The Words of the Labrooy Family

A Transition

Neville Labrooy
CARP Member 1980-1996
National Messiah For Namibia

Where I was born one could never imagine ever leaving and going abroad. My father was the manager of a coconut plantation in Sri Lanka. We grew up playing cricket in an open field of coconut trees. We rode elephants and had pet monkeys and talking birds. My father would ride a bicycle to town a few miles away to buy groceries and I would ride on the back. I went to a good Catholic school not far away. But my mother had a dream to go to Australia. That dream finally came true in 1962 when we sailed from that small island never to return. For me the real journey began then and from that point on , looking back, I can say that God had some plan for me. When I joined CARP I had already been around the world and I was 25 years old. God said, "Now are you ready to do some work for me?

I was deeply searching for answers to why the world was so far gone and selfish. After my 7-day workshop I was asking where do I sign to join such an amazing group. Actually I joined the Oakland Church first and in 1980 I joined CARP under the leadership of Rev. Park. In 1994, Jin Hun Nim, Rev. Parkís eldest son, became the leader of CARP. I felt the time had come for transition for me. However it was not easy to realize this, and struggles ensued. I was 43 now and had a family. For nearly two more years I would think very deeply about the future before volunteering to be a National Messiah. It was at the end of 1996 that the transition took place. I was working with STF in San Francisco. It was obvious that the second generation wanted to take over and to lead. I welcomed this but it was not easy to hand over the reins. At that time Jin Hun Nim said something that touched me and helped me realize that it was time to move on. He said that he appreciated what CARP had achieved under Rev. Park, Dr. Seuk and members like me and he thanked us for making the foundation for World CARP to emerge. I guess at that moment it was clear I could go to the next stage. Now I write this story sit-ting in my office in a country that is far removed from America. Namibia has the biggest sand dune in the world and the oldest desert. In contrast to northern California it is so different in geography that it takes time to adjust. As the National Messiah here I am conducting all educational programs. I feel a heavy responsibility for this nation.

When I see what challenges confront us, I draw on all my experiences from CARP. Those experiences were not just a mission, it was my life and I thank God for the wisdom gained and the dear friendships made. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with CARP and I appreciate every-thing and every person in World CARP too, especially Jin Hun Nim who was able to really em-brace Fatherís vision for World CARP. Finally, I can say there are no regrets. I only wish there was time to have done more.

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