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Today Is the Day to Start Toward Completion - Holy Wine Ceremony for the New Beginning of the Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 21, 2006
Before the Holy Wine Ceremony
Translated From the quarterly "Blessed Family" - Spring 2007
Originally published in Japanese

Highest Desire of Fallen Humankind

God's ideal of creation is the ideal of creation of true love. True Father talks about the idea of creation of true love to which no one could refer in human history. It has surprising and extraordinary contents.

True love is to give, to invest oneself, and to give without taking the credit for oneself. God did not try to feel the joy of the ideal of creation by Himself. The ideal of true love can only be attained through receiving joy through the object partner, and trying to feel happiness with the object partner. Therefore, God poured all His energy into giving to His object partner. It is thankful thing for human beings that God created human beings as His sons and daughters. The more we think of it, the greater grace we can feel. God cannot become happy without making us complete as His children. Whenever we think of it our gratitude wells up from the bottom of our hearts.

As an example of feeling joy through the object partner, True Father said, "Parents who love children feel joy when the children are greater than the parents, and the parents want to be proud of the children. Parents' heart wants their children to be greater than the parents." This is God's ideal of creation. Actually, God had one son and one daughter, but He created us to be able to give birth to more than two children. Therefore, True Father says, "Blessed families should have more than three children." It means that God wants us to do that. God wants us to have more children than He had.

Moreover, God gave His creativity to all of us. We often compare ourselves with others, and feel as though we are "receiving less love." "That person is superior to me in this point." However, every human being has unique talent, character and ability. It is too greedy that we think that we are superior to others in all the fields. Each of us has something precious. All human beings have something to be able to be proud of such as internal character, nature, or virtue. It is because God wanted each of us to become greater than Him.

Unfortunately, human beings fell by false love in the growing period before they achieved God's precious purpose of creation. Adam and Eve fell only once, but it brought about a fundamental collapse of God's ideal of creation. It broke everything completely. It was the unforgivable sin, so they were chased away.

True love is such a precious thing. Why? Because it is the core, root, and essence of the ideal of creation. True love gives birth to true life, and true love and true life are connected to true lineage. Therefore, love, life, and lineage are all precious, but lineage is the most precious. True lineage is the fruit of true love and true life.

However, human ancestors lost true love and true life seduced by the false love of the Archangel, and could not connect them to true lineage. As a result, fallen human beings emerged after having lost true love, true life, and true lineage. Therefore, highest desire of fallen human beings is the Blessing and the Holy Wine.

Holy Wine Has Marvelous Power

The name of today's ceremony is the "Holy Wine Ceremony for the New Beginning of the Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families." Why is the Holy Wine important? Why is the Blessing important?

It is God and True Parents who make fallen human beings recover and restore true love, true life, and true lineage through giving the Holy Wine which enables them to be reborn. It is also True Parents who give us the Blessing, and make us God's eternal sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and God's eternal family. Therefore, True Parents are most precious and most valuable for all human beings.

Fallen human beings should not forget the value of the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Blessing Ceremony in order to be reborn. How precious the Holy Wine is! The Holy Wine is the "miracle medicine" of marvelous power, which can cut off the Satanic blood lineage of fallen human beings. This is the Holy Wine. Anything except the Holy Wine cannot do it. Therefore, Satan is afraid of the Holy Wine, and cannot come to the Holy Wine. The Holy Wine has such a marvelous power.

You all did the Holy Wine Ceremony before the Blessing Ceremony when you were blessed, didn't you? All of you drank the Holy Wine at that time. It was a precious condition to separate us from the original sin related to Satan and to put us the position which is not related to Satan. The Holy Wine was effective whether or not you understood and drank it with a solemn heart. If we understand the "Meaning of the Holy Wine" well, it is awesome for us, fallen human beings, to drink it even once. We cannot ask to give it to us twice.

However, how many times did you drink the Holy Wine? We drank it at the blessing, the registration blessing, and many ceremonies. Therefore, recently, many members do not regard the Holy Wine as a precious thing. If we understand the meaning of the Holy Wine and the Blessing, it is too awesome for us to drink again and again. If we think of the meaning of the Holy Wine, we cannot but feel awe-struck. But, we forgot such a heart. In the early time when your elders were blessed, not everyone could receive the blessing.

