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10th 7.8 Jeol Pledge And Commemorative Service

Chun Hwan Kwak
July 31, 2006
Chung Pyung Heven and Earth Training Center
FFWPU International

The pledge and commemorative service for 10th 7.8 Jeol was held on July 31, 2006 at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center centering on True Father, while True Mother and True Children were continuing to give the word of life and the blessing on the world speaking tour in Latin America. Around 5,000 people from around Korea attended the event for this holiday.

After True Father entered the main hall, lighted the candles and offered a prayer for the holy day, Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan, as the master of ceremonies, made some opening remarks and guided all the participants in reciting the Family Pledge. He then offered the report prayer. This was followed by a video presentation about True Parents' lives and worldwide activities. After that, there were commemorative songs, which were followed by offering flowers to True Parents by a representative blessed couple. After that Father spoke to members and at the end Rev. Hwang Sun-jo guided everyone in three cheers of eug mansei.

On this day, before Father gave his speech, Rev. Kwak explained about the importance and the providential value of finding this day; he said it is a very important day among the eight major holidays in our movement and that it was the first holy day since True Parents entrance in the Original Palace. He emphasized the course father underwent to find this day as well. Then he read Father's speech from July 7, 1997, from the first occasion of the holiday which includes the eight sevens simultaneously.

One of the important things that Father emphasized was a booklet with six speeches for peace. He said this booklet is very important and that all the blessed couples have to read it in their Hoon Dok Hae gatherings at least 120 times. [Note: This is currently only available in Korean.] Also he said that we need the safe settlement of the Peace Kingship and the inheritance of the providence, so we need to become the ones who can inherit the peace message and inherit the providence as well. During his speech, father asked several members to stand up and sing a song, giving joy to all the members who participated at the event.

The commemorative service on this day ended with the three cheers of ueg mansei. At the end, Father asked members to be determined to become the ones who can protect the way and the mission of the citizens of the Cheon Il Guk. And as everyone agreed, Father said that with this determination, everyone's (new) mission began.

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