, 65 nations were represented and there was not a single accident. This is the fruit of Father’s prayers. Father came to Yeosu and stayed with us, giving direct guidance. Father wants to realize world peace through this kind of activity.

We need to show absolute obedience to God’s will. Then, of course, we need to work hard and to be diligent. The result will come. I am a countryside man, and yet, God made me what I am today, the president of the world fishermen association speaking to you.

More on Jejudo island

Reverend Yoon’s wife then came forward and said a few words. She encouraged all of us never to be lonely. And she sang a very beautiful song. Then, Reverend Kim, the regional leader of Jeju and his wife, came forward.

"Jeju is a special economic zone of Korea, a free-trade area. In the future, we want to make Jeju city an international city of peace. I am so grateful that you came here. Jeju is so special. In the smallest possible area, you have a concentration of so many species.

There are 6 billion people on earth, and 600.000 are living in Jeju, one out of 10.000. And Jiguido is like the baby of Jeju, where sperm and egg meet and join. This is where we must separate Satan. It is very significant that you came here to separate yourself from Satan before going to Japan.

Shortly after my Blessing among the 430 couples, I came to Jeju by boat. There was no airport at that time. True Parents came sometimes to Jeju and invested in this island. In the beginning, people were afraid that Father would buy out everything here and were not willing to cooperate. But then they changed. The development of Jeju reflects Father’s investment. Particularly during the years 1986-1988, Father invested enormously in this island. He checked the whole territory, from Hallasan to all the caves. The local people were afraid to sell anything to us, but now it is the opposite. Jeju is now developed and the island has won international recognition. The leaders of Jeju started to wake up and to realise the potential of this place. They said to Father: "If you bring 12 millions dollars, you can control the university."

Amazingly, North Korea is most interested in Jeju too. They see it as the base to conquer all South Korea. Recently, I visited Pyongyang and was praised by the authorities there, simply because I come from Jeju. Kim Jong Il’s 4th wife is from Jeju.

In 1948, there was a rebellion on the island, people had been manipulated by the communists. The government reacted with incredible brutality, killing 25.000 people, i.e. one tenth of the population. This is how I lost my father. The Korean government ignored the events until now. But recently, president Roh apologised publicly. The victims of violence will be upgraded as freedom-fighters.

There was a briefing recently on these matters, and I was invited. Frictions appeared between the conservatives and the communists. You may have heard about the scandal surrounding a famous scholar, who has been living in Germany for 30 years, and has even become a German citizen. He is accused of being a North Korean agent. Well, this man comes from Jeju also. Many communists are now coming back to Jeju and they are preparing something. Also, you should know that the divorce rate in Jeju is the highest in all Korea. This island is a front line in the battle between good and evil."

Father’s special prayer at Jiguido

When Reverend Kim finished his report, Reverend Hwang offered a concluding prayer. But as soon as he finished, Father started to pray deeply and Peter Kim then explained that Father had just offered an important declaration. From Jiguido, we would be able to liberate the world.

Then Father left the place, walked to his boat and returned to Jeju. Throughout the afternoon, boats came to pick up groups of 15 people back to the port.

A precious experience with True Parents

In the evening, we had a special Hoon Dok Hae session where Heung Jin Nim’s messages were read. Father asked us to be extremely attentive. I was sitting in the front and had deeply prepared my heart. When the reading started, I was filled with a very intense emotion, which remained in my heart. I could not stop crying, realising the scope of Heung Jin Nim’s work for the liberation of the Spirit World.

After a while, I felt that I cannot just cry in front of the True Parents, but I should show my resolution and determination to True Father. So I started to smile and look attentively at Father, with the intention of giving joy and stimulation to him. At this moment, Bruno Klotz, Kurt Sattlberger and myself, who were sitting in the front, created a brotherly unity which stimulated Father a lot, and he started to have a give-and-take action with the three of us.

"Humanity was cut off from god the father. Due to the grace of Heung _Jin nim, the grace of the parent-child relationship is restored. We have to expand this grace through the Blessing. The Blessed families should be re-established. If we become one as brothers and sisters on earth, they will also do in the Spirit World.

By establishing the parent-child relationship with Father on earth, we help Heung Jin Nim make a connection to God. We should be much more excited by the letters of Heung Jin Nim from the Spirit World than by love letters on earth.

You, the representatives of the 7 nations, have to be one. God trusts you, and you must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Originally, all the Blessed couples were supposed to restore the entire world, What happens however is that Heung Jin Nim is ahead of us. He already has a foundation in the spirit world and is pushing us.

True Father ordered Heung jin nim to send the messages to us. It is actually the message of God through True Parents and Heung Jin Nim. 4 of the True Children are already in the Spirit World. They are acting as one. The angels do not have families. Through the grace of Chung Pyung Lake, they can establish families. If you know the Divine Principle, Father cannot connect with you. What you realise here in Korea, what you grasp and catch here (the core Principle), you have to bring back to your country.

True Love, true life, true lineage, this is what will bring peace on earth. Your life on earth is so short and so precious, especially the family life that you have. After you understand, you have to take action and bear fruit. We must recite the Pledge everyday and embody its contents. You must repent seriously for your attitude toward the Providence."

Suddenly, Father stared at Bruno Klotz, National Messiah to United Kingdom.

"Where do you come from?

- From Germany.

- Worst place!!!

- Yes, Bruno replied with a smile.

- World War I, World War II, World War III, denied God three times. You need to return to your country and give the Blessing to your brothers and sisters."

Then, Father spoke about Tong Ban Kyok Pa. "Feel responsible for it. Spirit World will support you. You have to learn Korean, this is so important for all of you the 7 nations. Do not be arrogant or individualistic. The Blessed families should lead and exemplary life and establish a strong Hoon Dok family church tradition. The 3 providential nations have to create the HDH family church and develop the family party.

We had spent a wonderful time of education with our True Parents in Jeju Do. We were about to leave them to go to Japan. We had a feeling of joy, of sadness, and also some anxiety about our future and family situations.

Reverend Sun Jo Hwang could find the right words to conclude this evening, after Father had left the room by kissing all of us goodbye.

"You should know that Father sometimes gives a direction only at the very last moment. The establishment of the Peace UN is a great providential event. After establishing the IIPC at the world level and then in the Adam nation, we shall move to the Eve nation, and from then on, we shall multiply. We are doing things according to God’s step by step guidance, and not according to human logic or reason. It is my opinion that God may be testing all of us everyday. Moreover, by keeping things uncertain until the very last moment, Father makes God the absolute master of the decision process."

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