They needed church life for more than three years, an experience of pioneer witnessing, faith children, 7-day fasting. Only those who had such conditions could receive the 21-day workshop for blessing, and finally they could receive matching. During the 21-day workshop, many brothers and sisters went out of the workshop. It did not mean that they left our church. They went out, saying, "I have a 3-year experience in our church, faith children, an experience of pioneer witnessing, and an experience of fasting, and came here after receiving recommendation.

However, when I listened to True Father's words, I felt that my life before coming to our church and in our church was too insufficient in front of heaven. It is too inadequate for me to receive the grace of the precious blessing. So, I need more efforts and sincere devotion so that I can be blessed in a few years." Many members left the workshop for this reason. In the early time of our church, members thought the Blessing more precious than anything else, and received it with an awe-struck heart.

However, as you know, the globalization or popularization of the Blessing happened in 1992. Then, we gathered many people, and blessed them all at once. There are many couples whom we do not know -- we don't know whether or not they were blessed. There are many couples we do not know whether or not they are the blessed couples. Not only these couples do not know the value of the blessing, but also the blessed couples who received the blessing before the globalization forgot the value of the blessing. Blessed couples before the globalization also came to think, "We learned in the old days that the blessing was precious. Is it really precious to bless those whose only qualifications are walking in the street?" This is a heartbreaking reality in the history of the blessed family in the Unification Church.

The Blessing is precious whether or not we think it precious. The Blessing is highest and best grace for fallen human beings. There is no higher and more precious grace than the Blessing. The Holy Wine is the same.

Only True Parents have the authority to give the precious things to us. If they give the blessing only to those who understand the value of the blessing as much as True Parents, almost none of us could have been blessed. True Parents said, "Three years of church life, devotion to God's will, making spiritual children, and fasting are just tiny conditions to avoid Satan's accusation. Your efforts for a few years can hardly become the condition of the blessing." Then, True Parents have pity on us, and give us the blessing.

However, each member's "container" to understand the value of the blessing is different. How precious do our members think the blessing is? The more precious our members think the blessing is, the longer fortune stays on the members. Even though our members received the precious fortune, if they do not have the "container" to understand it, the fortune cannot stay on them.

Why did True Parents give us the blessing without our making any conditions in 1992? Heaven wants to bless as many people as possible. Heaven wants to give the blessing to the last person. The problem is that Satan never lets fallen human beings free from him emphasizing Satanic blood lineage, saying, "This is my child!" Therefore, True Parents have needed remove fallen children from Satan's accusation, be being able to say, "No. This is our child."

In the beginning, the gate of the blessing was as narrow as the hole of a needle. In order to make each of 36 families stand in front of God, how heaven went through many difficulties! It was impossible for True Parents to find them without conditions. Satan never let them free using many kinds of methods. However, through the blessing of 36 couples, 72 couples, and 124 couples, the earthly foundation became firm, and the gate of the blessing gradually opened wide.

Finally, the gate of the blessing was completely opened in 1992, and True Parents' love called all kinds of people to the blessing. You might think, "I have devoted myself for 3 years, but he did not. He has no children of faith while I have some. He did not do fasting while I did." However, there is not so much difference whether or not he did 7-day fasting. You have to know this. You might say, "I have devoted for 10 years, or 20 years," but from the viewpoint of heaven, there is little difference among them because our sincere devotion is too small while the grace we receive is too great.

We cannot compare ourselves with others. If we compare in the way of thinking, "Oh, he has devoted himself for 7 years while I just for a year," it is no problem. However, it becomes a problem when we compare in the opposite way. Heaven wants to bless everyone regardless of their condition if there is no accusation from Satan. That is the heart of heaven.

Heaven tries to bless us first, and then educate us to completion. Everyone is drowning, so even though they are not prepared yet, heaven first tries to bring them to the land, and then tries to cure them. Is it wrong? Such a parental heart is not wrong, is it? Now is the time of the popularization of the blessing, so, at every rally, we can give the Holy Wine to the people even though they know nothing. This is True Parents' heart. So, at least, blessed families should understand the "value of the Holy Wine" when they drink it.

Blessed Families Have Been Tainted

Fortunately, we could receive the blessing for the first time in human history from True Parents who have completed the ideal of creation. We should remember that we are the blessed families of such fortune. Heaven and True Parents know the precious value well. However, from True Parents' viewpoint, we are too insufficient regardless of our time in the church.

