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Six Messages Of Peace

Chun Hwan Kwak
August 10, 2006

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Ref. No. FFWPUI 2006-41

To : Continental Directors, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From : FFWPU International Headquarters
Date : August 10, 2006
Re. : Six Messages of Peace

May the blessing and love of God and True Parents be with each continent, nation and providential organization as we usher in the era of the completed settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth.

This is to announce the six messages of peace and the instructions regarding these speeches that True Parents have declared since the Inaugural Rally for the Universal Peace Federation on September 12, 2006, through a number of rallies and events which include the Universal Peace Federation Rally for the Restoration of the Homeland and the World Assembly for the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. Continental directors and national leaders should actively guide members to read these speeches wherever they are and whenever they can so that the contents of these messages can serve as a guideline in their life of faith.

1. Messages of Peace

1) "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World," delivered during the Universal Peace Federation Rallies for the Restoration of the Homeland (March 25 to April 3, 2006, Republic of Korea)

2) "God's Model Ideal Family and Nation, and the Peace Kingdom," delivered during a series of assemblies for Ambassadors for Peace, Segye Times researchers, and other leaders in Korea (March 16 and 17, and from March 22 to 24, 2006, Republic of Korea)

3) "The True Owners in Establishing the Kingdom of Peace and Unity in Heaven and on Earth," delivered during the third World Assembly of the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace (April 10, 2006, Republic of Korea)

4) "The Mission of the Clan Messiah in the Revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven," delivered during the Rally of the Association of Unified Korean Clans to Save the Homeland of Universal Peace (June 1, 2006, Republic of Korea)

5) "Cheon Il Guk is the Ideal Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Peace," delivered on the occasion of the Entrance Ceremony of Cheonjeong Palace and the Coronation of the King of Peace in Heaven and on Earth (June 13, 2006, Republic of Korea)

6) "Address given at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex of the Times Aviation of Korea." (June 10, 2006, Republic of Korea)

2. Summary of what True Father said on August 3, 2006 regarding the six messages of peace given:

1) The gist of God's providence can be found in the speech, "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World." In order to create ideal families, the question is whether you shouldered and overcame the hardships of heaven and earth; whether the lineage is preserved from the first generation to the third generation, and then from the third generation to the 3,000th generation; and whether you fulfill your responsibilities as God's ideal families.

2) 1,000 volumes of a collection of my speeches should be published during my lifetime.

3) The six messages of peace should become the foundation of your mind and of your body.

4) You should read the messages of peace wherever you are and whenever you can. Be sure to record how many times you have read the messages.

5) The overall goal of fallen humanity is to indemnify everything through the Universal Peace Federation Rallies for the Restoration of the Homeland and to establish an ideal family and a kingdom of peace centering on ideal families.

6) The family should become as one and each member of a family should establish a four-position foundation and the four great realms of heart; they should create peace and expand it to create the Peace Kingdom and become owners of the eternal heavenly nation.

7) These messages of peace encapsulate all 600 and 1,000 volumes of my speeches and serve as a comprehensive dictionary on the completion of the truth.

3. Administrative Matters

All mission nations should publish these speeches. All blessed families and members, as tribal messiahs, should actively do their best in conveying these messages to their family and relatives so that they may be conveyed to every part of the world.

Chung Hwan Kwak
International President

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