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The Significance of the Kingship of Peace

Chung Hwan Kwak
August 21, 2005

The following sermon was given by Rev. Kwak on August 21, at 5 am during Hoon Dok Hae at True Parents' Hannam-dong residence

Hello everyone. First of all, on this first anniversary, I would like to congratulate True Parents on the success of the coronation of the king of peace.

Not only do we have the honor of being able to congratulate the king of peace on the first anniversary of his coronation, but we have been fortunate to have met him during our lifetimes. About 15,000 people including leaders from various fields, ambassadors for peace and our members attended the celebration of the anniversary yesterday.

This event was especially significant for the fact that not only our members were there but secular leaders and ambassadors for peace, who were central to the celebration of the occasion, were also there. It wasn't a member who started off the celebration yesterday; it was Mr. Kim Duk-kyu, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, who came up and greeted True Parents before the event began. He had been told the celebration would begin at two o'clock, so he intended to attend it after keeping an appointment he had at one o'clock, but the time of the ceremony was moved up to one o'clock. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to stay for the whole program, so he was waiting for True Parents, hoping to see and welcome them.

He told me that it was to be the first time for him to meet True Parents. I saw him nervously waiting before they arrived. The deputy speaker is not the only person to feel such respect and awe; it is common among leaders in Korean society. This is a tremendous change. It is living proof of the substantial unfolding of the peace kingdom during our lives. Above all, the substantial significance of yesterday's ceremony is contained in what Father said. During his speech he said, "Let those with ears to hear, hear! Let those with eyes to see, see with certainty! Let those with mouths to speak give witness to all nations! The Rev. Sun Myung Moon who stands before you now is the savior, messiah, the second coming, peace king, and True Parent!"

In fact, that the True Parents are the messiah has been announced directly or indirectly a number of times since 1990, when they met Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union. Over the last fifteen years, the extent and depth to which they have done so has varied, but True Parents have repeatedly announced to the world that they are saviors and fulfill the role of the messiah. This is a very important fact in the providence.

Jesus lived a remarkable life and taught his disciples many things, but he was not able to reveal that he was the messiah. That is the reason for his disciples trying to testify to Jesus despite their being food for lions and Jesus' having been killed on the cross. Jesus had not stated clearly that he was the messiah, so many difficulties and complications arose. That was one of the causes of historical Christian suffering.

When missionaries were sent out in the past, Father said, "I know very well how dangerous and difficult it is to confront atheistic enemies face-to-face. So by revealing my mission clearly in this way, the sacrifice exacted from those who believe in and follow me will be reduced." What he was saying was that by he and Mother directly proclaiming unequivocally and in detail who they are, True Parents make themselves targets, call down on themselves difficulties from their enemies, and thereby limit the number of their disciples who would have had to endure martyrdom. If we think about it to this extent and from a providential viewpoint, their proclaiming themselves True Parents, saviors, messiahs and the king and queen of peace is an indescribable blessing.

The Cheon Il Guk foundation

There are no longer obstacles in front of us. True Parents are approved by God, and that they have proclaimed God's approval to the world can fulfill everything. From now on, thoroughly teaching this represents the end of our path in relation to the will of God, and there won't be any further obstacles in our way.

The savior, messiah, second coming, king of peace and True Parents have appeared. What problem could arise? Once we bring this to the world's attention, everything will be fulfilled. It is not difficult. What Father has revealed could only have come from the king of peace, the savior who knows the genuine, tested truth. Father and Mother have shown by example the path that all humankind must go. It is as if we are getting a free ride. They have laid the foundation for Cheon Il Guk, the ideal world, with their blood, sweat and tears. What Father said yesterday at the celebration to mark the first anniversary of the coronation was a proclamation given during the course of providential history, with the dignity of heaven and earth.

At last we have become the citizens of the universal peace kingdom. Father is the king who has come to establish Cheon Il Guk, the peace kingdom. What else could we wish for? As I reflect on yesterday's speech, tears repeatedly well up due to the impressions I have and the excitement the speech gives me.

That event was not restricted to yesterday, but through the clear proclamation to the entire cosmos given with the dignity of a king, it was an astonishing ceremony stirring cataclysmic change that will alter the future of human existence. The foundation perfectly laid through indemnity paid by True Parents and results achieved by True Parents cannot be attacked by Satan or anyone else. Good and evil fortune is now drastically changing; a vast boundary has been drawn, confining evil to the losing side.

Looking at the recent flow of the providence as it has played out internally, the kingship providence, the peace kingdom providence and the providence that arose from our entering the time after the coming of heaven all began with the beginning of this millennium -- from the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001. It is the mission of True Parents and the fulfillment of the Principle that the Parents of Heaven and Earth establish an unwavering axis, which we call God's kingship, and substantially bequeath it in order to execute the authority of heaven and earth. That is why True Parents have been meticulously conducting the providence of connecting heaven and earth, taking step after step, centered on the kingship of God, which has been established on earth. Last year, the coronation was held in Korea, the third Israel, following in the wake of those conducted in the first Israel and America, the second Israel. On the first anniversary, August 20, 2005, True Parents announced themselves to those in the secular world who did not already know who they are. The significance of the coronation Please think about this: The title of the coronation, which was held within the Korean National Assembly compound a year ago, was "The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom." True Father added the Korean word seokbang (¼®¹æ) [translated in the title as "complete freedom," but which could be translated as "amnesty"] to the original title. Why did he do that? It was because the coronation of the king of peace is the most profoundly complete amnesty and freedom bestowed on humankind by God and True Parents, who are the king of peace and savior.

