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Why God And True Parents Forgive Our Sins

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 12, 2006
The Second New Beginning Workshop
Chung Pyung, Korea

Today we will take part in the Holy Wine Ceremony. This Holy Wine Ceremony is for Cheon II Guk blessed families to make a fresh start. We were not originally meant to go through the Holy Wine Ceremony many times. What we have already received through the grace of the blessing is a precious gift. Once we fulfill the purpose of the blessing and complete the mission of blessed families, never again will the Holy Wine Ceremony be needed. It was not meant to be a grace that God and True Parents would bestow twice or many times to this person and that. For fallen man, the blessing is the highest, most precious, profound and eternal grace. As we know through the Principle, due to the Fall, humankind lost God's true love and became devoid of true life, not worth even a handful of sand. Being ignorant of the precious life and love from Heaven is enough to qualify us as worthless; we fell and became miserable beings that had lost God's true love, true life and true lineage. We were forced to pass Satan's false love to our lineal descendants instead of God's true love and true life. The blessing allows fallen man to inherit true life and true lineage and be transferred from being under Satan's dead dominion to being under God's live dominion. There is no greater grace or more valuable blessing than that.

If Heaven could freely give the blessing and easily bestow it on anyone, why was it given only after the long historical course of restoration and True Parents' arrival? The prophets and martyrs before us laid the foundation to bring the grace of the blessing to earth, and, on the foundation of the endeavors made during the providence of restoration, True Parents had to go through an unspeakable course as an offering to bring Satan to complete submission and ultimately bring about the grace of the blessing. Because the Fall turned us into false children, Satan's children, from the satanic lineage, Satan will not let us go.

Our reversion to being God's children cannot be achieved without establishing the conditions for that. That is why True Parents have gone through many hardships to bless us, though they do not talk about the difficult situations they went through before becoming True Parents. In any family, parents express all the difficulties involved in becoming parents to their children. Children don't need to know how their parents became their parents. The circumstances that made them parents should be something they keep to themselves. We may say "True Parents, True Parents," gaze at them and hear them speak, but we do not know everything about their internal circumstances. Because they are true, loving parents, they do not wish to speak about such things in detail to their children. We must be aware of this distressing situation.

As you are well aware, God is the source of true love. God's relationship with each person is a parent-child relationship. God's ideal is not solitary joy; it is joy shared with His children, who make up all humanity. No matter how wonderful the ideal-Cheon II Guk-may be, God does not wish to he alone when it is realized! True Parents do not wish to be the only people in Cheon II Guk. They wish to actualize Cheon II Guk with the children whom they have blessed, with their actual children on the Abel side and Cain side. That is why, in order to allow us to fulfill that ideal, Cheon II Guk, they were unable to punish us for our innumerable offenses. Time and again, they made us aware of our mistakes, gave us new life while personally experiencing heartache, so that they might enter and live in the kingdom of heaven with their children.

People are rendered without value the minute they forget True Parents' tremendous true love. Consequently receiving the blessing in this world is, in effect, confirming one's purpose for existing. According to the eternal, public, universal law-the principles underpinning true love and heaven-without receiving the blessing there is no meaning to our existence. The blessing represents the highest, most precious grace of inheriting true love, true life, and true lineage and becoming the son or daughter of God, our Father.

At the same time, we find our purpose of existence through the blessing. For the first time, a living person can be called a blessed person and leave evidence behind that such a person actually lived. Even before True Parents began to teach their basic principles, people realized on their own that fallen life is meaningless and that they had to be saved.

In the history of restoration, from the Old Testament Age, prophets and some others had a sense of God's will. There are many people in the world who live like animals and don't realize it, who are dead but don't know it, or who are without value but live without recognizing their worthlessness. Among them, there are those who believe that they need to be saved and seek salvation. Countless people listened to the enlightened teachers, prophets and religious leaders, but none of them taught with clarity; or knew what salvation was, or how to receive it.

In my days as a church leader, I met a Christian minister who would always shout a certain question in the revival services he held. He would whip up a storm, asking people to raise their hands if they had conviction in their salvation. He would bellow at the congregation, "How can you believe in Jesus without having the conviction that you are saved?"

I asked the minister, "If you have been saved, wouldn't that mean your son need not be saved?" The minister was stuck. He could not answer the question. Such ministers, theologians and leaders do not know what salvation is. This is because they do not know that humankind is in a fallen state because of a crime committed that involves lineage.