As I mentioned, God's ideal of creation is the ideal to be happy together, feel joy together, and enjoy good fortune together. Parents cannot feel joy by themselves. They can feel joy together with children. Therefore, they engrafted us, fallen human beings, as their Cain-type children, and bless us.

True Parents have waited us to realize the grace and grow. We need to know True Parents' heart for our blessed families. True Parents have kept such eyes on each of the blessed families. However, after the popularization of the blessing, the blessing was given to those who seemed not to be qualified for the blessing, so the value of the blessing seemed to become degraded. Finally, the life of blessed families has been tainted by the fallen environment.

Don't you think that we, whom heaven blessed, should be separated from the fallen world? God let us stand as His sons and daughters even in this fallen world. But, after the popularization of the blessing, we have been "tainted" too much.

Recently, people mention the "environmental pollution" or "air pollution." In the same way, blessed families have been polluted by Satanic world. Blessed families should be different from families in the secular world. What is different in your family? Do you live in Satanic world polluted by the Satanic world? Or, your neighbors know about your family, saying, "That family is different from us. They are great." This is a serious issue.

Please think about this. Do we live as Satanic relatives in the eighth degree or the fourth degree? Or, do we live as brothers and sisters of God? Koreans often think about the degree of relationship of blood lineage. Relationship between parents and children is the 1st degree, because children come just after parents. Relationship among lineal brothers and sisters is the 2nd degree. Relationship with cousins is the fourth degree. It is meaningful to think of the degree of lineage. Then, how is relationship between husband and wife? (zero degree) It is zero degree. It means "one." Husband and wife are "one."

Therefore, it is fatal if husband or wife commits a sin against their blood lineage. If one of them commits a fundamental sin against the blood lineage and falls, they enter a zero degree relationship with Satan. They become a husband or wife of Satan. They have a lineal relationship with Satan, so they have zero degree relationship with Satan.

Even though we do not have a zero degree relationship with Satan, how much do we resemble Satan? The fourth degree, sixth degree, eighth degree, or twelfth degree? Before the Holy Wine Ceremony, please think of it once again. How close are you to Satan? If you quarrel with each other, abuse each other, entrap others, or harm others secretly… it is the same as the Satanic world. Don't you think?

My body is God's body. How long do I live welcoming God everyday; 24 hours, a few hours, or a few minutes? There could be many things that I have to repent. Blessed families are the representatives of True Parents. Then, what are we doing as the representatives of True Parents? How far is our heart is from that of True Parents! How far our lives are from that of True Parents! How much we have to repent! How much we have to cleanse! We are now far from the original position of blessed families. True Parents grieve over this.

True Parents Wanted Blessed Families to Realize by Themselves

True Parents gave the Blessing to all the people with true love regardless of their qualification. They gave the Blessing, thinking, "If I give the Blessing to them, they will be separated from Satan, and they will realize the value of the Blessing." And after the Blessing, whenever True Father has time, he gave us his words again and again. Even though some members were dozing off during his speech, he left them as they were, and gave his words. True Father didn't give his words to us because he needed us to do something for him. God's will is supposed to be fulfilled without you or me.

With parental heart, True Parents want to live together with us eternally, stay together, and feel joy together. And when they came to know that we think in the wrong way, they gathered us to give words again and again. Why do they try to educate us after the Blessing instead of leaving us alone? Because they think we are their children. You also have your sons and daughters, don't you? You educate them, don't you? You would raise them with special care because they are blessed children. Some members might think, "Oh, I regret that I was not able to study when I was young, so I want my children to study by all means." However, even though your children study well, go to a high-level university, and externally succeed in life, if the child is far from God and True Parents, it is meaningless, isn't it? If the child were far from God's will or fell, you would be hopeless.

In a sense, blessed children are "emperors" to their first generation parents. Why are they "emperors"? An emperor can send us to prison, or cut off our heads. It is an emperor, an absolute monarch. Actually, our children can let us live, and also send us to prison. If the child moves far from God's will, or falls, the child can punish the parents for their whole lifetime more severely than sending the parents to prison. Therefore, the blessed second generation children are "emperors" to the first generation. We need to raise and guide them to become "good emperors." We sighed when we realized how difficult it was.

Father says, "Do Hoon Dok Hae in the family." All family members including a baby can gather together at a certain time everyday to do Hoon Dok Hae. True Parents say that a second generation who does Hoon Dok Hae does not go a wrong way. We should raise our children with True Parents words. When we raise our children by prayers in the morning and evening, and by doing Hoon Dok Hae, the children will go the right way. In this way, True Parents teach us how to raise children. They gave us educational materials. If parents follow the secular way without thoroughly teaching True Parents' words to their children, it is natural for the children to follow the secular way.

