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The Fourth Peace Tour - in Europe

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 8, 2006
World Peace Tour of 120 Ambassadors for Peace
FFWPU International

Centering on True Parents, the "World Peace Tour of 120 Ambassadors for Peace" which was lunched in America on October 21, and continued in Japan on October 24 and in Korea on October 26, took 120 religious figures around the world to bring the peace message to people of the world. After Korea, the tour continued in Europe:

October 31, 2006 United Kingdom

Rev. Robert Pyle of the Church of the Brethren, a white pastor testified, "We move together and we are gaining power from nation to nation. The Message of Father Moon that we are delivering has profound contents that have the power to unify the body of Christ. We are brining unity. It is the by the power of the Holy Spirit. When I heard about this call, I knew in my heart that I had to go. I am going to all the world 120 gathered for Jesus and pentecost occured now 120 Clergy gather again and a world Pentecost is about to occur."

Rev. Marilyn Kotulek - I think of the Bible when I walk this path with 120 clergy. 1Peter :1:5: "Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time." We are the ones who are KEPT by God. It is His power that strengthens us and we feel no fear. God is with us. All races and all peoples. This is the deepest desire of God - to see Americans in the spirit of Jesus go out to the World.

Rev. Carolyn Sion - Texas - "I worked directly for the President. I'm from Houston. I have held many positions working with key leaders. God called me into ministry and I responded to the call. It was an amazing call. We just laid the foundation of my church building with new property. Many said I couldn't go on this trip.... I said if God wants me to go I am going. I came with that heart and spirit and I see the glory of God revealed as we bring love and truth to this world. I am not afraid. I believe in True Parents. I know Jesus is with me. This is the most significant time. When the world is tour by war and confusion, we can't just hide. We can't just hope someone else will do something. Father Moon has called the religious leaders to stand up and give the word and demonstrate love beyond the boundaries of doctrine or denomination or even religion. I am so grateful to Father and Mother Moon. By the way I just got a call this morning --- the walls of our church went up successfully and the members are all being responsible."

November 1st, 2006 Denmark

We just concluded 3 wonderful events with our 3 pastors from America: Byron Filus, Carlos Manuel Torres and Carolyn Sion. Arriving to Denmark the weather had changed dramatically. We have had a mild and warm October, but it became very cold, even with snow, and a very strong wind. Bridges couldn't be crossed, but the airplane could land right on time, because the wind direction fitted to the runway.

Two Christian ministers were invited to have lunch together with the American ministers, and they had a really good sharing in an uplifted atmosphere. Our American ministers poured out from their heart about their excitement being on the tour and in the central providence of God. They shared about moving experiences from Japan and Korea and they strongly suggested us to make "prayer breakfast meetings" with our ministers. Our local ministers were challenged in a good way by the interdenominational spirit of our American pastors and by their readiness to change their plans and very busy schedule in obedience to the command of God (that is, to bring Rev. Moons message to the world.

About 50 people came to our main event, four of them were ministers. The event was held in our headquarters. Carolyn Sion read the speech with a strong spirit and heart and added her own words before and after the speech. "We should all follow Jesus and Rev. Moon has done, be obedient as Rev. Moon was obedient when Jesus called him." And "If we don't speak the word of God, it is not the word of God. It is only existing when it is shared." She illustrated the lack of love in our society by asking one of our guests (a Mormon) to stand beside her while she was talking about how we build walls and even don't talk to each other. "The core teaching of Rev. Moon is about tearing down these walls by practicing true love."

The program was initiated with a very beautiful vocal performance that established the right atmosphere. The Bramsen family (mother and two daughters) sang the Santa Lucia, and Sibeal Gubser was singing a beautiful and very moving song on peace. At the end of the program we all sang the Amazing Grace together. The audience was moved and excited by the very charismatic spirit that Carolyn Sion brought and one expressed it saying: "It is the first time in 20 years since I came to Denmark that I suddenly feel a longing for America."

In the home of Karsten and Hisami Nielsen: Rev. Carlos Torres, a minister and teacher from California gave the keynote address and his personal testimony to God's work at this time and our responsibility to respond to His divine calling. He shared what he called reading between the lines and also emphasized the existence of spirit world and the current battle between heaven and hell. Rev. Torres created in the small event an intimate high atmosphere with spirit of dedication and love.One member commented that he had sensed the same spiritual atmosphere as when the True Parents had visited on the earlier world tours.

In the home of Thomas and Gertrud Vad: It was a small event with mainly members and one guest. The minister understood this, so he made a very personal approach which we really appreciated. He shared his testimony and his understanding of True Parents work and vision. Pointing often at TP-picture, which was standing right next to him. He made clear the unity between TP/movement and his Christian realm. He talked about True Father and how he went the same way as Jesus, keeping the same attitude even when he was imprisoned. And still he kept forgiving his enemies like Jesus did it on the cross. He gave us real hope that the world might open up and come to understand True Parents through the united efforts of the Moonies.

