The Words of the Ladouce Family

Senior HARP workshop in Slovakia

Laurent Ladouce
July 30, 2003

Dear all,

I was fortunate to spend 10 days in Slovakia, with 53 second generation people. This was the HARP European senior workshop, directed by Geros Kunkel, 27. Geros is born from 43 couple Blessing parents, was Blessed in 1997 and has 2 children.

The highlights of the Workshop were many, including a memorable challenge day in the mountains.

Miriam Zaccarelli made a good evening talk on the famous 3 Nos: no smoking, no drinking, no dating. She said: "I prefer to talk about the three YES: be healthy, be heavenly, be happy." She gave very good practical as well as spiritual insights, and made everybody participate joyfully.

Julius Alexy from Slovakia made a good presentation of the Culture of Heart, based on Hyun Jin Nim's teaching; I am still struggling with a few points, need to make a cultural revolution in my heart, for sure.

Great for me was to meet Gertrud Koch in person. Honestly speaking, I see her as one of the monuments of the movement in Europe. At 70, she is still very fresh. She explained that the Church in Europe is just 40 years in 2003. Her husband, Peter Koch, was the 10th member of the American church, and pioneered europe together with Paul Werner and Reiner Vincenz. One great point about our elder sister is her love for the True Children. She explained very realistically what happened to them, their challenges, some of their victories or setbacks. I was impressed by the fact that she prays for them everyday, and has established a personal relationship with all of them. I felt that her insights are very useful, especially for us in europe, who do not see the True Children very often.

It was good to be in Slovakia for a few days.

Laurent Ladouce

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