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YFWP Assembly in Korea

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 22, 2006
Seoul Korea
FFWPU International

On October 22, 2006, the Assembly for the Youth Federation for World Peace, an international peace organization, was held in Korea in the Weight-Lifting Stadium of the Seoul Olympic Park complex. The assembly was held under the theme, "YFWP, Opening a New Era of Peace and Unification with the UN" and focused on overcoming North Korea's nuclear crisis, the reunification of the Korean peninsula, and the realization of the UN's Millennium Development Goal.

This assembly was hosted by the YFWP (International President: Mr. Hyun-jin Moon) and sponsored by UPF, IIFWP, FFWPU, W-CARP, the Ministry of Unification, the Segye Times, and Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation, and drew more than 5,000 participants from 20 different countries. More than 140 congressmen from both the ruling and opposition parties along with about a dozen heads of local governments in Korea sent messages of congratulations for this assembly.

The emcee for the pre-event entertainment was Mr. Jin-tae Choi in charge of W-CARP in Busan area. The entertainment featured Daul, a choir group from Sun Moon University, and So Chan-whee and Ahn Chi-hwan, two famous Korean singers known for youthful vigor that can be found in their songs.

The main event was hosted by Mr. Jong-choon Park, secretary director of YFWP Korea along with Ms. Flora Robertson. The guests of honor were introduced by Mr. Kwang-seuk Song, president of YFWP Korea. Congratulatory remarks were given by Mr. Ki-woo Lee, congressman from the Woori Party and Mr. Jin-hwa Go, congressman from the Grand National Party. The stirring remarks were given by Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, president of FFWPU Korea, Mr. Bong-tae Kim, president of Sun Moon University.

This was followed by a video presentation titled, "YFWP, Front-runners for Peace and Unification."

After the video, Mr. Hyun-jin Moon, international president of YFWP, took the stage and delivered a message under the theme "The Mission of the Youth in this Age; Toward Peace and Unification in the 21st Century." In his speech he emphasized the recent trends of the world and how it was gravitating towards the Korean peninsula: "With the outbreak of North Korea's nuclear crisis and the recent appointment of a Korean as the next UN secretary general, the attention of the world has been moving towards the Korean peninsula. The White House in Americas is now focusing its attention on this nation." "When sacrifice and the spirit of service is invested in the reconciliation of North and South Korea, we can advance the day of peace and unification on this peninsula."

Mr. Moon emphasized that "the youth should take the lead in this global peace movement; the driving force should derive from true love, by living for the sake of others."

The Youth Federation for World Peace was founded in 1994 and since its inception it has hosted a variety of seminars and forums for the youth which include the 'Seminar for Peace and Unification for North and South Korean Youths' and the Asian Youth Leaders Forum. More recently, on August 10, YFWP worked with the UN in Manila, Philippines to organize the International Youth Day.

YFWP is also actively engaged in peace activities worldwide in supporting the eradication of poverty and illiteracy in Third World countries by 2015 to reach the UN Millennium Development Goals.

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