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Speech before the Holy Wine Ceremony

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 26, 2006
Chung Pyung Training Center

Special Grace Ceremony to Forgive the Sins of Blessed Family Members

Special workshops for all blessed families to have a new beginning for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk have been taking place since November 7, 2006. These will continue until February 11, 2007, on 15 occasions.

As a special grace, True Parents granted this workshop on October 9, 2006, in Alaska, based on Dae Mo Nimís 10,000-bow condition.

At the time of granting this workshop, True Father said: "[Through this special workshop] I will totally erase all the past wrongdoings of blessed family members. I will entirely remove their blemishes from my memories." He, then, wished that all blessed family members would be reborn through this workshop and live as the pure and clean citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

Workshop attendees repented for their past faults through special holy song sessions, a holy burning ceremony and a holy wine ceremony. Through this opportunity, they made a strong determination to walk a path as true children, by becoming the pure citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

God is God of love. For this reason, from the beginning of His creation, He invested Himself for Adam and Eve, His object partners. His creating us human beings as His children is an amazing grace. We should be grateful for this. Yet He cannot be happy or joyful unless His children are perfected in love.

God feels joy through human beings, His object partners. He wants them to be better than Himself. That is Godís ideal of creating them, and that is how He can realize His ideal of creating them. God created only one son and one daughter, but He blessed them to create more children than He created. That is why we humans should have at least three children.

We have at least one talent or strength to be proud of. Why? It is because God wants us to be better than Himself at least in one field. So if we want to exceed others in every arena, we are too greedy. In such a way, God blessed each one of us. However, during the growth period, the first human ancestors fell.

God and humans are in a parent-child relationship; nevertheless, why were they expelled from the Garden of Eden? No one could explain this reason, but the Principle does: Godís essence of creation is true love. Yet the Fall of Adam and Eve is irreconcilable. Why? Their act of the Fall defiled true love, which is the core of everything. We were born for true love and true life, which can bear fruit in true lineage. Without true life and true love, it is impossible for true lineage to come into being.

The first human ancestors lost true love, true life and true lineage. The Fall caused the loss of all three of these. Hence the most precious gift that can now be given to fallen humans on earth is the Holy Wine ceremony and the Holy Blessing. Why are these so precious? It is the only way for us to be brought back to the true love, true life and true lineage that had been lost due to the Fall, and True Parents are the only ones who enable us to start an ideal family centered on God and His lineage.

It is great for us to see True Parents in person and relate to them at this time, but we should understand that we could be reborn only through the Holy Wine ceremony and the Holy Blessing granted by them. In the early days of the church, spirits in the spirit world, looking down upon us were so desperate even to taste one drop of the holy wine. Then, the Blessing was not globalized, and the Holy Wine was extremely scarce. Satan was, therefore, scared of even hearing the phrase Holy Wine.

When you were Blessed, you were given the Holy Wine. This means that through drinking it, you can be disconnected from Satan in lineage. At the time of the Blessing, you may not have understood this well. If you truly understood this, drinking the Holy Wine even once is so precious. Yet so far, how many times did you drink it? You did it so many times, but these days, you do not even appreciate it, since you donít understand the value of it.

If you truly understood the significance of the Blessing, you could not remain calm. In the early days, our church elders had to make many difficult conditions. Some of them left during the Blessing workshop because after hearing lectures on the value of the Blessing, they realized they were too inadequate to be Blessed. Then, they, at least, understood its value.

Yet from the beginning of 1990s, with the globalization of the Blessing, even the early Blessed members forgot about its value. The Blessing is not precious because we think it is precious; nor is it not precious because we think it is not. Only the True Parents truly know its value. If the Parents had given the Blessing only to those who really deserve it and who have made proper conditions, no one would be eligible for the Blessing.

We were Blessed because of the grace of God and True Parents. Depending on how prepared we are to receive the Blessing, the Blessing can be greater or lesser. Some Blessed members do not understand this spiritual law and therefore do not appreciate the Blessing. God still wants to Bless all humankind even in one day. Satan, in the beginning stage of the Blessing, was desperate to block human beings from being Blessed. For this, in the early days of our movement, it was much more difficult for members to be Blessed.

