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True Parents' Short Stop In Korea

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 29-30, 2005
FFWPU International

After victory in the Hong Kong event on November 28, True Parents came to Korea on their way to the rest of the world for the speaking tour at 1:45 pm on November 29. Forty-five days have passed since they left Korea. This tour till now took them to Asian, European, African and the Middle Eastern cities, where True Parents laid a victorious foundation, establishing the Universal Peace Federation, as the base to establish world unity, in realizing a world of peace and prosperity for God and all humanity.

Kook jin nim and his wife went to the airport to receive True Parents. After arriving True Parents went to Yeoedo for a special prayer and after that they went to Hannam-dong official residence where leaders and blessed members, around 200 people welcomed them with a happy and joyful heart.

Meeting with True Parents included a report from Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan about the world tour and other reports from Rev. Park No-hee, Dr. Yang Chang-shik and others which were about the world tour as well. True Father also spoke during the reports, emphasizing the importance of the bloodline. Just as he mentioned in the world tour, to establish God's ideal family, we should change the bloodline through the Holy Blessing as a cross culture, inter-religious and international marriage. Doing this we will be able to bring about the Heavenly Kingdom the everlasting world peace.

During the meeting Father called some of members to come forward and sing songs. They responded that call joyfully. Rev. Hwang Sun-jo also came to give a report about the Yeosu project which was followed by a report from Rev. Lee Jeong-ok about the providence in Japan.

On November 30, blessed members—even some blessed wives from Yeosu—gathered at Hannam-dong to join True Parents for morning Hoon Dok Hae.

Rev. Hwang Sun-jo gave a report about the Yeosu project emphasizing the importance of the future development of the project in regard to God's world wide providence.

Speaking to the blessed wives from the 40-day workshop, Father explained many things about the ocean providence. Also he said that we have to bless all the Cain world through the Holy Blessing of True Parents.

Father explained that the gyocha (Cross-culture) marriage becomes a gyoche (exchange) marriage... and that the seed is important as the source of establishing one nation, one culture under God. He went on explaining that the blessed wives who are undergoing the workshop in Ocean Providence should clear a way all the wrongs that arose since the fall--as if Eve was carrying the restoration through indemnity, and that it is the formula. Father called some blessed wives to sing a song, during Hoon Dok Hae lead by Mrs. Jeong Won-joo.

On this day, at 11:30, True Parents left Korea, continuing their speaking tour and went to Taiwan.

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