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Pledge Service And Commemorative Service Of The 19th Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified Cosmos

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 3, 2005
FFWPU International
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

While the three generations of the True Family centering on True Mother were going to each nation of Latin America, the pledge service and commemorative service for the 19th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos was held at 8 AM on October 3, 2006 in the main hall of the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center with the participation of about 3,500 church leaders and members from around the nation.

Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, chairman of the IIFWP, was the emcee for the day. The congregation sang Holy Songs as they waited for True Father to take the stage.

After True Father's entrance with the members of the True Family, Rev. Kwak led the participants in pledge and offered a representative prayer with his wife. True Father then cut the celebration cake and consumed the offering meal.

Rev. Kwak read from the speech Father gave on the same day a year earlier. Rev. Kwak explained the significance of this Holy Day, "True Father has explained that a unification of the external form and a unification of the internal content must both be completed in order to substantialize an ideal world. The unification of the external form refers to the unification of Democracy and Communism. A symbolic unification was achieved in 1988 when 160 nations of the world gathered during the Seoul Olympics. In order to bring about the unification of the internal content True Parents have declared the 'Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World' centering on 120 nations of the world."

At the same time, True Father received a phone call from True Mother who had just completed a rally in Chile. In his conversation on the phone he congratulated True Mother for her hard work and accomplishments. He kept the phone open for True Mother to hear the congratulatory song by the 'Strada Ensemble.' Father was very pleased with their performance and gave them some of the offering food as a gift. Mr. Se-gwang Oh and his wife Yoshiko offered a flower bouquet to True Father.

True Father emphasized that "on the occasion of this historical Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos, the providence of inheritance and complete settlement should take root within each tribe and neighborhood," and gave guidelines on the mindset that all members should have.

At the end of his speech, Father had Rev. Yang Heo, director of North Seoul, Ms. Kyung-june Lee, former president of Sun Moon University and a couple of other leaders and their wives come up and sing. He invited those who sang for lunch at Cheon Jeong Gung and also presented them with airplane tickets to join him in Kodiak.

The ceremony ended that day with three cheers of og-mansei from Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, president of FFWPU Korea. All the participants showed their determination to complete their mission and responsibility as the citizens' of Cheon Il Guk.

The Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World was declared at 10 AM, on October 3, 1988 (August 23 by the lunar calendar) at the main hall of the Ilhwa Factory in Yongin. Over 1,200 participants representing 120 nations of the world were gathered this day and also established brotherhood/sisterhood ties with one another. On this foundation, the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World was declared and was designated to be included in the Holy Days of our church.

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