Unificationists are lucky; blessed families are taught that salvation means returning to the stage prior to the Fall. The providence of restoration is a providence of re-creation. We, Unificationists, are so blessed in that, although the world remains ignorant, we know the family is the basic unit wherein salvation occurs.

People do not know that the family must he perfected through the love between parents and children, and between siblings. Because they did not know this, people who longed for salvation abandoned their families, became priests and monks, and sought "the way." Countless people have gone to the mountains but are unable to come back. Why? Because they cannot resolve their problems. Numerous ascetics in India and Nepal go up into the Himalayas. Once they go up, most of them don't come down. There are some who fail and return but others continue on the path of discipline because their problems aren't resolved. They are unable to think about marriage and family, or about their relatives and parents. Yet Unificationists, who are like bumbling shamans compared to such people, are given a ticket guaranteeing their own salvation and the salvation of their family once they join the church, even though they did not setup any conditions and lack any meritorious achievements.

The first stage of salvation is in the family. Do you understand? This is tremendous. We were presented with the ideal family; while those people who suppressed their carnal desires, cut ties with their family and relatives and spent their entire lives disciplining themselves could not have that ideal. Do you know how valuable the blessing is? There would he no problem if blessed individuals and families were to adhere to the principles of the blessing and live in renewed true love and true life, perfecting such a family... This would have been done with just one Holy Wine Ceremony.

With the advance of God's providence of restoration, we too should advance. Yet, the current situation of the blessed families today, in God and True Parents' eyes, is below the qualifying mark; most unfortunately; we have lived the way we wanted, which was far from the ideal. Please think about this. We are all blessed families here, but how have we led our lives? We eat in the morning, noon and evening; we fight like other people; we try to follow the trends of the times like other people; and we try to live in comfort like the other people. We are like the people in the satanic world. What is special about us? We are bickering amongst ourselves, talking constantly about living in good houses, eating good food, or getting a good position. We create cliques, say had things about other people, commit all manner of transgressions and live like the people in ordinary society. Are we following the path of the principled way as a person blessed with the greatest, highest, most valuable grace from Heaven? Or are we living just like the people of this world? What distinguishes us from them?

There is nothing that cannot be melted by True Parents' love; there is nothing such love cannot embrace; nothing it cannot digest. That is why True Parents have spread wide their blanket of true love to enwrap the world, the spirit world and even hell. In this way, True Parents have been shouldering all the pain and baggage -- because they are parents. In front of such love, we should become mature children and fulfill the way of dutiful children to the parents who shower us with love. Yet, our blessed families have been committing offenses; that is our situation.

I apologize for saying all these things at once. I also apologize if I have offended any people here who have lived exemplary lives as a blessed family. In God's eyes, are we up to the mark? Generally, we are not. There are too many conditions and deeds that would completely disqualify us. The blessed members of the first generation go about without any worries, concerning themselves with meaningless things and leading unwholesome lives. Because of this, the second and third generation members are imitating their lifestyles. What should we do about this? That is why as you know, this is the Holy Wine Ceremony for a new beginning for the Cheon II Guk blessed families.

God and True Parents cannot be at peace if that which cannot be forgiven remains that way. They are distressed in heart as they must go and live in Cheon II Guk, the ideal of heaven, together with humankind. That is why True Parents have struggled alone, unable to speak of their course, and have spent sleepless nights establishing indemnity conditions and going the path of tribulation to prevent Satan's accusations.

Dae-mo nim and Heung-jin nim have been greatly concerned about these circumstances on our behalf. If we continue to live as we do, there will be nowhere for us to go. Yet, knowing that God and True Parents are not at ease dealing with us in this state, they asked for forgiveness on our behalf. As a result of their devotion, this gathering was initiated to enable us to be pardoned and redeemed. Although it is to different degrees, we are all stained with dirt and fall short of the standard. That is why they have set no limits but are trying to wash away everything at one stroke, bring everything into order at once, and cleanly resolve everything at the same time. Without doing so, God and True Parents will not be free in heart and circumstance to take us with them. This is why Dae-mo nim and Heung-jin nim have earnestly requested many times for a path of forgiveness to be opened up.

Yet, because of our transgressions, and because of the difficult situations of blessed families, there was no means or path for us to be forgiven unconditionally and thus this was not allowed until now However, after Heung-jin nim and Dae-mo nim's relentless requests, this event was prepared from three years ago, so that we could be forgiven through drinking the holy wine. This fact alone shows how much the spirit world had been making preparations.