November 1st, 2006 The Netherlands

On November 1, 2006, All Saints, or All Hallows, Day, the day after All Souls Day, All Hallows Eve, celebrated in American pop culture as Halloween, after the old pagan festival of Samhain, 16 venues in the Kingdom of the Netherlands were scheduled to be visited by 16 saints of the new era, the era after the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. The clocks had just changed on Sunday to winter time, and the season had changed too. The day was rainy, windy, stormy.

The main Rally for Family Values and World Peace was in Utrecht, the geographical centre of the Netherlands and also significant for the Union of Utrecht of 1579 which set The Netherlands on the road to independence from Spain, and, in particular, to establishing freedom of religious belief as a cornerstone of the principles of the emerging nation.

In order to support the main event, some of the other rallies were held in the afternoon. In the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, there were three meetings.

In the UPF Dialogue Centre in "Old South", Rev. Damon Rocah prefaced his reading of True Father's speech "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World" by saying, "I came not with my words, but I was commissioned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon". He said his church was going through a major transition, involving the sale of the main property, "but it was important for me and my congregation that I be here. I have been pastoring for 29 years and have never missed Thanksgiving, but this was more important, these words are so dear to my heart", and he testified, "as a Christian, that Jesus anointed Rev. Moon". The speech may not have been his words, but he made them his own, speaking with the fervour and passion that Europeans associate with the likes of Martin Luther King. Outside, thunderclaps accompanied his speech!

In the Utrecht area, a meeting was held in the home of Elfi Verstraeten, UPF-NL PR manager, and her husband Jean-Pierre. When an Ambassador for Peace certificate was being handed to an Austrian lady, Rev. Betty Tatalajski saw two spirit beings, female Roman Catholic saints, standing behind her and handing her roses. When told about this vision, the new AfP affirmed that she felt connection with these saints. She said she felt she did not really deserve the honour of being an Ambassador for Peace: what she did, speaking with different people and uniting them, was a blessing from God. Rev. Tatalajski commented on the holy atmosphere and one guest stayed afterwards to clear and wash up so Jean Pierre and Elfi could attend the main event.

There were two events in The Hague, the political centre of the Netherlands. Rabbi Mordehi Waldman spoke in the afternoon and his wife Susan Will spoke in the evening. They were very tired (he lost his stomach to cancer, so has a special eating regime), but very happy to be on this mission; and there was a nice atmosphere. City leader and UPF representative Rita Salaris said the rabbi "really lived the speech"; it is fascinating how each speaker makes the speech their very own.

In Nijmegen, in the "Far East" of the Netherlands, Jan van Winden testified to the great hospitality contribution of his wife Inger and said he was "very happy" with the visit of Bishop Henry Coaxum and with the response of his guests.

In Alkmaar, North Holland, in addition to guests who already knew UPF, two new guests had just seen the poster and were not yet aware of the activities of Reverend Moon. Rev. Margaret Bocanegra gave a personal account of her life and family, her motives for participating in the tour and how the tour had gone do far and part of the speech was read in Dutch. Deep and very thought-provoking discussion over coffee and cake, particularly popular with the Dutch, led to a truly beautiful blessing at the end of the evening, when a guest who was reluctant to introduce himself at first said "my heart has been moved" and gave his contact details.

Rev. Michael Jenkins flew in unexpectedly and set the hall on fire at the main event in Utrecht, with a speech that deserves a report of its own. He proclaimed that the concept of brotherhood alone would not solve the divisions of the Middle East or anywhere else: "we need parenthood, a parental God's love has to emerge".

He testified how talks regarding North Korea opened up three days after the ministers prayed at the DMZ. The UN had to acknowledge God as the source of peace, a new Inter-religious Council had to be created, with the same voting rights as the Security Council. He appealed to the young people in the audience to go to the Middle East with MEPI and said he would pay for any young person that applied.

November 2nd, 2006 Hungary

As part of the 4th World Tour, Hungary welcomed five US Clergy on November 2nd 2006: Mrs. Carolyn Lincoln, Mr. Nath Amar Gupta, Rev. Isaac William Artis Jr., Rev. Nagi Fouad Yousef and Rev. Notburga Maria Hutcherson.

After their arrival at Budapest Airport they immediately left for their various venues. Those who had to go to other cities did not have even time to settle in the Hotel and eat something and ate fast food in the car while traveling. After finishing their speech events they traveled back to Budapest late at night and the next morning left early for another nation. What a challenging schedule! During their stay in Hungary they were very energetic, kind, smiling and encouraging never expressing disappointment or struggle because of their age.

