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The Third World Assembly of the Mongolian Peoples?Federation for World Peace "The Core Values of Mongolian Civilization and their Relevance to World Peace" Address

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 10, 2006
JW Marriot Hotel
Seoul Korea

Mongolian leaders from around the world, distinguished guests from home and abroad, Ambassadors for Peace, ladies and gentlemen:

I would like to extend my appreciation to you all for coming to this luncheon to celebrate the holding of a significant meeting, the third World Assembly of the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace. During this assembly, participants will rediscover the core values of the Mongolian civilization and consider their historical and cultural relevance to world peace as we set goals that will shape the future of the world.

Iím sure that the executives and general membership of the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace who participated in the first and second rallies in 2004 understand the vision of these rallies and that the meaning of the term "Mongolian" is different from what has commonly been understood. What is commonly referred to as being Mongolian is limited to the yellow race, Mongolians living in Northeast Asia and those tribes of people who in childhood had the Mongolian birthmark.

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, founder of this federation, has explained the providential significance of the Mongolian people saying, "From a providential point of view, the Mongolian people of the world represent the eldest son. They must protect and carry on Godís good lineage, and serve God, the true parent of humanity. The eldest son has the providential responsibility to live for the sake of humanity and creation by going beyond walls of self-centeredness.

According to Rev. Moonís explanation, in light of the hereditary quality of the Mongolian birthmark, their history, the areas they inhabit and the core values that are imbedded in the Mongolian culture, historically, the Mongolian people emerged in the context of Godís providence of salvation for humanity.

The Mongolian spot is the bluish birthmark found on the buttocks of infants. Genetically it is a dominant trait. If one of the parents is of the Mongolian people, their descendants will all be born with that birthmark on their buttocks. About 74 % of the entire human race is said to have inherited the trait that causes the Mongolian birthmark. This spot appears not only in the yellow race but also among many black and white people. The density of the spot differs depending on the color of a personís skin.

In ancient times, about 10,000 years ago, at the end of the ice age, the Mongolian people appeared in Central Asia and went to the North Pole, crossed the Bering Strait and passed through the North American continent to reach the southernmost tip of the South American continent. One faction crossed the Himalayas, the roof of the world, passed through India and southern China and spread throughout Australia and the Oceania region. Another faction crossed over the Caucasus and went from Central Asia to the southernmost tip of Africa. They then followed the plains of Eurasia to spread their seeds to the northernmost tip of Europe.

The Mongolian line moves through Seth from Adamís family and Shem, Noahís first son, who was chosen by God to carry on the providence of the salvation of humanity. The eldest son, who is the first fruit of his parents love, is responsible to serve his parents, take care of his siblings, preserve the family and carry on the lineage.

Noahís son Shem is the ancestor of the first civilization in human history, the Sumer civilization, which developed the first writing system, the calendar, mathematics, astrology, and geology. The legacy of this civilization directly and indirectly affected the ancient civilizations in East Asia, India, the Middle East, Egypt, and Central and South America. These civilizations were born from the Mongolian people who are the descendants of Shem. These important civilizations were born from the Mongolian people, because their tribe was in the position of the eldest son in the history of Godís providence of salvation for humanity. As the eldest son, they had the responsibility of taking care of humanity, preserving Godís tradition and carrying on His lineage.

For this reason, we can find certain core values that are shared and characteristics that can be traced back to a common archetype within these civilizations. The restoration of these characteristics will play a significant role in bringing about the realization of a world of peace. Some of these include faith in absolute values, an understanding of human spirituality, belief in the existence of the spiritual world, and emphasis on family traditions, on pure sexual morals and on the importance of lineage.

From the time of the Fall of our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, to the twentieth century, which ushered in a new millennium, was the historical period of Godís providence that is the era before the coming of heaven. It was a time when on the levels of the family, tribe, society, nation and world there was a division into good and evil resulting in conflict and struggle. There was providential heavenly fortune behind the Mongolian people splintering into countless people, dynasties and nations. With the start of the new millennium, the time after the coming of heaven will open a new heaven and new earth by 2012, through the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming of the Lord, the True Parents, who were sent by God. The cold war, in which representatives of good and evil struggled in conflict on a global level, has come to an end, ushering in the age of globalization. The ideologies, philosophies, and cultures that existed until then have been deconstructed, and a new series of discussions and enlightenment on the spirituality of humankind, the spirit world, sex and love, the family, peace and religion has begun in earnest. Hopes for a new world and the end of the old one have sprung up throughout the world. This phenomena is occurring because we have entered a totally different age from the previous one and this has affected Godís providential heavenly fortune and the order of the universe.

Throughout history, rife with conflict and struggle, in which separation existed based on good and evil, the Mongolian people of the world have forgotten that they are siblings coming from a single set of parents. With the arrival of spring, through heavenly fortune, Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the True Parents, held two world assemblies in 2004 and have completed a global tour that established branch chapters on all the continents of the world for the purpose of bringing together the Mongolian people and awakening them to their providential mission as the eldest son in the human family.

Respected leaders of the Mongolian people and Ambassadors for Peace from Korea: The era before the coming of heaven was one of conflict and struggle between good and evil. Now, in this time after the coming of heaven, everything that was divided is coming together as one in reconciliation; walls are breaking down. All the tricks that were employed according to customs belonging to the era before the coming of heaven that encouraged division, conflict and struggle will no longer have an affect in the fields of politics, economics, society and culture. These will be eradicated by heavenly fortune and by the will of the people.

Rev. Moon has foreseen the coming of this heavenly fortune and has ushered in the era after the coming of heaven. In order to open up an era of everlasting peace and unity, which is the hope of God and humanity, and in order to bring humanity back into the lineage where they can become siblings that have God as their true parent, he has promoted the Blessing Ceremony worldwide and he is working for the Universal Peace Federation, the Peace UN, and the creation of Cheon Il Guk, in which all the people of the world will be citizens, beyond the walls of nationality and race. He has led the movement for restoring the spirituality of humankind through the liberation of God and the spirit world. He is promoting the Bering Strait Peace King Tunnel Project, which will connect all corners of the global village, which has been divided until now. He has been bringing together the Mongolian people of the world who represent the eldest son in Godís providence of salvation for humanity.

His footsteps hasten to keep up with the providence, which is continually unfolding. Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the True Parents of humanity and king and queen of peace, would like to reveal the details of Godís central providence to all of you Mongolian leaders and Ambassadors for Peace. Their fervent desire is for all of you to become their successors and heirs. Let us all take up their cause and set the example of breaking down all barriers within the mind and body and working together to open up an era of true peace, unity, freedom and liberation. Thank you.

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