However, this is not possible without True Parents permission. True Parents are the only ones who can give us true love, true life and the true lineage. That is why; if after we received such precious grace, we later became stained again, an even greater grace would be needed to cleanse us. That kind of grace cannot be given without some condition, can it? True Parents entered the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace; they've bestowed the means of salvation on humanity as a part of their mission as the Messiah, Savior, and Returning Lord.

The blessing allowed humankind, collectively in the position of Cain, to he engrafted and made into God's children, thereby inheriting the essence of true love and true life and the origin of the true lineage. In the capacity of True Parents, which goes beyond that of the Savior, Messiah, and Returning Lord. and as the third Adam, they gave the blessing that the first and second Adam could not bestow in their times. If the couples who were blessed in this way had attained complete oneness with True Parents and created families without blemish or stain with the children they gave birth to, there would have been no problem. Yet, the blessed families have become like Satan's own cousins.

True Parents worked to build Cheon Il Guk, the ideal, on the foundation of the forty-year course in the wilderness, and in the year ushering in a new millennium in the Last Days, they completed all necessary preparations and successfully offered the coronation ceremony for God's kingship on January 13, 2001, where they attended the incorporeal true parent as the king of kings. In 2011, a new future began. With the further development of Cheon II Guk, the spiritual world -- including hell -- has been liberated.

Together, those both in heaven and on earth must actualize Cheon Il Guk. God and True Parents will establish the kingdom of heaven and bring with them, regardless of their sorrow, even the worst troublemakers after educating and transforming them into their children. God and True Parents cannot sever ties with such troublesome people nor lock them up in hell; that act itself would cause them pain.

That is because they are the source of true love. On all such foundations of victors; True Parents achieved the entrance ceremony into Cheon Jeong Peace Palace this year. As a result, this, the holiest place on earth, was established. This is the first such occasion in history. In Moses' time, the people carried an ark with them and built the holy temple; one part was partitioned off as the most holy place, which God would occupy when needed. It is the most holy place, where God can reside on earth twenty-four hours a day. This led to Cheon II Guk being made substantial.

Yet, the citizens of Cheon II Guk were not prepared. They could not he separated from their worldliness. People had to be restored. Why? The ideal, Cheon II Guk, is true love. There cannot be two bloodlines. The bloodline must be rectified in the process of creating a world of true love. God could have severed ties with those who disobeyed and made them live in one corner of the earth, and raised His people in another corner of the earth; but that was not possible. If there are two bloodlines, people cannot be made one. In that single world of true love and eternal happiness, there is only one lineage. God and True Parents went through the trouble of allowing us to he blessed though we were foolish, unworthy and consistently sinning. It was not because we were qualified but because of True Parents' meritorious deeds.

In the past, people would come to receive the blessing but soon realized that they had lived only the way they wanted; some went back feeling they were unworthy; even though they completed the three-year public course, gave birth to spiritual children and completed the twenty-one-day workshop as required of blessing candidates. They did not leave the church but became even more committed and dedicated. They did even more indemnity conditions. That is what those early members were like.

Yet from 1992, the blessing was opened to the world and to all people. Anybody could he invited and blessed by drinking the holy wine. As a result, even those who promoted the blessing to others lost an awareness of its value. They completely lost sight of the blessing's value and its significance. Why then, did True Father open the blessing to anyone? His truly loving heart could not stand to leave his children in Satan's dead realm for even a minute.

Some people who received the blessing still listen to what Father says; they study the Principle and lead a life of prayer. There are others who do all sorts of things with no regard for the fact that they've been blessed. People must pull themselves together in the Last Days. There is so much difference between living halfway and living a life that reflects the Principle.

There were many things that came to my mind while listening to Hoon-mo nim. When Dae-mo nim and Heung-jin nim went to True Parents to ask for this forgiveness, they took a bundle of sticks with them. They were fully prepared to be beaten these sticks.

They asked Father to open a path to forgive all blessed families. In exchange for that, they asked Father to beat them in place of those families until the sticks broke and Father's bitter disappointment was released. Heung-jin nim and Dae-mo nim asked Hoon-mo nim to go and ask Father for this favor. It is mind-boggling.

We are about to participate in the Holy Wine Ceremony. The four conditions for participating in thin are only one-ten millionth of the actual conditions needed. Once you receive grace through this Holy Wine Ceremony, you will be given the amazing, tremendous grace of wiping everything away.