The coronation of the king of peace does not end with the ceremony; there should be a people of Cheon Il Guk governed by the king of peace; the people of Cheon Il Guk must register, and registration is not possible for anyone other than the blessed families who have received this amnesty.

Thus, the ceremony that was held in the National Assembly on August 20, 2004, was significant in two great respects. First, the king of peace is not just a king of a nation but also the king who governs the peace kingdom. Also, in order to become a citizen of Cheon Il Guk, the peace kingdom, one must register, which is possible to do through the blessing. So we should have conviction when we think of how precious the blessing is and how valuable the blessing ceremonies we are conducting now are.

Above all, the leaders of our nation have listened to our lectures at least once through, so they are aware of the Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony. They also have the idea that the blessing is precious, because Father and Mother are constantly emphasizing it and making statements that the core of the Principle is that without the blessing, it is as if nothing is possible. Many leaders have begun to consciously feel, "We must receive the blessing." Second, in the visible sense, True Parents again carved out their position as the king of peace. This was of great significance.

As an anniversary present, True Parents were given pure gold renderings of the crests that symbolize the king and queen of peace, the designs for which they had selected themselves. The image of these crests will be officially used on all their household items and clothes, in ceremonies, and in relation to achievements of True Parents.

The crests symbolizing True Parents -- the king and queen of peace -- are not for temporary use in one particular era. With the intention of officially making public the crests, at the anniversary ceremony, they were prominently displayed behind the speakers and were on the cover of the program containing the text of Father's speech.

The kingship of the king of peace is the most definite and fundamental state of dominion. It is repeatedly emphasized in Divine Principle and in Father's speeches that perfect dominion is the dominion of true love. Dominion through love is good for both the dominator and the dominated; there's no desire to change it, so it remains eternally. It cannot be compared to any worldly kingship.

There are various kings throughout the world, and historically we use titles such as king of kings, and everlasting king. Yet it is True Parents alone who emphasize peace and who have ascended to the throne of the king and queen of peace in the presence of all humankind.

Today's young people are probably are not aware of this, but the word "peace" was not commonly used in Korea thirty or forty years ago. Well, the communists used it. The communists took away a lot of good words; "liberation" is another one of those. At the beginning of 1973, True Parents were leaving for a global tour when Father instructed me to create an association for professors. He mentioned two points related to this. First, he said that the title should contain the words "professors" and "peace." He emphasized that from that time on there would be no place out of the professors' reach, they would have access to all areas of society, so we had to reach them by all means. Second, he said that we have to recover the word "peace," which had been taken away by the communists.

Father also said, "We should set the word ‘peace' in the center and remove the communist connotations. And as bait to convert communists, the best common denominator would be the word ‘peace.' From now on, we should use the word ‘peace' often." From that time on, most organizations and institutions True Parents established have had "peace" in their names. The word has naturally been proliferating in Korea because of True Parents. Certainly it is a natural term to use, because the realization of God's will is connected to peace. From our point of view, True Parents have pioneered this savage land and have practically invented the word "peace."

As a result, the word "peace" as emphasized by communism has been exposed to the whole world for the fake usage it had. We should clearly know that True Parents are the ones who can claim the word as their own. You should be happy and joyful. You were able to attend the coronation of the king of peace, the practitioner of heavenly kingship. This is the reason leaders from various fields in Korean society think deeply after listening to True Parents' message. Father and Mother carry out God's will; they practice the principle and are motivated by true love.

Through what circumstance do you gain a vital connection to the king of peace, citizenship in the peace kingdom and salvation from the savior, messiah and second coming? Through the holy blessing. What the blessing can be understood from the concept of engrafting with the true olive tree. This connects the 2,000 years of Christian history and Jesus to the work of True Father. It expresses the fulfillment of Jesus' dream of salvation for the world and that the blessing is a means of reconnecting a vital relationship.

Proclaiming this on the first anniversary celebration of the coronation of the king of peace to ambassadors for peace representing each nation and powerful leaders from Korean society was truly a delightful grace from Heaven. The will of God and of True Parents was expressed through what Father said yesterday. Father instructed us to have the speech published in major newspapers in every nation. He also encouraged us to study it until we have memorized the whole speech.

What would True Parents wish for us to do after studying that speech? Nothing less than to proclaim their coming. Father wants us to testify to his arrival as the king of kings, everlasting king and king of peace. He wants us to proclaim True Parents just as they have.

Furthermore, we should actually bless those of our relatives who have drunk the holy wine, so that everyone is born again as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. That is our portion of responsibility and the way of returning even a little to God for the grace He has given us.

World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel

To conclude this report, I would like to talk to you about what we all have to remember and carry out by all means. What Father proclaimed during the four-city tour of America at the end of June was repeated emphatically yesterday at the first anniversary of the coronation of the king of peace.

Constructing the World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel, a bridge across or a tunnel under the Bering Strait that separates the North American continent and Russia, as part of an international highway that allows vehicles to tour the world, would be the greatest engineering feat in history.

This is the project True Parents have had in mind since years ago when they spoke of the construction of a tunnel between Korea and Japan. From now on, we will hold sessions at our conferences to further the research for this project, with a view to its implementation.

We should know that the construction of World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel is not only significant in that it is to connect two continents and, by extension, the world. It also expresses the firm determination and longing of God and of the king of peace to reconnect the human family which is split into enemy camps. Therefore, we should live, pray, devote ourselves and cooperate for the actual realization and fulfillment of this wish.

Thank you very much.

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