As you might experience, in the beginning of the religious life, it is really necessary to correct young members and encourage them. If parents are not active in educating children in the religious life, and live a life related with Satan eighth degree or sixteenth degree, how could the children grow? All the surroundings except for our family are in the Satanic world. The most precious thing in our blessed families is the family education. We have to raise our children correctly through our family education.

Blessed families should become the center of public attention. True Parents want to hear a rumor, "Oh, that family seems to be difficult financially, but husband and wife never quarrel with each other. They are happily married. How can they raise their children in such a right way? They are a really happy family."

However, there are problems with the blessed families. They came to like what the secular people do. Their way of thinking and the goals have become the same as others. They have lost enthusiasm for God's Will. Even though True Parents do not express their feelings, True Parents are really worried about us. Without showing any anguish, they continue loving us; because they are the true parents of true love.

True Parents Bear the Cross

The Holy Wine you are supposed to drink after this workshop is prepared for this final great grace by Hoon Mo Nim directed by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. What does it mean? More than three years, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have also been worried about blessed families, thinking, "This is no good for them."

In particular, today is the time when Cheon Il Guk is substantially established. What is Cheon Il Guk? It is the nation where heaven and earth, parents and children live together governed by the heavenly law. It is Cheon Il Guk. On June 13, the "Coronation Ceremony of True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth" was held. It was the time when God substantially dwelled on earth for the first time in human history. God dwells not only in the Cheon Jeong Palace, but also in substantial True Parents through whom God exercises His authority.

Blessed families are in the position of the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. They substantially need to establish Cheon Il Guk. However, we are still in the realm where satanic influence is rampant.

Our blessed families are connected to one another through marriage. This relationship is through blood lineage. When second and third generations are blessed and married, blood lineage becomes connected. What happens if heavenly lineage and Satan's lineage are mixed? Heaven has gone through great difficulties in the providence of restoration in order to create heavenly lineage separated from Satan. True Parents had to make an effort to creating pure lineage separated from Satan by giving the Holy Wine. Blessed lineage of blessed families should not be mixed with Satan's. It is important for us to keep the pure lineage of blessed families and establish Cheon Il Guk.

For these reasons, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim said to Hoon Mo Nim who offers sincere devotion on earth, "We need to ask True Parents to give blessed families a final opportunity for receiving forgiveness of their sins. Then, blessed families can start anew. We cannot leave this issue." And, through Hoon Mo Nim, they asked True Parents again and again to give the Special Amnesty.

Once, I heard a heartbreaking story as follows, and repent myself. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim asked Hoon Mo Nim, "You can visit True Father with a bunch of tree branches. Show the calf of your leg in front of True Father. Ask True Father to beat the calf of your leg with the bunch of branches until all the branches will be broken. You need to bleed by being beaten for the sins of blessed families. If True Parents' heart can be liberated through that, you can ask them to forgive blessed families on this condition." In this way, in order to liberate blessed families, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in the spirit world and Hoon Mo Nim on earth offered sincere devotion. During the time, how far were blessed families from the heavenly way, fighting with each other, and so on? Think of it. How shameful we are!

If True Parents had been able to forgive us easily, they would have already forgiven us three years ago not waiting until now. Today, we have this "Holy Wine Ceremony for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families" on the foundation of True Parents' indescribable cross and sincere devotion with difficulty by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, and Hoon Mo Nim. Therefore, you have to repent to participate in this Holy Wine Ceremony. You have to receive the Holy Wine with a sincere heart.

Today Is the Day to Start Toward Completion

I ask you to think that receiving God's grace and blessing does not mean our completion or fulfillment, but means a "beginning." When Adam and Eve who were a son and a daughter of God without sin received the blessing; "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it," that did not mean the fulfillment of the blessing for Adam and Eve. After receiving the blessing, Adam and Eve should have grown to completion fulfilling the portion of responsibility in the growing period.

We are the descendants of fallen human beings, and have various problems even after receiving the blessing. Therefore, even though we receive the Special Pardon through this Holy Wine, it does not mean that everything is solved. You should not think that everything will be fulfilled through drinking the Holy Wine. Today is the day when we can cleanse all sins in the past, but it is not the day of completion, but the day of starting toward completion. You have to know that you are on the start line. This is important.

