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Universal Peace Federation Japan Rally

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 21, 2006
Tokyo, Japan
FFWPU International

An estimated 50,000 including some 120 representatives from 26 island nations who were taking part in a conference sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Island Nations for Universal Peace gathered on March 21 at the International Exhibition Hall 1-6 at the Makuhari Messe in Japan to take part in the Universal Peace Federation Japan Rally.

This even was hosted by the executive committee of Japan Rally of Asia-Pacific Island Nations for Universal Peace and sponsored by the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), Federation for World Peace-Japan (FWP), the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace (FINWP), and the Association for the Promotion of True Families (APTF).

By 11 am, thousands of people from across Japan had gathered in the International Exhibition Hall and sat waiting in their seats. Before the official start of the rally, the Cheon Il Guk Musical Federation lead by Mrs. Junko Sakurada Azuma gave a wonderful performance in preparation for the event.

The pre-event entertainment was followed by a Holy Wine Ceremony lead by Rev. Hideo Oyamada. Representative couples went up to the stage; under Rev. Oyamada's guidance they were given cups of holy wine, which the couples exchange and consumed. At the end of the ceremony Rev. Oyamada gave the benediction to bless these couples who took part in this solemn ceremony to cleanse the lineage and return to God's lineage.

The emcee for this day was Rev. Katsumi Otsuka, co-president of IIFWP Japan. He began by introducing the dignitaries who were there that day and especially thanked the international delegation who were in Japan that time for the Asia-Pacific Island Nations Summit.

Following this, Rev. Oyamada took the podium to give the main address. In his address, he mentioned the rising influence of China on the island nations worldwide and also the growing concern in Japan over China's territorial claims and its military buildup, which according to recent statistics saw a double-digit increase for the past 18 years. Rev. Oyamada reminded the audience, however, that it was not China itself that we should be wary of but rather the communist ideology in China. He emphasized that "we should be highly appreciative of China's efforts to modernize itself" and "to embrace China with true love and work on bringing mutual prosperity for both China and Japan" While touching upon the many tragedies, threats and global conflict that befall humankind, Rev. Oyamada strongly affirmed that the only way in resolving these conflicts is through a "life of living for the sake of others based on true love" and of "forgiving one's enemies through a parental heart" He went on to introduce True Father and True Mother's life achievements and explained why they were regarded by many as the True Parents and king and queen of peace.

After Rev. Oyamada's address three representatives offered their congratulatory remarks. From Japan Mr. Tatsuo Sato, a member of the House of Representatives came up and expressed his enthusiasm of having come to know Rev. Moon saying that he was truly a great and amazing person. From Korea, Mr. Bong-ho Kim, former deputy speaker of the house, commented on Rev. Moon's endeavors with the Jochungryun and Mindan groups in Japan. Representing the 120 delegates from 26 island nations attending the Asia-Pacific Island Nations Summit, Sir James Richard Mancham, founding president of Seychelles Republic, thank Japan for its warm and generous hospitality and applauded Rev. Moon for the success of his recent world tour for inaugurating the Universal Peace Federation worldwide.

On this note, the program moved on to a congratulatory song by Ms. Fumika Goto who gave an excellent performance of 'The Lord's Prayer.'

A video presentation followed showing the details of the inaugural rally of the Universal Peace Federation.

By this time the participants were ready to accept the message for this day's main speaker.

Amidst a thunderous applause True Mother took the stage and delivered the keynote address. The title of the speech was "God's Ideal Family: The Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World," the same address True Father gave during his world tour last year. Her soft but yet firm voice was conveyed through the speakers to reach all 50,000 gathered in the hall that day and thousands more who were also intently viewing all this through the Internet.

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