What kind of mindset should we have in receiving this? The blessings, grace and favor God bestows upon us have always been a start and not the end. I have just said something very important: In receiving this blessing, grace and favor, it is not that we are harvesting fruits. We are making a new beginning. After taking part in this Holy Wine Ceremony, we should lead lives focused on this new beginning for us as citizens of Cheon II Guk, blessed sons and daughters above shame and blemish, which is the exact opposite of how we have lived until now. Without that condition we are not qualified to receive this. Even if we do, it will be in vain. From today, we must resolve and be firmly determined to become the people of Cheon II Guk who will take their first steps as those with a totally different mindset and behavior after the Holy Wine Ceremony. What should you he determined to do? To fulfill the duties of blessed families as Heaven desires and as True Parents have taught us.

True Parents gave three conditions to the blessed families on January 13, 2001: Do not infringe upon the heart, do not commit offenses within Cain-Abel relationships, and do not violate the law regarding the relationships of ownership.

Not infringing upon the heart means upholding the great principles of heart centered on lineage The internal and external meaning of this must be taught; the meaning of purity; pure lineage, pure love and pure virtue must be taught to your children and grandchildren. Even if you were stained or blemished in any way; from now on your mind and body must be different centering on this turning point through this indescribable grace. You must become families of the purest lineage. If you can live like that, Satan will be unable to accuse you, and he will flee from you. Therein lays the essence and source of the blessing.

Practically speaking, we must lead lives of true love, of living for others and of giving unconditionally. We have been taught that true love is not expressed in receiving but in giving. God's wish is for children to be better than their parents. The Heavenly Parent desires His children to become better than He is. God only' had two children -- Adam and Eve. Blessed couples can have more children than God had! God created His children to become better than He is. How grateful we should be for this! God is the Creator. He made this universe. He bestowed creativity to man, His children. We are different from animals. We conduct scientific research. We invent things. We can do so many things. Each person is a second Creator. What do second Creators do? Isn't God's creation true love? I le

He created through absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. The act of true love makes the Creator. In order to become a second Creator we must give true love. That is what a second Creator does. Giving love does not involve loss. By giving love, you become a second Creator. Do you understand? You must view the problem of lineage and heart in this way. Internally you must maintain your purity. Emphasize that as the most important virtue when raising your children. Preserve the lineage of your household, and to become a second Creator, give true love.

Next, do not commit any offenses within Cain-Abel relationships. Do not repeat the same conflict. In the Abel position there is another Abel that you must serve and attend and there is a Cain who is watching you. You must fulfill the ways of Cain and Abel. Would life be easy if you followed the rules dictated to those in the position of Cain? That is what you must do. You must be a better person today than yesterday, and a better person tomorrow than today. How can you resolve the Cain-Abel conflict? The ideals God had at the time of the Creation were to achieve tranquility, peace and happiness. For any individual to possess peace, he or she must work to resolve conflict. It is shameful and heartbreaking to have conflict, strife and contradictions within the Unification Church, which is supposed to champion the realization of a unified world and God's will. First you must reflect. See whether you have been talking about others, slandering them, and getting together with others to engage in meaningless activities.

The third issue is related to ownership. This is related to the Total Living Offering and tithing three-tenths of your income. You must offer everything to Father and resolve the issue of ownership. You must be aware that the act of claiming something as your own is itself remote from the Principle and wrong. When should we take up this lifestyle?

Heaven is trying to purify us the instant we take the grace of the holy wine into our bodies. But that alone does not settle all accounts. It is the very beginning of settling all accounts

What is significant about this is that as True Father has allowed this grace, he stated that there will be no more special amnesty. That is why the first steps you take after drinking the holy wine should be directed toward bringing the grace to glorious fruition in your lives and toward building your family; tribe and people as blessed families. This pertains to you, and also to me. This Holy Wine Ceremony is so precious. We should he infinitely grateful for this ceremony. Please bear in mind that this is not the conclusion, but a beginning; make a completely new start from a different angle. That is why it is called the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine Ceremony for a New Beginning -- a new beginning! This new beginning is such a joyful, inspiring moment, for which we should be grateful. What would happen to us if this had not been allowed? There is no way to express the joy; inspiration and glory of this new start.

We should he forever grateful and sing Hallelujah as we take part in the Holy Wine Ceremony.

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