We have to start today, thinking, "I am on the start line, so I have to change my lifestyle 180 degrees after drinking the Holy Wine." Both you and I have to change. We, blessed families, cannot stay as we are. From now on, we have to live our lives thinking seriously 24 hours a day, "God is with us, and what does God want us to do?"

Without realizing, we lost the right way and were influenced by the secular world, five, ten, twenty, or thirty years after the Blessing. It is not easy to correct it. We need to make a new determination to change ourselves 180 degrees. With this determination, we should pray after getting up in the morning, and reflect on ourselves when we go to sleep. We need a life separated from Satan.

In particular, the fall is a sin of blood lineage, which is an unimaginably serious sin. When a child was born between husband and wife, they need to live a life of prayer with purity, pure love, pure heart, and pure sex, and raise the child with total devotion.

This is the last forgiveness. Father said that there would not be forgiveness anymore. In order to forgive us, True Parents have to bear the cross to offer sincere devotion for making indemnity conditions. True Parents have borne a really heavy and indescribable cross for us. We need to know that we are so indebted.

True Parents do not want to be accused by Satan, do they? Today, we drink this precious Holy Wine to start from the start line. From now on, we have to surprise neighbors. We need to make them say, "Wow, how could he and his family be so changed? Wonderful!" Our brothers and sisters should help one another as real heavenly persons without speaking ill of each other, insulting each other, or gossiping without responsibility. Really, we should live for the sake of God's will.

Live A Life To Keep Three Fundamental Conditions

Father once said, "Even though I forgive you, is it all for you? When you burn your hand, even after the pain is gone, the scar still remains." Brothers and sisters, even though True Parents forgive us, we have the scar in us. Then, what should we do? The God of love, our Parent, does not want to see the scars in us. We have to be approved of again by God and True Parents. We need to let them say, "That child smelled like Satan in the past. He committed a sin before. But, he has changed now. How did he change like that? How did he become such a man of loyalty? He is a really precious child."

We should change 180 degrees, and become new persons. There are three conditions which a new person should keep. We should live keeping those three conditions.

First, keep the pure blood lineage. Blessed families, their sons and daughters, and all their descendants should thoroughly keep the pure lineage. We regard purity, pure love, and pure sex as the most precious virtue. Purity should be the first virtue of blessed families. Blessed families should be proud of keeping purity eternally. Externally, we should live a life of true love. Our blessed families should live for the sake of others, devote themselves to others, and love others around them. This is the first condition.

Second, we have to become families who restore the historical struggle of Cain and Abel. We all sometimes stand in the position of Cain, and sometimes Abel. What is the dutiful way of Cain, and what is the dutiful way of Abel? We learned what Cain or Abel should do. This means the horizontal relationship of human beings, such as relationship of brothers, relationship with other families, and relationship with the secular world. It is a concrete way of our life.

As is mentioned in the Principle of Restoration, Cain has to follow the principles:

1) Cain should love Abel,
2) Cain should respect Abel as God's mediator,
3) Cain should obediently submit to Abel,
4) Cain should learn God's will from Abel and multiply goodness.

On the other hand, Abel should embrace Cain and live for the sake of Cain. On this foundation, please do not hurt people's heart in our daily lives. Don't hurt people's heart by words or actions. We have done this unconsciously. We have to change completely! From now on, our brothers and sisters in the Unification family should be united and live a joyful life.

The third is related to ownership. We should give back everything through the Total Living Offering. This includes ourselves and our lives. After offering everything, there is no feeling of attachment. Originally, we should give back everything connected to the Satanic world to heaven. Then, when I receive something from heaven, it becomes my possession.

Inscribing these three conditions on our mind, we start today with the Holy Wine Ceremony. The moment the Holy Wine Ceremony finished, let's start with a different heart and determination. And let's fulfill all of heaven's purposes. However much we may be thankful for this Special Amnesty, we cannot deserve this grace. However eternally we may praise, we cannot deserve this grace. When our spirits are high and full of gratitude, we need to start anew with serious heart.

If we start anew investing 1,000 or 10,000 times more filial piety and loyalty, the scars of our sins become invisible to the eyes of God and True Parents, according to True Father's words. What a precious "Gospel" this is! Let's start anew with new hope. Now, we will start the Holy Wine Ceremony.

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