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The 1st Anniversary of UPF - Chairman's Remarks

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 12, 2006
Chung Jeong Gung Museum

Distinguished world leaders from 180 nations. Thank you for attending this historic Assembly marking the 1st anniversary of the founding of the Universal Peace Federation. The launch of the UPF was a moment of cosmic significance, and, since its founding the UPF has expanded, grown and developed at a remarkable pace. Truly the guiding hand of God and a divine providence is at work in a powerful way.

We have gathered at the Cheon Jeong Gun Peace Palace which was formally opened earlier this year, on June 13. This "Peace Palace" is a place where heaven and earth come together, and where the King and Queen of Peace reside. Please understand that in addition to all of us gathered here, countless saints, prophets and religious founders and great world leaders, emperors, and presidents who now reside in the spiritual world are also gathered and standing ready to encourage and support us in our most important endeavors.

We represent not only ourselves, individually, but a long line of ancestors who are literally overwhelmed as they observe the blessing and opportunity that we have today.

Therefore, please pay serious attention to the words that we will hear today from True Father and True Mother who are the king and queen of peace.

The message you will hear today represents an entirely new vision for our time. This message is a textbook for our lives, and a roadmap to lasting peace. Please do not look at today's event externally or superficially, or as merely a social or academic event. Today's event brings us into a direct encounter with God's Word, God's Blessing and God's Providence of Restoration.

The realization of a peaceful, ideal world is the hope of humankind and the ideal God has been seeking since the time of the Creation. Such a world begins from a true family centered on God's true love. True Father's sacrifice and all his remarkable and miraculous achievements throughout his life have been dedicated to the purpose of laying a foundation, substantially, for the realization of this ideal.

He tirelessly invested himself in promoting inter-religious dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation for the sake of God's providence and world peace. He also launched and maintained numerous humanitarian relief and service activities to alleviate human suffering. He led the way in contributing to the end of the Cold War Era, by providing the essential critique and counterproposal to materialistic communist ideology. For the sake of peace, he founded federations that bring together the peoples of island nations, peninsula nations, and continental nations, as well all peoples of Mongolian descent.

By establishing the Universal Peace Federation -- which has its roots in the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace -- he created a movement to build an "Abel-UN," a God-centered UN-type organization guided by the principle of living for the sake of others, and dedicated to building a world of everlasting peace. He has also initiated the "Peace Kingdom Police Force" and "Peace Kingdom Corps" to bring an end to conflict and to carry out peace-building activities worldwide.

Aside from these initiatives, Rev. Moon has built a diverse international foundation in the fields of education, culture, the arts, sports and industry. These remarkable accomplishments have all been carried out for the fulfillment of God's will and to realize the ultimate hope of humankind for an ideal world characterized by freedom, peace, unity and happiness.

Since 1960, he has led a global movement to establish true families, centered on absolute values and true love. To this end, he carried out thousands of inter-cultural exchange Marriage Blessing Ceremonies for millions and millions of couples worldwide -- -including people of every race, religion, nationality, culture and ethnic background -- -promoting a universal culture of heart among all human beings.

The internal and fundamental prerequisite for the realization of a peaceful, ideal world is the establishment of an ideal family that manifests God's original and unchanging ideal of true love and true family. This heavenly ideal was to have been established within Adam's family at the outset of human history. That is, God's true love, true life and true lineage were to have been securely and perfectly established on earth and horizontally expanded through the three generations of Adam and Eve, their children and grandchildren. Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, God has had to endure tremendous sorrow. God has never been able to embrace His own true grandsons and granddaughters.

One year ago today, True Father inaugurated the Universal Peace Federation and immediately embarked on an inaugural World Peace Tour that took him to 120 nations. Shortly thereafter in 2006, True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, together with many of True Parents' thirteen children, carried out a second World Peace Tour, proclaiming the heavenly way and bringing the national-level Marriage Blessing to 180 nations.

On the foundation of the two World Peace Tours, True Parents blessed four of their grandchildren on August 28, 2006, fully establishing the foundation of victory for God's ideal of a True Family of three generations, centered on true love. Now, beginning on August 31 in Korea, three generations of the True Parents' family are carrying out a third World Peace Tour. In each nation, on every day of the tour, 12 members of the True Family -- -parents, children and grandchildren -- -go out, each to a different city winning the admiration and respect of the world. They will hold rallies in 480 locations, over a 40-day period.

Respected members of the Universal Peace Federation. Ambassadors for Peace.

By your attendance at today's program, you are able to reap the benefits of God's providence at this time, receiving so much grace and heavenly fortune. This is made possible by the fact that we are alive at the same time as the True Parents. This is a time of great hope, a time when the ideals that humanity has longed to realize throughout the course of history may be fulfilled.

Please take pride in being a member of this great federation. Let us become the leading force in realizing a kingdom of cosmic peace. Let us determine to allow the words that we hear today serve as the essential guidebook for our life. Let us follow the path of true love that True Parents have opened, and, together, build a world of universal peace.

May God's blessing be with each of you, your family and your nation. Thank you very much.

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