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Universal Peace Federation Rally for the Restoration of the Homeland

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 25th, 2006
Sunmoon University
FFWPU International

The "Universal Peace Federation Rally for the Restoration of the Homeland" will be held from March 25 to April 3 in Seoul, Gwangjoo, Asan and other major cities in Korea. As an educational vehicle for peace, these rallies are to lead the way toward the reunification of North and South Korea and the realization of world peace, and the creation of a kingdom of a peaceful, ideal world through humanity as one globally family.

The rallies are hosted by the Universal Peace Federation, the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace, and the Family Federation for World Peace. The purpose of these rallies is to send a message to the Korean people that the shortcut for resolving international conflict and strife can be found in a life of living for the sake of others based on true love, and that this lifestyle should be expanded to become a movement for peace on the Korean peninsula and the world.

A couple of days prior to this rally, a series of rallies were held for Korean ambassadors for peace consisting of prominent and leading figures from each sphere of society. Four rallies were held calling upon the Korean people to take interest and join this movement for peace. As the founder of the Universal Peace Federation, True Father will further elucidate the details of his philosophy of peace in his special address to be delivered in the upcoming rallies.

On March 25, 1 pm, at the Sunmoon University's campus grounds in Asan, 35,000 ambassadors for peace, members and leaders from various spheres of society took part in the Seoul Rally for the "Universal Peace Federation Rally for the Restoration of the Homeland."

The master of ceremonies for that day was Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, president of the Family Federation for World Peace. After a pre-event entertainment, a holy wine ceremony was held for all participants through which they affirmed their wedding vows.

After the emcee's opening statements, the dignitaries present that day were introduced, followed by an address by Dr. Chung-hwan Kwak, president of the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace. In his address, Dr. Kwak said, "In the human body, the white blood cells and red blood cells prevent the invasion of foreign elements while purifying the blood. As we move toward creating a peaceful, ideal world, let us not stand in a distance like observers from True Parents; let us take the lead in opening the way for True Parents' noble and lofty cause and [like white and red blood cells] let us become responsible peace police force, peace corps, and forerunner of this movement for peace."

Following the address a video presentation was shown under the title "The Peace King and the Blessing Ceremony."

After the video presentation True Father took the podium and delivered his address, "God's Model Family: The Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World." In his address he sated that "The Universal Peace Federation's mission is to renew the existing United Nations or the Cain-type UN and provide a new level of leadership as the Abel-type UN, which functions on the cosmic level and can serve as the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world," and that "this message should be engraved in the hearts of humankind." He warned the participants that his message "is Heaven's special blessing and warning" that "we take this message to heart and act accordingly in this Age after the Coming of Heaven."

To the ambassadors for peace present that day he asked that they "take this opportunity to make a new determination to be Heaven's envoys prepared to uphold Heaven's command" and emphasized that "now is the time when the new Abel realm, which is on the side of Heaven, must digest the Cain realm on a cosmic level," and that we should "make a new beginning toward establishing the New Heaven and New Earth--or the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven--with Heaven's complete authority."

At the end of his address True Father explained the failures of the United Nations in its capacity as the army for world peace, and revealed his firm conviction in the creation of the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world through the establishment of the "peace kingdom police force" and the "peace kingdom corps." He expressed his hopes that the participants "put on new ®true love armor' in this new age and be wise and brave activists in this peace kingdom corps for heaven and earth, for the sake of humanity's future." He reminded the participants that "the only way to inherit Heaven's lineage by establishing the realm of liberation and complete release is through the Holy Marriage Blessing established by the True Parents. Furthermore, the Holy Marriage Blessing provides the means to establish God's ideal family and the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world."

The next rally will take place on the 26th again at Sunmoon University, this time for residents from South Gyeonggi province and Gangwon province; on the 28th at Changwon Complex for residents from South Gyeongsang province, Busan and Ulsan city; on the 30th at Gwangjoo World Cup Stadium for residents from North and South Jeolla province, Gwangjoo, Jejudo; on the 31st at Sunmoon University for residents from North Gyeongsang province, Daegu city, and North Gyeonggi province; on April 1st at Sunmoon University for residents from North and South ChoongChung province, Daejun city; on the 2nd at Sunmoon University for residents from Gyeonggi province and Incheon city; and finally on the 3rd at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

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