However, this small gate to the Blessing became wide open now. So, from the beginning of the 1990s, True Parents could claim many more people as their children through the Blessing. In the eyes of True Parents, there is little difference between early members who had made more conditions than new members who hardly made any conditions. We, therefore, should not compare ourselves with others. God wants to Bless people first and educate them afterwards. That is why anyone can be Blessed through the grace of True Parents. Yet, we Blessed families must not take it for granted.

Originally, we were supposed to drink Holy Wine only once. We should be grateful to True Parents even for this. Yet they did not come as the True Parents from the beginning. They had to go through different stages: the Savior, Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent, and then the True Parents. The one in the position of the Savior, Messiah or Lord of the Second Advent could not give the Holy Wine. Only the True Parents can give the Holy Wine to fallen humankind.

Many people in the world think of the Savior, Messiah or Lord of the Second Advent as a single man. Actually, it is true. However, only the True Parents can bless human beings for the first time in history. No one ever expected the Savior, Messiah or Lord of the Second Advent to marry and have a spouse, becoming a couple, True Parents. We are so lucky to be blessed by True Parents.

Heaven knows the value of the Blessing. Yet we Blessed families are so far away from the original standard that we are supposed to reach. Still, God, the origin of love, wants to be happy with His children. He wants to experience joy with us as His children. That is why God Blessed us, despite the fact that we are not worthy of the Blessing, waiting for the day when we are mature enough to be His true object partners of love.

After the globalization of the Blessing, we, however, lost a sense of appreciation of the Blessing. In the early days, our members did not think of going to a hotel or motel for the consummation of the marriage Blessing. This was not only because they could not afford it but also they thought of such a place as too defiled to spend their first night after their holy wedding. [Rev. Kwak shared his own experiences.]

We live in the world, but not of the world, for we are sons and daughters of God and True Parents. We should keep this kind of heart and mind, but we are polluted like those in the secular world. We must be different from them. What is your spiritual state? Are you being recognized by your neighbors as special individuals? If they regard you as "normal," as one of them, it means that we are already polluted by the fallen world.

Siblings are two chon to each other. Yet husband and wife have no chon because they are to be one. If one of them is fallen, he or she will belong to Satan, without any chon with him, Satan. Many of us are close to Satan even if we did not fall. This is a serious problem.

Are we living an original life as Blessed families? We are to be representatives of the True Parents. Yet we are too remote from them in our lifestyle. True Parents are aching over this. They gave us the marriage Blessing, but we are still immature in heart and love. Through their words, True Parents are constantly guiding us. Nevertheless, we oftentimes do not want Father to speak long during the Hoon Dok Hae. Although he knows that we want him to stop speaking, he continues out of love for us. Without us and our families, Godís Will, will be eventually realized. Yet True Parents want to rejoice with us, and constantly educate us. It is because they want us to be their true children.

We cannot have a desire more important than being their true children. Even if our children are successful in the outside world, if they are not connected to God and True Parents, what good is it? What good is it for us to feed them the most delicious food and dress them the best clothes in the world? Even with all these, what good is it if they fall?

Our children, the second generation, and our future generations will either imprison us or liberate us. So, we should think of how to make them be good kings and queens. That is why we should be serious about establishing a Hoon Dok Hae tradition at home. Blessed families must set a good example. Without setting a good example as parents, we cannot properly raise our children up. True Parents even gave us educational materials for them.

Nonetheless, if we just follow the lifestyle of secular people, where will our children go? The most important thing for us to do is to raise our children according to Heavenís tradition and standard. These days, I understand that our church members do not want to lead a life of ministry. Yet, if you do, it is your children who benefit the most. The current situation of the Blessed families is like that of the secular world.

We should be known to be different from them, despite many external difficulties. Despite this, we like what the world likes. Simply speaking, we are so polluted that we are almost indistinguishable from those in the world. We are too lazy to become what we really should be. Although True Parents do not express it verbally, they are relating to us with tears in heart. That is the heart of True Parents. Externally, as the Parents of love, they are lamenting over our lifestyle.

The Holy Wine you are about to drink has been prepared by both Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. They have been worried about the spirituality of Blessed families. Especially, we are living at the time when the Cheon Il Guk is to become a substantial reality.

