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Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2006

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 4, 2006

The Eara of the Completed Settlement of the Model Providence for the Ideal of Peace in Heaven and on Earth: Transforming Our Awareness, Lifestyle, Leadership, and Methodology

FFWPU International - February 4-6, 2006
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Around 1,350 leaders from all organizations of the unification family from around the world participated in the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2006 from February 4th to February 6th, 2006 at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training center.

In the early morning of February 4th, leaders joined True Parents for Hoon Dok Hae,. which continued until 10:30.At the end of Hoon Dok Hae, True Father asked leaders to have a short trip to all the facilities in the Chungshim international village and later on the evening join in yute game.

The Assembly on February 5th, began with Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents and other True Family members. After that, Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan, the international president of FFWPU and IIFWP, began the opening ceremony, which was followed by a special presentation by Hyun-jin nim. Hyun-jin nim spoke about the blessed families' vision on the way to creating a true family, understanding of the importance of the present time period, being an extension of the true family, and being the substantiation of true love in every moment of life.

After that Dr. Kwak gave part one of the main address, under the title "Korea Agenda 2006 -- The Movement for the Realization of Cheon Il Guk." In this part Dr. Kwak spoke about the way we as blessed families should walk towards Cheon Il Guk, restoration of daily life through Hoon Dok Hae, focusing on Tongban kukpa and expanding our communication with the people in our communities and society. All the activities and work should be done centering on Hoon Dok Hae, but we need a deep understanding of social situations, in order to live for the sake of others. It's important to understand your national constitution, especially regarding family and education. Another key factor is the contribution of the second generation by going through 21 day and 3 months workshops and studying at UTS...

After lunch, Kook-jin nim gave the second special presentation. He explained about our attitude in doing business and our social life. He said, "Although in the period of Old Testament and the period of indemnity, God gave the laws to man and made them to follow those laws with absolute obedience, when Jesus came, what was more important, was not the letter of the law but the intent behind the law. So we all need to think today, as we are moving through the period of indemnity and liberation, what does that means for us? Are we going to be the people who are so focused on the law and miss the intent? This is the question that we have to ask ourselves..."

Dr. Hwang Sun-jo, the president of the FFWPU Korea, gave a report about the Yeosu Ilsang Project. Which was followed by a report from Mr. Lee Yong-heum, the Ilshin Architects and Associates, about the Bering Strait King Bridge-Tunnel project.

The last day of the Assembly started with the Hoon Dok Hae at 5 a.m. The third special presentation was given by Hyung-jin nim. He explained about his relationship with True Parents, and the way he went to Harvard University to study about religions, the way he tried to meet and work with religious leaders, his understanding of religions, his love for True Parents and his feeling about members worldwide, especially members in Japan...

After that, Dr. Kwak gave the second part of the main address under the title "The Era of the Completed Settlement of the Model providence for the Ideal of Peace in Heaven and on Earth: Global Agenda and the Movement for the Realization of Cheon Il Guk Centering on the Universal Peace Federation. In his main address Dr. Kwak explained about Cheon Il Guk and UPF, the core objectives and goals of our community, which includes Middle East Peace, reunification of North and South Korea, the Bering Strait Peace King Bridge Tunnel and international highway project, global problems we have to deal with, vision and leadership for the world of lasting peace, expanding developing and empowerment of the Ambassadors for Peace, global regional and national peace council and their development

After lunch there was a report on Chungshim Project by a staff members of the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center.

After the report there was the adoption of a resolution where all the leaders stood up and showed their determination to work more and offer their lives in 2006 through attending True Parents and bringing about their will on earth. The content of the resolution is as follows:

We have ushered in the era of the completed settlement of the model providence of the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth. The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have been enthroned as the king and queen of peace substantially in heaven and on earth. They have established the Universal Peace Federation, which is the realization of the peaceful, ideal world and the peace kingdom, which is their substantial dominion. Following this, on the first day of 2006, they have given their blessings for the realization of an ideal model family, nation and world.

Accepting True Parents' heavenly order, we pledge to complete the ideal of Cheon Il Guk, which is the peace kingdom that fulfills God's ideal of creation on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world, and make the following resolution:

As we usher in the age of Cheon Il Guk and the Peace Kingdom, we pledge to live a life of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience centered on the king and queen of peace, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.
In completing the true heart revolution for becoming the people of Cheon Il Guk, we as leaders resolve to take the lead in carrying out the indemnity through revolution, the indemnity of conscience and the indemnity of heart.
We resolve to hasten the opening of the era of the completed settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth by realizing an ideal model family, ideal model nation and ideal model world, as blessed by True Parents, on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world.
We resolve to take the lead in fulfilling our tribal messiahship and carrying out tongban gyeokpa activities that are based on the hoondok small group initiative in order to inherit true love, true life and true lineage and to perfect a character of a true parent, true teacher and true owner.
We resolve to bring absolute victory in our endeavors in educating and witnessing to the people in all the nations worldwide in order to restore humanity in becoming the citizens of Cheon Il Guk.
We resolve to actively engage in activities that would enable the parliament, government and civic organizations to take initiative and involve themselves in activities for bringing about the reunification of North and South Korea and in activities of the Universal Peace Federation or Peace UN in order to realize the fourth Israel and a lasting world of peace in which the Cheon Il Guk ideal has been established.

Then there was an Award ceremony for exemplary leaders around the world.

An honorary doctorate degree in Theology from UTS was conferred on Dr. Kim Bong-tae for all his accomplishments as he received his new mission as the president of the Sunmoon University by True Parents.

As the conclusion of the Choen Il Guk Assembly 2006 an award ceremony was held for the exemplary continent, nations and leaders for their heard work in the year 2005. They are:

1. Dr. Kim Byung-hwah Asian Continental director

2. KOREA: Rev. Kim Gab-yong -777 couple- director of the FFWPU-Tongdaemoon area in Seoul

3. JAPAN: Rev. Takahashi Yasuji - 6,000 couple - regional leader

4. NEPAL: Rev. Eknath Dhakal - 30,000 couples - national leader

5. USA: Rev. Linda Triggol - 2,075 couples- state leader

6. PERU: Rev. Nemesio Candioti Anyaipoma - 30,000 couples - national leader

7.UNITED KINGDOM: Rev. Timothy Miller - 2,075 couples - european vice president

8. SOLOMON ISLANDS: Rev. Paul Saver - 6,000 couples - sub-regional director

9. BENIN: Rev. Sosie Lin Zinsou Paterne - 30,000 couples - national leader

10. JORDAN: Rev. Irikura Fosayo - 6,000 couple - national leader

11. RUSSIA: Rev. Tsutomu Mogushi  - CARP president

And with the three cheers of mansei guided by Dr. Seok Joon-ho the Leaders Assembly 2006 ended.

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