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Ambassadors for Peace Seminar on National Salvation - Preparing for Joint Elections between North and South Korea

Chung Hwan Kwak
May 9, 2006
FFWPU International

The "Ambassadors for Peace Seminar on National Salvation: Preparing for Joint Elections between North and South Korea" was held on May 9 in the Millennium Hall in Seoul Central City with the participation of some 1,600 prominent figures in all spheres of society and representative ambassadors for peace for the purpose of promoting the reunification of North and South Korea thereby eliminating the threat of war and allowing the Korean peninsula to contribute to world peace.

Many prominent figures were at the seminar including Dr. Lee Cheul Seung, chairman of the National Council for Freedom and Democracy, Heo Moon Doh, former minister of national unification, Lee Jin Seol, former minister of constructions, Kim Yoon Deok, former minister of state of political affairs, Kim Han Gon, former governor of South ChungChung province, Ryu Gap Jong, three-time member of parliament, and Lee Cheol Gi, former president of Cheondogyo.

In his welcoming address, Dr. Kim Min Ha, president of the Ambassadors for Peace Central Association spoke about how he had tried to live according to his conscientious during his time as an educator and that he felt responsible for the division between his nation and people. "I would like to extend my appreciation and respect to the ambassadors for peace gathered here who are concerned with this nation." "Our people alone are suffering from a division made by external forces. We should prevent war and allow our descendants to enjoy a life of peace in a unified homeland." "I firmly support the Pyunghwa Motors, Little Angels and other initiatives by Rev. Sun Myung Moon in facilitating the reunification of our homeland."

Rev. Dr. Kwak Chung Hwan also spoke that day saying "The Korean peninsula is a divided land representing the division between good and evil, capitalism and communism, right-wing and left-wing forces, and division between outlooks on the world, value systems and ideologies. The reunification of this peninsula will become the key for solving the problems of the world." "In order to overcome the barriers that divide us, Korea must become a power nation in terms of moral and ethics. Otherwise its reunification would be useless." At the end of his address, Rev. Kwak asked all the ambassadors for peace to take part in this movement for unification, not for their personal success, but for the sake of this nation, the world and all humanity.

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, founder of IIFWP gave his keynote address under the title, "True Owners for the Building of the Kingdom of Peace and Unification in Heaven and on Earth." In his address, Rev. Moon called for the inauguration of a peace council rooted in true love, which could serve for the sake of humanity’s welfare and peace beyond the personal interests of any one nation and on an international level that reaches throughout the entire cosmos.

He went on to explain, "True love is a love that gives and forgets that it has given and that continues to give endlessly. True love brings about the incorporeal order, peace and happiness that serve the common good. True love is love that determines the source, center and owner of the universe." "Through thoroughly actualizing true love, you should perfectly unite your mind and body and find and establish the realm of the relationships of true love. To put it another way, you should perfect a true family on earth, and at least the three generations of true parents, true brothers and sisters and children should live together in true love, because only then will you be eligible to enter heaven."

Kyung Hwan Cheol, advisor for the Peace Forum stated "I was extremely happy to be part of such a seminar which is something the nation would even find difficulty in organizing. I was reminded once again that I still lived in a divided nation."

Lee Yong Kwon, an ambassador for peace stated "I realized that we should practice true love and perfect true families in order to have North and South Korea live together as one."

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