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Universal Peace Federation Kenya

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 15, 2005
Nairobi, Kenya

Rev. Dr. Chung Kwak arrived on the 15th November 2005 at around 2.00 p.m. (GMT), from Bujumbura - Burundi. Immediately after his arrival he was ushered into the VIP Lounge at the Airport and thereafter under the guidance of the Chief of Protocol was escorted to the Grand Regency Hotel by a Kenya Police lead car.

At the Hotel entrance a host of guests waved a welcoming flag with traditional songs and cheers. Participants had started registering for the conference and Pambo Africa - an Entertainment singing group was giving Peace, Love and Unity songs at the convocation hall.

The convocation officially opened with the Master of Ceremony's welcome - Mr. Fredrick Wakhisi, the Secretary General of IIFWP - Kenya. The invocation was offered by Archbishop Filatheous Faraj - Orthodox Church leader in Sudan. Dr. Thomas Walsh presided over the Blessing toast to which all participants took part.

Special remarks to Dr. & Mrs. Moon's activities and IIFWP/UPF accomplishments were given by three distinguished Ambassadors for Peace. These included Hon. Hussein Aideed - the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Internal Security of Somali, Rt.Rev.Eng. Caleb Olali - Arch Bishop of Nomiya Church of Africa and Ms. Nazlin Umar Rajput - the Chairperson of National Muslim Council of Kenya.

Other distinguished participants at the convocation included:

Mr. Mykola Yamemchuk - Charge d' affaires, Embassy of Ukraine
Most Rev. Moses Aseri - Arch Bishop, Church of Africa
Most Rev. Daniel Kimile Kimanzi - Arch Bishop, Scope Ministry International
Cardinal Joseph Guya - Founder, St. Gabriel Ministries
Rtd. Gen. Faisal Barri - Prominent Politician, Republic of Sudan
Mr. Sunil Shah - Secretary General, Hindu Council of Kenya
Prof. G.E.M. Ogutu - Chairman, Mongolian Federation for World Peace - Africa
H.E. M.K. Meeland - Sri Lanka High Commission of Kenya
Mr. Savane - Consulate, Embassy of Cote d' Ivore to Kenya
Hon. George G.W. Nthenge - Former Minister of Kenya
Mr. Onyango Omolo - Managing Editor, Kenya Times
Mr. Peter Ondari Bwana - Executive Secretary, East Africa Union of Seventh Day Adventist Church
Rev. Geoffrey Kayigamba - Secretary General All African Conference of Churches
Prof. N. D Nzomo- University of Nairobi
Mr. Latiff Shaban- Director General Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims
Prof. Laetitia King - Vice -Chancellor Aga Khan University
Rev.Dr. Marcellus Kawasonga- Chaplain Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Dr. Maina Maringa - Senior Lecturer Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Rev. Kwak awarded the Leadership and Good governance certificates to 8 representatives. These are; Arch Bishop Filatheous Faraj, Cardinal Guya, H.E. Meeland, Prof. G.E.M. Ogutu, Hon. Eng. Hussein, Rtd. Gen. Faisal Barri, Most Rev. Daniel Kimile Kimanzi and Most Rev. Moses Aseri.

Prof. Ogutu delivered an electrifying testimony in his closing remarks about Father and Mother Moon and acknowledged them as the King and Queen of Peace. He challenged the participants to open their minds and hearts for them to understand the great mission that Father and Mother Moon are undertaking at this prophetic time.

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