True Parentsí entrance into the Palace means that for the first time in human history, God is dwelling on earth in substance. Therefore, we cannot enter the Palace without proper preparation both internally and externally. The Palace is where God dwells. He is to govern the world through True Parents. Yet we are too distant from God. We must change this.

In our church, we are to be related as in-laws, building blood relationships with one another. So if one person does something wrong, good and evil will be mixed like bibimbob. God and True Parents separated us from evil, but if we are again mixed with the secular world, we return to the fallen state. How tragic!

So, Hoon Mo Nim begged to True Parents to forgive us Blessed families. One day, Dae Mo Nim asked Hoon Mo Nim to bring a bunch of sticks and spank herself until all the sticks were broken. She did this. Then, Dae Mo Nim said to Hoon Mo Nim, "With that as a condition, ask for forgiveness from True Parents for all the wrongs of all Blessed families." In addition to this, Hoon Mo Nim made numerous conditions including 10,000 bows for all of us. Still, how far away have we been from her standard?

If True Parents could forgive us so easily, they would have done it already three years ago. But no matter how much they want to forgive us, they cannot violate the Principle. Yet, because of many conditions of Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and Hoon Mo Nim for us, we can finally be here today. So, even now, we should realize how grateful we should be. Yet, the Blessing of God and True Parents is not the end of everything. It is only the beginning for many greater blessings.

God bestowed the Three Great Blessings upon Adam and Eve, but they were supposed to first fulfill their responsibility of keeping the commandment. They, however, disobeyed and fell. So, we should now understand that receiving and drinking the Holy Wine does not mean that everything is completed. This is only a chance for us to be cleansed from our sins in the past. This is a new beginning to fulfill our responsibility ahead of us. We should not forget this. This is something that we all must keep in mind.

After drinking the Holy Wine, we must totally change ourselves 180 degrees. We Unificationists must change. We should not just joke around casually. We are Godís children. We should, therefore, always think of His desire for us. We are reborn as His children, and, therefore, we should always think what we could do for Him.

Nevertheless, since the Blessing, we have been living so carelessly. It is not easy to change our habits. Thus, we should pray and reflect upon ourselves unceasingly. Furthermore, we should never allow ourselves to fall. From the moment of conceiving our child, we should constantly pray for the child so that he or she can follow the heavenly path. Even after our children are grown up, we should raise them with Godís Word. If we have nothing to say to them, we should do a Hoon Dok Hae and raise them with the Word.

If we fail to take advantage of this chance [for the Holy Wine ceremony], we shall lose a very precious chance. We may not be given another chance. Father asked me even not to leave behind any trace of public documents about this grace ceremony. True Parents do not want us to be accused by Satan. They do not worry about making indemnity conditions for us, but they are worried about our current spirituality.

What if we continue the way we have been living? Can we truly build Cheon Il Guk? Father does not want the church leaders even to give a report about this Holy Wine ceremony. Such precious Holy Wine is given out to you today. But again, drinking Holy Wine is not the end, but a beginning.

Do not blame others. Do not accuse others. Father says, "Is my forgiveness the end of everything?" You should understand that even if you are forgiven, you still have a scar. So, you should change yourselves 180 degrees and not commit the same mistakes as before. This way, you should become a new person in thought and actions.

The conditions that you are to follow are the following three: On January 13, 2001, at the time of Godís coronation, the heavenly constitution was proclaimed with three articles to be observed.

Purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage are the primary conditions. We should keep this condition throughout our entire life and pass this tradition down to our family and future generations. Then, we should cultivate our love and live a life of love.

Second, we should restore the Cain-Abel relationship. The first condition is vertical, but this second condition is horizontal. How can we attend Abel? You should think of it. Of course, Abel should love those in the position of Cain. During the process, do not hurt others either in words or behaviors. Once we drink this Holy Wine, we must stop hurting others and harmonize with our siblings. The culture in our community must change from now on.

The third condition regards ownership. We should be willing to offer even our own life, to say nothing of our material possessions. On that condition, if God gives us material things, they belong to us. Thirty percent of our income should be offered to God.

Once we have drunk the Holy Wine, we should be totally grateful to God and True Parents. We should no longer show our scars to them. If we make the right conditions over and over, 1000 times or even 10, 000 times, our scars will be invisible to God and True Parents. So, we must lead such a life once we have drunk this Holy Wine. Let us now begin the Holy Wine ceremony.

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