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Chung Pyung Workshops for International 2nd Generation

Chung Hwan Kwak
May 11, 2006

Greetings from Seoul,

May the love and blessings of God and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with you.

This is the official memo from Chung Pyung heaven and earth training center, regarding Chung Pyung Workshops for International 2nd Generation. Please find the attached file.

With best regards,

FFWPU International

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center
432-1, Songsan-ri, Seorak-myeon, GaPyung-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 477-855
Telephone: 82-31-589-7134/7187/7188/ Fax: 82-31-584-4336

Chung Pyung: 2006-
Date: May 11, 2006
To: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Subject: Chung Pyung Workshops for International 2nd Generation

1. We sincerely thank you for your positive support of the Chung Pyung special workshops and pray that God and True Parentsí love will always be with you.

2. True Father has emphasized the following in regard to the importance of the Chung Pyung 40-day workshops for the second generation: "So far, the Unification Church with its physical foundation has been cleansing the fallen world. Thus, there needs to be a movement to connect this physical foundation with a spiritual foundation. However, this movement does not come about through human power. You have to understand that this movement is a worldwide movement centered on Chung Pyung. Everything that has been polluted through Satanís blood lineage has to be cleansed here. The standard of being able to receive assistance from the angelic world has to be linked to the second generation first...Therefore, every second generation member, without exception, has to come to Chung Pyung and have spiritual experiences through a 40-day workshop.

If you cannot have spiritual experiences, and cannot come to know yourself better, even after completing a 40-day workshop, you had better postpone school or work until later, and undergo at least 120 days of training. Furthermore, you have to understand that you cannot receive the Blessing unless you participate in a Chung Pyung workshop." (February 2, 1998, True Parentsí Birthday Pledge Service, Hannam-dong Residence)

3. The workshop schedule has been arranged so as to enable international second generation members (all second generation members living outside of Korean and Japan) to attend the Chung Pyung 40-day workshop during the summer holidays. The schedule is as follows. Please make this schedule known so that many second generation members can participate together this summer.

1. Schedule for the Chung Pyung Workshops for International 2nd Generation:

Workshop Time Period Participants

40-day July 1 Ė Aug. 9, 2006* International 2nd generation members who speak English, between 12 and 18 years of age or between 6th grades and 12th grades.

(Except for Korean and Japanese members)

21-dayJuly 20 Ė Aug. 9, 2006

*A 21-day workshop will be held for those second generation members who are not able to fully participate in the 40-day workshop.

*If any second generation member completes a 21-day workshop two times(this time and one other time), that can be considered as their full attendance of one 40-day workshop.

2. Hoondok Materials: 3-colored Exposition of the Divine Principle, Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom (vol. 1), Holy Song book.

3. Materials to Prepare: Toiletries, white t-shirts (three or more), thin pants for holy song sessions, comfortable shoes, shoe bag, personal medication, umbrella and raingear, one photo (3x4 cm), a set of dress clothes, holy robes and blessing ring (for those who will participate in the ancestor blessing ceremony), medical insurance, FM radio, etc.

4. Workshop Fee: 600,000 won (approximately $667 US in cash)

5. Points to keep in mind:

1) Members must register for the 40-day Workshop within 7 days from the workshop starting date.

2) Members who are psychologically or spiritually challenged must first consult with the International Office. If permission is granted, he or she may only register if accompanied by a caregiver. (Please keep in mind that if permission is not granted, or if a caregiver does not come, such members may be asked to return home.)

3) International second generation members (second generation members living outside of Korean and Japan) age 16 and above can participate in the liberation ceremony and blessing ceremony for their parentsí ancestors (fatherís side and motherís side ancestors only).

4) As of the 71st workshop, 40-day workshop participants who register for the ancestor liberation ceremony are also required to pay the 2-day workshop registration fee of 25,000 won per group of seven generations. (However, the registration fee for the ancestor blessing ceremony is 25,000 won regardless of the number of generations.)

5) Please prepare thin pants which will not release dust during the holy song sessions.

6) Members coming to Korea from abroad must be sure to purchase travelersí insurance and must get a C∑3 visa, or secure their visa situations as otherwise applicable, before coming to the workshop. The training center cannot acquire or extend visas for you. If your visa expires, the immigration office will charge you a penalty of $100 US, and you will be placed on a black list.

7) Please do not bring personal music (tapes, CDs, MP3s, etc.) to listen to during the time period of the workshop.

6. Further Inquiries

Telephone: 82-31-589-7134, 7187, 7188 (English, Korean)
Fax: 82-31-584-4336

President, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Recipient Offices: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Regional Directors, Church Leaders, Organizational Directors

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