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Hyung Sang Heroes

Frank LaGrotteria

Hyung Sang Heroes of IIFWP Convocation 2002 - Conference Services Staff Photo (Sorry to those who missed getting in the photo, it was spontaneous)

Great symphonies are made up of individual notes. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a good example. The work is magnificent. Each note is so precise and fits so perfectly into the overall composition. You cannot imagine the work without any one of its notes. You sit back and almost cry over its beauty.

We ourselves, when properly tuned and arranged according to our purpose, are like a great symphony too. Each of us is like an instrument in the orchestra… each of us has a note or a section (even if its just the clash of the symbol at the very end!)... the more perfectly we play… the more we invest our heart...the greater the impact and effect it has on the audience. After listening to a work composed, arranged and performed with such investment, we feel moved in our hearts and uplifted in our spirits.

I believe we can compare the conference services department to an orchestra filled with various instruments which, when well organized and played correctly, will give rise to a most beautiful and perfect composition.

Our recent IIFWP Convocation was an example of such a work of art. Each staff member performed his or her respective role with precision and timing. They met their cues and were able to follow the conductor over the most challenging parts of the score. From Hannah carrying out orders given by Daniel, to Nanae-san at the book table, to Yusuk Kim smiling at the elevator lobby, each staff member was able to play with perfection. The result was a symphony of human beings working in peace and harmony toward the ultimate goal of the conference.

And what was that goal? Well, a conference is really just a big conversation. It’s an opportunity to join in a conversation about a particular subject and influence society and culture by the results. When our staff members complete their assignments, such as greeting guests at the airport or producing name badges, the guests do not have to worry about external things. They are not distracted and can focus their entire attention on what is being said. We are the ones who, for a brief time, work on behalf of God and True Parents to create this supportive environment and cause our guests to face the issues and stand in a position to receive. We are like the angels of God who helped build the universe for human beings. The value of our work can only be seen when the guests engage and participate in the conversation and become energized to work toward our shared goal and realize a better world.

I applaud each and every one of you for your effort: your sacrifice, your tears, your sweat and maybe even your blood in contributing to the great success of this event. Much of the work of conference services is invisible and unknown, like the unsung heroes and heroines of a war. We are like the physical body or Hyung Sang. We realize in substantial form what the mind or Sung Sang requires. In that sense you can call us:

Hyung Sang Heroes

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you on behalf of Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh for your tremendous investment and personal sacrifice. Please recover quickly and continue to work hard for God’s Providence.

Frank LaGrotteria
IIFWP Conference Services Director

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