Rev. Artis went to Szeged, Mrs. Lincoln to Pécs, Rev. Yousef traveled to Gyor and Mr. Gupta and Rev. Hutcherson delivered their speech in Budapest. It was so beautiful to see how these US clergy from different religious background loved each other sharing freely and working together for God's will!!

All the speakers gave very moving testimonies. Mr. Gupta testified how he had fully recovered from incurable cancer after receiving the Holy Blessing from True Parents. He also testified infront of the audience that Father Moon is the living Messiah on Earth and that because of True Parents we are living in a very blessed time when Heaven can come down to earth with full support and authority. Mr. Gupta also said that because of his health conditions he had wanted to stop the tour, but when he heard that Father Moon is very concerned about him, changed his mind. He said, 'If Father Moon wants me what can I do? Only continue'.

Rev. Hutcherson testified the benefit derived from Father Moon's 34 years work in America. She spoke from the bottom of her heart and shared with tears her experiences with True Parents in Korea.

She recounted that Father Moon was moved to tears to see the 120 ACLC members joining whole heartedly to support this speaking tour and explaining that if Father Moon could have worked together with those religious leaders 30 years before than the world would be in a very different shape.

Thank you very much that we could take part of this tour and support God's providence guided by our True Parents.

With love Hungarian family

November 3rd, 2006 Sweden

The events in Sweden were all delayed due to a sudden snowfall which caused Traffic chaos - Stockholm was like a closed city.

Main event Sundbyberg, Stockholm

The event started at 20:00, a bit delayed because the American minister, Rev. Andre Wayne Jackson was stuck in the train and could not come. In his place, Rev Calvin Louis Kelly read the speech. He had already delivered the speech in another venue earlier in the day in Stockholm. There were 61 participants. While Rev. Kelly was reading the speech, Rev Jackson was reading the speech to the passengers (please see testimony below) in the subway. Two contacts received certificate for Ambassadors of Peace. One of them, Agneta Ottander, is a board member at the Women's Centre in Tensta. She was very moved by the experience and is humbly grateful for this recognition. The other was a former politician, Kilindra Dieudonne who is raising money to make a school. He also was very happy and grateful. Rev.Alain LeRoy and Rev. Robert Lee Pyle also attended the event after they had delivered the speech in other places in Stockholm.

My experience with Rev. Dr. Andre Jackson on November 1, 2006, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The train we were on got totally stuck. After more than 1 hour we managed to go out of the train into the fresh air. The event had to start without us, but we kept trying to find our way. Finally, we went down to the subway, it was already 8.30 pm, Rev. Jackson decided to start reading the speech right away on the platform. He said he felt the Holy Spirit told him just to go ahead and do it. And he told me: Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is my friend, he helped my life, my family, he sent me throughout the world to give the message of Peace, and I will give it to you, Olga. He cried, and I was touched to the bottom of my heart. While he started reading, he was crying at times, especially at True Father's words on his suffering and life course. I felt, we two were incredibly spiritually protected, as if we were sealed, it was a very special atmosphere all around, and people were passing by and paying attention, listening now and then. All together perhaps, around 10 people really stopped to listen. One young teenager, while listening, even wiped with his scarf the tears which had fallen on Rev. Jackson's hands. It really was very incredible!


30 people came and of them 10 were guests. The members cooperated very well.


The speech was presented by Carolyn Lincoln and attended by group including a minister from the Swedish church, a leader of the Odd Fellows Society and two artists. The minister, Åke Lion, gave the invocation prayer. After the speech was read a Blessing toast was given. Afterwards Carolyn Lincoln shared about her work as a counselor and how she felt Father Moon has been a great inspiration for her work. We had a good spirited discussion about how to promote spiritual and family values in our society in order to promote peace and human development.


We had 8 guests and 12 members at the event. A Sri Lankan Buddhist monk and Imam Ahmad-Talal Al-Saegh received the award of AFP. Pastor Moses de la Rosa had great style and a very gentle grand-fatherly attitude to everything and everyone. His comments from a Christian perspective about Father's speech were very interesting and new to me. His love and candidness towards Father were very refreshing.


The weather was freezing and even snowing a little when the event was about to start, but luckily all the 10 guest including 4 ambassadors for peace could arrive safely. We started the event with James singing a beautiful song and Britta reading Rev. Kwaks speach (in Swedish). Britta and James split the role of MC and Pastor Debra read True fathers speech with a lot of heart and feeling which was appreciated by all. We made 2 new Ambassadors for Peace.


We were 20 people all together in a local meeting room which was beautifully arranged by Kikuko Isacson. We were sitting at tables and started with coffee and cake as we were waiting for our main speaker. He came 20 minutes late because of the extreme weather and traffic problems. He read Father's speech very powerfully and our guests and members were very impressed. One neighbor of Kikuko's, who does not understand a word of English, was the most inspired, she asked when we will hold our next meeting.


We had 3 guests. Members were 9. Due to the snow the minister came very late.

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