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Chung Hwan Kwak
December 8, 2006

Introducing True Father at the Convention for National Unity and Civil Harmony, in Goyang, Korea, on December 8, 2006

Respected ambassadors for peace. ladies and gentlemen! The Republic of Korea today is a miracle of the modern age. It was created out of nothing. It has taken little more than half a century to achieve our current level of modernization, Industrialization and democratization. We have done this through the unity of all our citizens, including you ambassadors for peace. Our miracle was achieved through peaceful means, without invading or colonizing any other country or peoples, which makes the achievement all the more valuable. For this reason, many nations around the world look to Korea as a model, especially those that dream of accomplishing modernization through development.

Amazingly; this miracle was created even after we were hit with the tragedy of national fracture and slammed with suffering brought on by hideous war. Moreover, we achieved it despite the continual threats to peace that accompanied the extreme confrontations of the cold war. For these reasons, we can have pride in what Korea has become today. And although the trials we have passed through have been severe, our national division is connected with the providence of God, so we must not be discouraged in the face of our current crisis.

The Korean Peninsula is the core focus of the God's providence. Therefore, the division of this peninsula is not simply a problem of territorial or political sovereignty. Centering on the truce line dividing North and South, we see the concentration and manifestation of the historical global confrontations -- in terms of the global value systems: spirituality and materialism; in terms of historical philosophy: the view of history as God's providence and the materialist view; in terms of political systems: democracy and communism; in terms of ideology: right wing and left wing. For this reason, overcoming division and achieving unification on the Korean Peninsula will provide the archetype for and become the key to the peaceful unification of the world and the victory over division, confrontation and struggle within the whole human race.

As Father Moon has declared, the methods of peace building employed up until the present day have been centered on the human way of thinking. Right wing and left wing, theism and materialism and the systems of democracy and communism have all appeared as methods in the search for peace. Nevertheless, they have continuously fought each other for the upper hand, based on which dimension of value they emphasize, he it freedom or equality, production or distribution. These values are in no way contradictory and indeed compel us to live together as brothers and sisters.

But just as horizontal conflicts between brothers can only be brought to an end by parents who stand as a vertically aligned center, so too humankind today, as it undergoes this era of great transformation and awakening, needs the ideology centered on parents in order to transcend the realm of the ideology emphasizing brotherhood, with all the inherent conflicts and historical confrontation that this brother-centric view has brought.

For the right wing and left wing, we need a headwing. For theism and materialism, we need Godism. For democracy and communism, we need the ideology of Heavenly Father, which is centered on God's love. These solutions must appear, bring an end to conflict and realize a world of lasting peace and unity.

For more than half a century, Father Moon has been mobilizing a movement on the world stage to unite people and break down the barriers of nationality, race and culture. He has been doing this by practicing the principles of true love and service in a variety of areas, such as initiating a movement for unity transcending religion and nationality, instilling character education in the world's youth and holding exchange marriage blessings that strengthen the true love foundation of the family. All of this has been done in addition to his work in teaching about the ideological and value-system confrontations facing our world that I have mentioned.

This fundamental and multi-dimensional peace movement is actually unprecedented in both Eastern and Western history. Even today, Father Moon is promoting the building of the Bering Strait Peace King Bridge and Tunnel. This is part of the International Highway Project, which aims to connect the entire globe via a high-speed superhighway. Father Moon is developing the Universal Peace Federation as a movement to transform and develop the United Nations into a true organ for world peace. In this way, he is not only offering us a far-sighted, comprehensive vision guiding humanity toward a world of lasting peace, freedom, unity and happiness he is also enacting and substantiating that vision.

My fellow ambassadors for peace and leaders from all fields, we all long for a true, peaceful reunification of Korea! The reality that South Korea faces today; however, is more than simple ideological confrontation and confusion. We are faced with a wide variety of desperate and discouraging elements, including interregional conflict within the nation, clashes between generations, the destruction of the family due to a low birth rate and increased aging in our society; a trend toward sexual liberation and the increasing rate of divorce.

Nevertheless, we are ambassadors for peace. We cannot simply throw up our hands in despair. I ask you, if we are united, is there anything we cannot do? Let us focus on the voice of conscience, standing under the umbrella of our vertically aligned, absolute value system. People are not looking for propaganda and agitation; they are longing for models and the enactment of principles. Now is the time for us to take the lead and set an example-as true parents, true teachers and true owners. All around us is the spiritual power that created this "something" from "nothing." The united energy of all our people is there waiting for us. Now we have to complete this final task of peaceful reunification. Let us join hands with the Universal Peace Federation and ambassadors for peace from around the world in opening the gate to a new world, a new era of lasting peace and hope, where all members of the human race are united in interdependence, common prosperity and universally shared values.

Following the example Father Moon has shown us, let us educate our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters about the way of true, peaceful unity. Let us take the lead in developing a pan-national civil movement, and in building a homeland that becomes a world of peace.

I pray sincerely that God's blessing will be with you and your families. Thank you very much.

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